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Calumet Photographic Review and Its Top Alternatives Introduction As Photofinishing Store

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A picture is worth a hundred words. Today, more and more people switch to take photos to record moments. Some people decide to save digital photos; others choose to print them. Now, a lot of people have home printers or portable printers; but when printing photos, you also need photographic paper. So, you may need a professional service that provides accessories related to photo taking and photo print, like Calumet Photo. Calumet Photo or Calumet Photographic was once a popular camera retail and photofinishing store. It had owned and operated a chain of 32 locations around the world. Unfortunately, it is now only available in United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

Calumet Photo Banner

Part 1. Review of Calumet Photo

This review is based on millions of customer reports and testing about this photo retailer.


1. You can find almost all products related to photo and video capture, including cameras, lens, various accessories, printers, photographic paper from different venders with different sizes, and more.

2. If the order over £50, you can enjoy its free delivery service.

3. When choosing cameras or other accessories, the customer service is really helpful.

4. Calumet Photo promises all products on Calumet Photo are from famous brands with the reasonable price.

5. The retail has 30 days return policy.


1. The website updates are lagging behind, for some customers reported they had paid for cameras and then received the message said products had sold out in stores.

2. The load time of Calumet Photo is much longer than other retailers.

3. The customer service becomes poor in holiday season.

Calumet Photo

Part 2. The Best Alternatives for Calumet Photo

1. Central Camera

Central Camera is one of the oldest camera retailers in America. In business since 1899, Central Camera is a 3rd generation photographic emporium. The store is in Chicago Loop; but customers could purchase any products related to cameras and photos on its website or its eBay Store.


1. In addition to extensive cameras and accessories products, this Calumet Photo alternative also provides camera repair service.

2. The customer service is great. They can provide helpful and knowledgeable advices.

3. You can find all you need related to cameras and photographs in Central Camera store or its website, no matter you are professionals or hobbyist.


1. The prices are higher than other online retailers.

Central Camera

2. Hunt’s Photo & Video

Hunt’s Photo & Video is the largest photography retailer in New England. It also sells photography products online and eBay Store.


1. This Calumet Photo alternative has more than thirty product categories, including cameras, software, accessories, photo print service and more.

2. Customer could compare the price in store or online. Some products are cheaper than Amazon.

3. The customer service is very nice. Some professionals reported to learn new tricks from customer service representatives.


1. The quality of the prints is poor, since they just have dry print machine.

2. Hunt’s Photo & Video is not a good place for hobbyists.

3. The online purchase experience is not very good. The website spends more time to load.

Hunt’s Photo & Video

3. Pro Camera

Pro Camera is another dedicated photography retailer that offers full service facility specialized in equipment and solutions for digital cinematography.


1. The website is well-designed and loaded very fast.

2. Although this Calumet Photo alternative does not provide extensive services, you can find necessary equipment related to photography, like cameras, lens and other accessories.

3. The rental park offers a wide range of digital cameras, lens, lighting, monitoring and other accessories.

4. The purchase and checkout process on Pro Camera is simpler than other camera retailers.


1. Customers should read the contract and responsibility carefully before borrow equipment, for there are some inequality clauses.

Pro Camera

4. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is a more professional electronic retailer that offers various products related to photography.


1. Compared to other photography retailers, B&H Photo Video provides a wider range of products, including the latest drones that have aerial photography function.

2. The customer service representatives are knowledgeable.

3. Customers could get better price from this Calumet Photo You can find the limited time discount products on home page.

4. The online customer experience is well. The load speed is high and the checkout process is simple.


1. Its delivery service is poor. And some customers reported product missing, package broken.

B&H Photo Video

5. Adorama

Adorama is an all-in-one service for photographers and customers.


1. You can find various photography products on Adorama website, including drones and action cameras, printers and other accessories.

2. Besides selling products, this Calumet Photo alternative also provides camera rent, photo print and tutorials.

3. If you have an old camera useless, you can sell it on Adorama as well.

4. The customer service of Adorama is really nice.


1. Its online purchase with store pickup service is not good enough.

2. The delivery service makes some customers disappointed.



In this article, we share the review about Calumet Photo. As a popular photography retailer, Calumet Photo is only available in some Europe countries and had bankrupted in America. On the other hand, the poor online experience makes Calumet Photo uncompetitive among online photography retailers. So, we recommended some alternatives for Calumet Photo. They all have some advantages. Central Camera, for instance, provides camera repair service. Hunt’s Photo & Video sometimes offers better prices than Amazon. Pro Camera has camera rent service that gives you a chance to take photos with professional cameras. B&H Photo Video provides a wide range of photography products and services. Adorama allows customers to sell their used cameras. If you want to upgrade your camera or lens, you can go to these best photography retailers and make a better decision.

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