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42nd Street Photo Review - All You Should Know about 42nd Street Photo Center Service

It is quite an important task for newbies to pick up high-quality digital camera equipment. However, do not worry about that, 42nd Street Photo Store is a good place for shutterbugs. Being the America’s favorite photo store, 42nd street photo has existed for over 60 years since 1995. You can find nearly all kinds of photography, videography, security equipment and surefire lights in the shop with large quantities. The digital camera equipment store works for providing the cheapest price of digital camera equipment. And installments are also allowed in the store.

42nd Street Photo Banner

Part 1. 42nd Street Photo Center Services

If you want to shop in the real 42nd street photo store to experience the atmosphere of cameras, you can go to 78 5th Avenue between 35th & 36th Street on 5th Avenue. It opens at 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. As for weekends, the store will open from 10 am to 7 pm, an hour earlier than usual. To mail orders, 42nd street photo works from 10am to 7 pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday 42nd street photo store close an hour earlier than Monday, weekends will open an hour later than Friday. The time mentioned here is Eastern Standard Time. Thus, you had better manage your shopping time on 42nd street photo center.

All orders will process with receipts. You will also required to pay more extra money if you need to deliver into other countries within New York in US, like sales tax, shipping and handling costs. The amount of your extra charged money will be displayed clearly. Be careful if you prepare to order a camera from 42nd street photo website as a holiday present. Because the store refuses to deliver merchandises on Holidays or weekends. You will be notified by phone or email of delay delivery. After that, you can manage with CVS photo as well.

On most items, 42nd Street Photo offers an exclusive 10-days exchange or refund policy to mail order customers. You need to make sure the digital merchandises must be in good condition, after that mail back to 42nd Street Photo with RMA that is Return Merchandise Authorization. The extra fees cost during return will charge on yourself as well.

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Part 2. 42nd Street Photo Prices

The prices on 42nd street photo website are lower than suggested retails. In addition, you can get special discount by viewing its home page under “Today’s Specials”. Some items allow paying in installment, therefore, you do not need to worry about the bill at the end of the month.

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Part 3. How to Take An Order in 42nd Street Photo

You can browse the website to select merchandises. If you cannot decide which one to buy, click “Best Sellers” on the top right corner to see others’ preferences. Meanwhile, the processes of purchasing in 42nd street photo website is similar, you can follow and apply in other items. Here is an example taking an order on the website. You can take a try on B&H Photo Video Pro Audio.

1. Launch the 42nd street photo website on your browser to create a new account.

2. Select species of items you need by clicking on the left pane or the list on the top.

3. You will get subcategories of brand thumbnails; click one brand name to pick products.

4. If you have limited budget, you can tap option near “Sort By” to adjust items list from low price to high, or in return.

5. Click the item you are interested to get more details on the website.

6. If you feel satisfied about merchandise, you can operate more steps to take an order.

7. Click “Calculate shipping cost” on the final place under “Item #” to calculate shipping methods and shipping countries. Select “Calculate” after finishing.

8. To guarantee your rights and benefits, you had better pay for 42nd street photo warranty.

9. Choose “Extended Warranty Protection Plans” to select categories of Worldwide warranty.

10. Click “Add to Cart” and then choose “Checkout” to finish placing an order.

11. The support purchase methods are all major credit cards, PAYPAL and GOOGLE checkout. 42nd street photo will deliver merchandizes one or two days later after receiving your order. If you have any other requirements, call or email 42nd street photo store at once.

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Being the well-known merchandisers, 42nd street photo get many comments with praises or criticisms. Let’s see their experiences and absorb the focus key points.


The customer services are nice and the deliveries are accurate and professional. Merchandises on 42nd street photo are numerous than other camera websites. In addition, the store offers reasonable prices with good qualities all the time. Thus, customers can save more money without bargaining.


Tracking orders on the website is not so convenient for some customers. The merchandise may be renamed under the long journey. Some customers complains that the prices on 42nd street photo website no not match their interest site. Moreover, it does not update the item information in time so that customers will be notified of out-of-stock after they taking orders.

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