Black and White Photo Editors

12 Black and White Photo Editors to Apply Stunning B/W Effects

Black and white photograph is a timeless trending. You can see lots of black and white images in the social websites and fashion magazines, you can sure that black and white photos are as popular as before. It is an artistic conception of the photo creativeness. The strong contract between light and shadow makes the work of art. When you take some special photos, what should be the best black and white photo editors to apply stunning B/W effects?

In the days of film photography, you shot on black and white film. You may wonder if you can convert the color image to black and white easily? If you just need to apply a simple B/W effect, you can choose any black and white photo editor without problem. But in order to find a desired and classic effect might not be easy. The article shares 12 black and white photo editors to turn your color photos into black and white effects and some online, desktop and mobile black and white editor for your reference.

Black and White Photo Editors

Part 1: Best Black and White Photo Editor with Stunning B/W Effects

Just as mentioned, it is simple to turn images into black and white online or with application. In order to get the similar black and white film photography as the old times, WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile black and white photo editor to discover the magic of artistic photo effects. Besides the dozens of traditional Black and White film analogy effects, you can also adjust the color modes. Adjust the different color parameters and more to get a desired effect with ease.

1. Apply B/W photo effects with Ilford XP2/Kodak Tri-X/Kodak BW 400CN, etc.

2. Add special photo and white tone mapping effects to the color images.

3. Adjust the saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and tint for photos.

4. LOMO effects to make a special black and white photo as desired.

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Step 1: Add color photo to WidsMob Retoucher

Download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your Mac and then open this black and white editor. Click “Open” to add your color photo into the program or directly drag and drop your image into the interface.


Step 2: Apply black and white to your photo

Click to the “FILMPACK” button on the right top sidebar. Choose Black and White Film on the “Color Rendition Profile” dropdown list. Then you can also choose to use which type of black and white film from Kodak, Fuji, etc. style. You can also adjust the color modes from contrast, saturation and special here. Film grain can also be chosen here with adjustable intensity and size.

Apply B/W Effect

Original Bloom

Kodak B/W 400CN

Ilford Delta 400

Adjust Parameter Retoucher

Step 3: Save your black and white photo

After editing, click the “Save” button on the top of the main interface to directly save your black and white photo on your Mac. You can also choose the save destination, format (JPEG or TIFF) and photo quality before saving the photos with a black and white photo editor.

Save B/W Photos

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Part 2: How to Apply Black and White Photo Effect with Photoshop

Photoshop is the one of the most popular black and white photo editors to turn color images into a black/white one. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can also use it to make photo black and white conversion in your Windows 10/8/7 or Mac. There is destructive (not adjustable afterwards) and non-destructive (adjustable afterwards) black and white conversion in Photoshop. Here let’s take non-destructive black and white conversion for example.

Step 1: Once you launch the Photoshop on your computer, you can add the color image into the program. Then click the “Layers Panel” and choose the “New Adjustment Layer” icon, which you can find the “Black White” option to turn color images into black and white ones.

B/W Adjustment Photoshop

Step 2: Then Photoshop will de-saturate the image, if you need to further edit the black and white image; you can click the “Properties” Panel, which you can adjust the Reds, Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues and Magentas in order to get a desired result.

Default Adjustment Photoshop

Step 3: You can also select the On-Image Adjustment tool on the top left of the “Properties” panel, which enables you to click and drag directly to modify the color slider. After that you can save the black and white photo to your computer.

Part 3: 5 Black and White Photo Editors on Android/iOS

If you take some photos with Android phone or iPhone, you can also use some black and white photo editor apps to convert color images into B/W ones with ease. Here are 5 recommended programs you can take into consideration.

Top 1. Provoke Camera

Provoke Camera is more than a black and white camera, it is also a black and white photo editor. In another words, you can take photos directly or import the photos from your albums to convert color images to black and white ones. It was inspired by a Japanese photographers of the late 1960s like Daido Moriyama, Takuma Nakahira and so on. This black and white photo editor is pure, simple and easy to use. It just offers one function producing black and white photos with the gritty, grainy, blurry look. Moreover, this editor for black and white photo has two formats of the images, square format 126 and 35mm format 135. Certainly, it has many kings of effects on editing black and white photo with stunning effects with ease. So if you’re into black & white images this is banging.

Provoke Camera iPhone

Top 2. Lenka

Lenka is a black and white photo editor app designed by world renowned photographer Kevin Abosch in France. It offers the real-time live preview to ensure that you can see exactly how your photo will look before pressing the shutter button. Moreover, it gives you the choice of automatic focus or manual focus and makes you adjust the exposure, contrast and color temperature with sliders. The black & white photo editor allows you to edit photos and to share via email or messenger and to Facebook and Twitter. There is one thing you should know is that Lenka doesn’t allow for flash photography or the use of your front facing. While this editor is not like those apps offering too much technical controls, it gives you the excellent tool maximizing the black and white tonal range. What you can do is creating your own pictures by adjusting exposure.

Lenka iPhone

Top 3. Hueless

As another black and white photo editor for iPhone, Hueless is a wonderful app for those who focus on the black and white photography. Although it only allows you to take black and white photos, the program offers wider range of settings making it more outstanding among those apps. It is worth mentioning that the editor allows you to select from various colored “filters” like red, yellow, orange, etc. It makes an effect to influence the tonal contrast of the resulting black and white image by using actual colored glass filters. For instance, the right filter can help you to eliminate the red elements on your photo to appear as bright white in the resulting black and white photo. What’s more, it offers other features like custom presets, control focus & exposure together, geo-tag your photos, live exposure control slider, live contrast adjustment slider with contrast (black/white) balance etc.


Top 4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a complete and professional black and white photo editor for iPhone and Android. It has 26 tools and filters, including healing, brush, structure, HDR, transform and so on. Besides, if you want to re-adjust the photo, you can use the “stack”. Tune the images through adjusting the exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control. The tool of rotate can help you rotate by 90 degree, or straighten a skewed horizon. Moreover, white balance, which makes the picture more natural. The black and white photo editor offers brush to selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth. Specially, Lens Blur-a tool makes your background softening, Glamour Glow add a fine glow to images. Furthermore, Tonal Contrast lets you add details selectively in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights. Moreover, it has different styles, forms and patterns with going retro with light leaks, scratches, film styles and other kinds of styles to make infinite possibilities.

Snapseed B/W

Top 5. Monokrom

Monokrom is a normal black and white photo editor but offers a unique approach to post-processing photos instead of standard editing ways. It uses a set of circles to which it can slide on the screen to adjust the exposure in such an interesting way. Therefore, it spends a little time to get familiar with it. Moreover, it not likes other apps, which can predictable and precise. On the contrary, it offers an interesting element of “predictable” randomness bringing a truly unique editing experience for you. Therefore, you can watch a demonstration video to see how the app works here. Specially, when you are at a low battery, this black and white photo editor will automatically turns on monochrome (or black & white) mode, which means your device can last longer. It also uses color filter method for the conversion rather than straight desaturation.


Part 4: 5 Black and White Photo Editors Online

When you only need some basic black and white photo filters, you can take advantage of some online tools. But you might find limited B/W filters for JPEG files only for the online editors. Just get a desired one as below now.

Top 1.

Lunapic is a free online photo editor, which provides various editing tools like cropping, adding text, etc. and more than 200 effects and filters to help you easily edit your images according to your need. It has the basic filter to turn a color image into a black and white one. But it is difficult to combine all the features to get a desired one with ease.


Top 2. is an instant online photo editing tool which can let you fix and enhance your digital pictures in a smooth and effective way. It does not only offer black and white photo filter, but also awesome photo filters and effect like sepia, vignetting and pixalation to make cool filters and effects to your photos. Moreover, you can also add stickers, frames, texts and more other elements to the photographs online. B/W

Top 3.

Fotor offers color splash feature to allow you apply color to gray scale and black and white photos online. Once you get a black and white photo, you can take advantage of the color splash effect feature, which allows you to highlight and focus on most important part of an image by allowing deep, rich color saturation. Just as the other online black and white photo editors, you can get limited effects for the B/W filters.

Fotor B/W

Top 4.

Convertimage is a free online image converter and online editing tools to change and enhance your photos on Internet. With this online tool, you can place your photo in Black & White in few seconds without downloading a program. The black and white photo editor provides the basic B/W effects that you can process the color image within seconds.


Top 5.

Canva has photo effects feature to add stellar photo effects to make your photos magnificent. With “Street” filter, it can give your pictures the weight of black and white with a dash of worn color and heavy vignette. Of course, there is more other B/W filters and themes within the black and white photo editor. When you need to get a special design for your poster or card, it should be a nice choice.

Canva BW

How to Apply B/W Photo Effect Online

How to apply a desired B/W photo effect online? When you get a desired one from the above websites, you can load the images to get the effect. Let’s take for example to make black and white photo editing online.

Step 1. Enter the on the browser and find the Black and White under Filters.

Step 2. Click “Choose File” button to choose the photo from your computer or directly enter the your online photo URL on the “open URL” form to apply the black and white color.

Step 3. After applying, you can click “Save” to directly download the black and white photo or share it on FaceBook, Pinterest, etc. to your family and friends.


When you want to apply a desired B/W photo effect, it should be hard to find a black and white photo editor. The article provides 12 programs with different effects, which you can choose one according to your requirement. WidsMob Retoucher provides 12 analog film filters with thousands of B/W filters, which you can always get a satisfied one with ease.

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