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Take a 360 Photo on iPhone/Android/Camera and Make 360 Panorama with Top 360 Panorama Software

As technology developed, taking and sharing regular photos already became a history. The future belongs to interactive photos and 360-degree photos. And Facebook has started to support to share 360 photos steam in 2017.

When we talk about 360 degree photos, some dedicated cameras, such as Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam and Panono, may emerge in your mind. However, compared to these expensive dedicated cameras, the smartphone is the better choice to take a 360-degree photo. The cameras built in latest smartphones are competent with this task. And there are some professional apps could help you to take a 360 photo with your smartphone as well. Therefore, this article will introduce how to take 360 photos on smartphone and how to create your own 360 panorama with best panorama apps.

360 Panorama

Part 1: How to Take 360 Photos on iPhone, Android or Camera

1. Shoot a 360 photo on Android

Google has developed a dedicated 360-degree photo service, Google Photo Sphere, and bundled it to Google Camera app. If you have install Google Camera on your Android phone, you can utilize this excellent photo app to take a 360 photo. When it comes to the details, you can follow the steps below.

1. Open the Google Camera app on your Android phone.

2. Swipe the screen to right, the services menu will show up. Select Photo Sphere that is usually the first one on the menu list.

3. After Photo Sphere loaded, hold your Android smartphone vertically and close to your body to prepare to take a 360 photo.

4. There is a blue dot and a circle on the screen. Adjust the angle of the camera until the blue dot moves to the center of the circle.

5. Grasp your smartphone steady, the app will detect and show up the frame of the scene.

6. Then move your smartphone around gradually and follow the dots through the scene you want to shoot.

7. After capturing, tap on check mark at the bottom and the app will deal with the 360 photo automatically.

8. You can enjoy the 360 photo taken by Google Camera in photo gallery after a few seconds.

Take 360 Photo on Android

2. Capture a 360 photo on iPhone

It cannot be denied that the excellent camera technology is one of iPhones’ advantages. Most people use iPhones because the camera could capture a clearer picture. And it is much easier to take 360 photos on iPhone, for the built in camera app has the ability to shoot panoramas. Make sure that your handset is iPhone 4S and later, otherwise you cannot enjoy the panoramic shots feature.

1. Unlock your iPhone and open built in Camera app.

2. Touch and scroll the menu bar until you find PANO, which is the Panorama Mode. This mode is available for both front and rear cameras.

3. After activate Panorama Mode, you will discover that a preview frame and an arrow appear on the screen. The arrow means the shooting direction. It is from left to right by default. And you can tap on it to change the direction.

4. Adjust your iPhone and click on Shutter button to start to capture a 360 photo. Move around slowly along the line on screen and keep your iPhone as horizontal as possible during the process.

5. After capture enough frames, the camera app will stitch them and save the 360 photo automatically.

6. You can find the output in Camera Roll on your iPhone.

Take 360 Photo on iPhone

3. Take a 360 Photo for Digital Cameras

Although the smartphone is smart enough to take a 360 photo, the output is not as perfect as you thought. If you have DSLR cameras or camcorder, you can take pictures in RAW, and then take a 360 photo accordingly. If you have utilized your smartphone to take 360 photos, you will understand that we cannot keep the smartphone steady absolutely when we take a 360 photo. Just learn more detail about how WidsMob Panorama can do for you.

1. Offer automatic algorithm to make panorama files. The program is able to auto select photos by group with EXIF or overlapping to achieve optimal result.

2. Besides the 360-degree panoramas, the program also supports horizontal, tile and vertical modes. Align Points and Photo Blend let you tweak overlapped areas to achieve optimal results.

3. There are multiple editing tools to adjust effects of panoramas, add colors, frames, texts and watermarks. It should be the best program to get panoramic pictures.

4. You can take a 360 photo with JPEG as well as RAW formats. And then you can import photos from iPhone, Android as well as digital cameras.

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How to take a 360 photo for Digital cameras

1. Open WidsMob Panorama and tap on Import to load the pictures to make a 360 photo from your smartphone. The Auto-Select by Group feature will detect the pictures automatically. Or you can click on Shift button to select photo manually.

2. Once you select 360-degree mode, Photo Stitcher will stitch the picture to take a 360 photo you can use other stitching mode to make the desired panoramic view accordingly.

3. Then you can add some text and effects on the output by Text & Frame After the process, click on Save to store the 360 photo on your computer or Share to post it on social media.

WidsMob Panorama Screenshot

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Part 2: The best 360° Panoramas to create photo stitching

360° Panoramas are the new method of explaining places and events. You can enjoy the experience of putting yourself in the middle of the panoramic photography. What should be the secret to create 360° panorama files? All you need is a 360° panorama maker. Just the best 360° photo stitchers from the article to create your own 360° panoramas.

When you need to create a 360° panorama file, it should be different from making panorama with a flat image. When the 360° panorama display as a flat image, it usually looks distorted, the 360° panorama should be displayed in a 360 degree view. And if you want to make the 360° panorama more splendid, you can also use 3D panoramas.

360 Panorama Creation

1. 360 Panorama Software for Mac – WidsMob Panorama

Whether you need to publish the 360° panorama to your blog or social media sites, you can load photos, RAW files or even the video formats to create the 360° panorama. The 360° Photo Stitcher provides the easy method to without any technology background and powerful editing tools make the stunning 360° panorama.

1. Click “Import” to load the photos to the program.

2. The photos “Auto-Select by Group” by default, you can also manually stitch the photos. And then click the “Stitch” button.

3. Choose the Stitch mode as “360°” to create 360° panorama.

4. Further edit the 360-degree images to adjust the effects and save the panorama to desired format.

And then you can click the “Full Screen” button to preview the 360° panorama files on your computer. Whether you have to take the full preview of the gallery or room or enjoy the landscape, you can use the 360° panorama of WidsMob Panorama easily.

Full Screen Panorama

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2. 360 Panorama Software for Windows – Tshsoft PanoramaStudio

Create seamless 360° panoramas or wide-angle panoramas, Panorama Studio should be a nice option. The program supports automatic alignment, enhancing and blending of panorama images. You can import nearly all compact and SLR cameras to stitch the photos to 360° panorama files.

1. Use the “Import” to load the input images of the panorama.

2. Click the “Align” button and choose the “Align a 360 degree panorama” or Press F4 to create 360° panorama.

3. And then you can further edit the 360° panorama with mask features and other detail requirements.

To align images correctly the focal length of the camera, the lens distortion, and the position of the horizon have to be considered to align 360° panoramas.

Panoramastudio Screenshot

3. 360 Panorama App for Windows and Mac – Panoweaver

The assemble images taken with a fisheye lens, the fisheye lens offers greater view. When you use fisheye lens with 180 degree angle of view, you can stitch four images to get a spherical 360° panorama. And you can use continuous series of pictures, you can create cylindrical 360° panorama with the standard digital camera.

1. Open the fisheye photos or even the normal photos with Panoweaver.

2. And then choose the projection mode “spherical” or “cylindrical” to make a 360° panorama.

3. When you get the flat 360-degree panoramic image, you can preview the file in immersive viewer.

4. Save and export the 360° panorama in various immersive players.

It should be a professional program to stitch photos with different types of 360° panorama. But it is rather difficult to blend the panoramas as for the newbies or amateurs.

Panoweaver Screenshot

4. 360 Panorama App for iPhone – 360 Panorama

If you have an iOS device or BlackBerry 10, you can also use the 360 Panorama App of Occipital. When you take panoramic photography with 360 panoramas, you should make as tight of as circle as you can with a single smooth pass, choose the good light over low light and overlap frames 50% during capture.

1. Install the 360 Panorama on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap the “Start” button to spin in a circle. And watch the panorama view right for your eyes.

3. And then application can stitch the photos as 360° panorama.

It should be an easy procedure to take a 360° panorama file with 360 Panorama app. But it is a little difficult to stitch the photos into a stunning 360-degree panorama with the application.

360 Panorama Screenshot

5. 360 Panorama App for Android – 360 Panorama Camera

Panorama360 for Android has been called the Instagram for Panoramas which is the best app to capture 360 degree quality panoramas and watch 360 videos on Android devices. With Panorama360, you can easily create seamless panoramas within seconds with a single tap.

1. Panos can be shared and viewed via 3D viewer or as flat images.

2. Share high resolution panoramas on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbr.


3. All the capture would be non-compass.

While using Panorama360 app on Android, you need to tap the Capture button and move your phone slowly and steadily from left to right. Once done capturing, the frames will be stitched into one awesome 360 panorama automatically.

Panorama360 Camera App

Whether you use smartphone, digital camera or fisheye lens, you can find the corresponding panorama software to stitch the photos for 360° panorama accordingly. And then you can use the 360° panorama with photo players/ Flash players, insert the files to your website or upload the 360° panorama to social media sites.

Tips - 360 panorama types

The panoramic photography has reached 360-degree field of view horizontally and 180 degree vertically, you can call it “360 spherical panorama”. As for the one less then 180 degree vertically, it is “360 cylindrical panorama”.


Based on the introduction above, you might discover that it is not necessary to apply dedicated 360 cameras to take a 360 picture. Our smartphone is so powerful to take a 360 photo. If you do not require an accurate 360 photo, you can utilize Google Photo Sphere or built-in Camera app to achieve the requirement. While if you need a more precise 360 photo, you can take multiple pictures by your smartphone and stitch them with the best Panorama 360 app mentioned above. The strong algorithm will produce a perfect 360 photo.

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