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Best 6 Adobe Photo Editor Alternative You Will Never Miss in 2020

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If you need to edit photos carefully, then the most choice would be Adobe Photoshop. Instead of those well-designed templates, stickers and presets, Adobe photo editor enables users to edit images with much more space. In another word, you can use only basic and professional photo editing tools to process images. If you are good at using Photoshop, then you can get the images with much better photo effects than ever before.

Using Adobe Photoshop is the first choice for photographers. It is true that you can get gorgeous photo effects without being recognized with obvious man-made factors. If you are tired of using Adobe Photoshop, then you can read this article to get good Adobe photo editor alternatives. Some of them are easy to use, however, the others may not easy enough. You can download and try first before purchase.

Top 6 Photoshop Alternatives to Edit Photos


GIMP is the free Adobe photo editor alternative app that is powerful and flexible. You can adjust photo effects and other elements carefully. For instance, you can use advanced filters, color adjustment, masks, layers and other more tools. The whole interface of GIMP is similar with Adobe Photoshop. But you can will simplifier tools and effects than before. The Adobe photo editor app offers highly customizable feature. So you can beautifier images with more normal photo effect easier. It is your photo and you can do everything manually to bring it to life. Even though you cannot rely on other products, you are able to get better performance and photos with GIMP.

GIMP Photo Editor

2. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is not the Adobe photo editor that you have to install as the third party app on your computer. It is the web app similar like the plugin. So it will not cost too much time on opening the photo editor. Everything goes really easy. Therefore, if you do not have enough time or enough storage space to install another photo editor, then Pixlr Editor is your good choice. Even though it is the simple web photo editor, you can still use layers and masks. So you can get Photoshop-style tools from Pixlr Editor with ease.

Pixlr Photo Editor

3. Paint.NET

Paint.NET may not look good enough to be the professional Adobe photo editor alternative. But it is still popular among Windows users. Being the free photo editor, Paint.NET has done a quite good job. Even though it looks more like the interface of a game, you can still edit images with most photo effect you like. Paint.NET is the Windows-based photo editor. And you open the Photoshop documents with the PSD plugin installed. So you can use Paint.Net for both business and commercial use without restrictions. Screenshot

4. SumoPaint

The interface of SumoPaint is quite similar with Adobe Photoshop if you have ever used before. You can also get similar photo editing filters from SumoPaint. The free version of SumoPaint runs with the flash-based browser. And you will see the on-page ad. But it does not matter too much. However, SumoPaint does not support users to open images from Photoshop in PSD format. But it works well with GIF, JPEG and PNG. If you think SumoPaint is the good photo editor and you want to use the Adobe photo editor for a long time, then you can pay $4 per month. The upgrade version of SumoPaint offers more filters, and you will not see the ad any more.

Sumo Paint

5. Inkscape

Inkscape can work not only on Windows and Mac computer, but also on Linux platforms. And it is the high quality photo editor similar with illustrator. You can do all photo-editing tasks with those professional tools. All elements you need will be listed on the top. Or you can open the drop-down menu and select the filter you want. So if you are looking for the Adobe phot editor that has similar photo editing experience, then you can turn to Inkscape. Moreover, it is easier to use Inkscape to edit images with.


Top 6: Snapseed

Snapseed can work both on iPhone and Android tablets. You can get a bunch of filters and tools to perfect your artwork. Moreover, there are numerous photo effects you can manage with. You are able to tune image, edit details, crop, rotate, transform, brush and do other more editing tasks with ease. The Aviary photo editor alterative supports users to beautifier all your images easily.


Top 7: Autodesk Pixlr

Compares with above photo editor applications, Autodesk Pixlr allows users to process images with numerous filters. You can get the solid tool set to edit images on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and web. Though the Aviary photo editor offers large amount of filters. It is still easy for most people to edit with. If you wanna get the whole version of Autodesk Pixlr, you need to pay a $15 per year. All in all, Autodesk Pixlr can offer you good photo-editing experience and numerous filters. Just feel free to use the Facebook photo editor.

Pixlr Photo Editor

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