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CameraBag – Advanced Photo Editor with All-In-One Filters

CameraBag is the photo editor, which enables users to create film stock and change photography styles by one click. You can use CameraBag App on iOS 8.0 or later. Moreover, people are able to run CameraBag Photo Mac version or install the photo editor on PC. There are many classic camera and film stimulations in CameraBag Photo app. The whole interface on this photo-emulating maker is very user-friendly.

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Key Features of CameraBag

If you search the photo emulate editor in Apple Store, you can get two versions, another one is CameraBag 2. You can upload DSLR images and then edit with CameraBag 2 Mac or iPhone. Moreover, there are also many filters for people to decorate during recreating film effect.

1. You can get over 150 built-in hi-fi from the online Style Library. More than 30 photographic tools are available, which includes advanced curve editors.

2. The Online Style Library offers many free filters for users as plug-ins.

3. There is nearly 200 fully adjustable filter presets on CameraBag app on iPhone, including color essentials, mattes and B+W films.

4. You can customize your own film emulations, to share or save in free.

5. It is acceptable to add watermarks and custom image-based borders.

6. CameraBag 2 app offer batch processing

You can also install CameraBag 2 app on Mac and PC, which may offer your better experience of photo editing. The film effect analog maker can give you 96-bits-per-pixel processing in desktop speed.

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How to Customize Film Stimulations in CameraBag Photo

The whole steps to process with CameraBag 2 app are very simple. You can lay your focus more on film effects. Or you can browse live previews and quick looks, even though you have no idea of photography styles you want to analog.

1. Import images by click “Upload” icon, or you can drag and drop photos to upload. The image formats limitation is JPG, PNG, TIFF and most RAW files. Actually, most DSLR images are welcome here.

2. Go to Adjustment tab to select from various CameraBag camera effect. Move the “Remix” slider to adjust the variation. You can also adjust vignette, color balance and light curves, as well as film grains.

3. Choose from “Dynamic Borders” to add a border. The options are on the bottom of CameraBag Photo Mac.

4. Click the “Quicklook” icon on the top if you want to view image effect. After that, save or share edited images.

5. If you really like the photography effect you have created, you can click “Add Current …” to name it as the new personal filter on CameraBag Photo. Go to Favorites to find it later.

As for batch process images, you will not cost too much time on it. The small tip is to select “Constrain Size” before in the adjustment tab. You may save half time because of the operation you have made.


Test & Review

The CameraBag Photo review from most users has been collected. You can get analyzed report to compare with other film analog software. If you download CameraBag 2 app, you need to purchase $1.99 in Apple Store, after that, you can enjoy photo analog experience freely. The CameraBag Photo Mac or PC version costs $29, you can get a discount during festivals.


The live preview and outlooks are both sweet creations.

Users can customize filters and presets according to specific demands.

Film presets and filters are easy to use.


No basic image editing tools to apply. People still need to go to Photoshop to personalize photo details.

You can regard CameraBag 2 app as one film effect analog editor, which you are able to get many classic presets to apply. Out of photo effect analog, you had better turn to Adobe Photoshop for help.