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Autopano Introduction and Top Alternative Programs to Create Panoramic Phogography

When we talk about stitching photos, there are many professional applications. Autopano is one of such applications. However, every program has some disadvantages. And many photographers usually prefer to explore more software tools to grasp more potential. Once you type in the key words stitch photos in any search engine, hundreds of results will appear. It is a waste of time to try everyone. On the other hand, an appropriate panorama stitcher is really helpful when we create panoramas. But for different people, the definitions of suitable panorama stitching application are different. Therefore, this article will introduce Autopano and its best alternatives in details.

Autopano Introduction

Autopano is one of the most popular automated photo stitchers. Although it is the first application with the ability to detect photos automatically, it does not mean it is perfect software.

Autopano Review


1. It supports to stitching HDR images.

2. Autopano could correct color and exposure differences between source photos automatically.

3. It is compatible with over 400 formats, including camera RAW files.

4. Autopano is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


1. Although the latest version allows users to customize the software with extensive plugins, it is not an easy-to-use application. The beginners have to learn for a while.

2. All tools show as icons without any text, so users have to guess their meanings at first.

3. Users could enjoy a high speed; while it is slower than other applications when produce high quality stitching.

4. Autopano is unstable under some conditions. When running on 8-core, for example, the lower speed makes it more likely to crash.

5. Users have to pay for at least € 99 to use it after free trail.

Autopano Pro

Autopano Tutorial

Here you can learn how to create your own panorama photo with Autopano. It may as easy as the simple three steps from shooting overlapped multiple shots, importing images to Autopano and stitching to exporting the stitched panorama file. Learn the detailed tutorial as follow.


Best Autopano alternatives

1. WidsMob Panorama

WidsMob Panorama is one of smartest photo stitching software. Compared to other photo stitchers, WidsMob Panorama could provide a seamless experience. And it also has integrated strong algorithm. So photographers could do what they want to with this photo stitcher, no matter they are amateurs or veterans. Here are more other useful features you should know.

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1. This Autopano alternative could support Mac OS, including the latest version of Mac. Every photographer could enjoy it.

2. It has a free trail for beginners, so users could try it freely. The price is not as expensive as Autopano.

3. The embedded auto algorithm could help users to select, stitch and adjust the photos automatically. For advanced users, it also provides the tools to stitch photo manually.

4. Other basic tools are available in WidsMob Panorama, like effects, texts, watermarks, resolution and so on.

5. This photo stitcher supports stitching photos to high quality pictures, like gigapixel panoramas.

6. This Autopano alternative has four stitching modes, horizontal, vertical, 360o and tile.

WidsMob Panorama Screenshot

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2. AutoStitch

AutoStitch is another easy-to-use photo stitching software. Its auto maching and recognizing abilities allow users to stitch pictures easily and quickly. The basic features of AutoStitch include:

1. It is compatible with Mac and Windows.

2. AutoStitch utilize SIFT algorithm to organize disordered photos automatically.

3. And then align and blend the photos together without any manual operation.

4. This Autopano alternative is a free photo stitching software.

6. AutoStitch only has the ability to stitch 2D images, but not 360o panoramas or spherical panoramas.

7. It supports to stitch a large amount of photos with a simple click.


3. PanoramaStudio

PanoramaStudio is a photo stitcher specialized on 360 degree panoramas and wide angle panoramas. The biggest contribution of PanoramaStudio is to simplify the process of 360-degree panoramas creation. Its helpful features include:

1. The interface is clear and easy to navigate.

2. This Autopano alternative has the ability to align the pictures automatically.

3. Users could enjoy the seamless blending experience and manual post-processing tools.

4. It provides more auto-functions, like auto detect pictures, auto correct lens distortions and exposures.

5. Users could utilize hotspots to interact with 360-degree panoramas.

Panoramastudio Screenshot

4. ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a simple panoramic image creator and viewer. Considering its friendly interface, it makes sense that ArcSoft Panorama Maker appears on the list of best Autopano alternatives. The basic features include:

1. It could read most photo formats and camera RAW files.

2. ArcSoft also has the ability to create panoramas from videos.

3. Users could utilize ArcSoft to convert 2D panoramas to 3D ones.

4. The embedded viewer plugin allows users to preview 360 degree panoramas.

Panorama Maker 6

5. PTGui

PTGui may be a little complicated to amateurs, while it can not be denied that it is a good alternative for advanced photographers. Considering its high price, PTGui is more appropriate to professionals. Its powerful features include:

1. The program is available on Windows and Mac OS.

2. It has the ability to process high-resolution images and create gigapixel images.

3. PTGui will not limit the amount of photos imported.

4. This Autopano alternative supports almost all photo formats, including RAW files.



Based on the discussion above, photographers might grasp the pros and cons of Autopano. And if you expect to grasp more photo stitchers, this article also introduces some best Autopano alternatives. AutoStitch, PanoramaStudio and ArcSoft have the ability of auto creating panoramas. PTGui is a little expensive; while it has more extensive features. WidsMob Panorama offers powerful auto features and manual tools, so everyone could enjoy it.

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