Colonial Photo and Hobby and 5 Similar Websites Introduction and Review

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Almost every photographer is familiar with at least one photography store, like Colonial Photo & Hobby. Such photography stores provide everything a photographer needs, such as cameras, lenses, tripods, and other accessories, photographic paper, photo print, and so on. As technology develops, many photography stores have integrated Omni-channel services. They not only sell products in chain stores but also accept orders online and on mobile devices. When it comes to customer experience, it is another story. In this post, we will share the introduction and review of Colonial Photo & Hobby. And if you want to learn about some similar retailers, you can get the answer below.

Colonial Photo and Hobby Review

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Part 1. Colonial Photo & Hobby Introduction and Review

Colonial Photo & Hobby is a popular photography retailer in Orlando, Florida. According to the introduction, this retailer provides various products for the amateur to the professionals. We have collected millions of customer reports, visited Colonial Photo & Hobby, and experienced its website and app.


1. As a traditional retailer, Colonial Photo & Hobby could most products related to photography, including low-end to high-end cameras, lenses, accessories, photographic paper in different sizes, and more.

2. Colonial Photo & Hobby has a full lab inside. Customers could develop and print color negative and B&W films.

3. Its photo print service is comprehensive. You can print a photo book, photo card, and custom size photos.

4. Colonial Photo & Hobby Print Ordering app has been available to iPhone.

5. The staff in-store is knowledgeable and very good.

6. Besides photography products, Colonial Photo & Hobby also offers camera repair and clean services.


1. Its website is still uncompleted. There is only a structure without any products.

2. Colonial Photo & Hobby does not support Apple Pay.

3. The prices are higher than other photography retailers.

4. Some customers reported they fail to find the latest photography hardware or software in Colonial Photo & Hobby.

Colonial Photo & Hobby

Part 2. 5 Similar websites to Colonial Photo and Hobby

1. Colonial Photo and Hobby Alternative - Samy’s Camera

Samy’s Camera is a photography retailer located in San Francisco. It provides various products and services related to photography, video, and film.


1. Samy’s Camera provides good selections. You can find most photography products from famous brands, like Canon, Sony, Atomos, Epson, Nikon, etc.

2. Customers could purchase more products on its website, including home theatre, projectors, and other accessories.

3. This Colonial Photo & Hobby similar service guarantees buyers could get their products in 3 business days.

4. Its customer service is rather good, no matter online or in-store.


1. The load time of Samy’s Camera website is longer than other online retailers.

2. Not support Apple Pay.

Samy’s Camera

2. Colonial Photo and Hobby Alternative - 17 Street Photo

17 Street Photo is in New York. And it is an online photography retailer.


1. In addition to photography products, This Colonial Photo & Hobby similar service also sells computers, outdoor devices, and more goods.

2. Its website loads faster than other online photography retailers. Moreover, the layout of the website is concise and easy to navigate.

3. The customer service is good. Many customers said they received multiple notifications from customer services before they got the products.


1. Some products are more expensive than other retailers and Amazon.

2. Several customers reported the return process is complicated.

17 Street Photo

3. Colonial Photo and Hobby Alternative - Adorama

Adorama is another dedicated photography retailer in New York.


1. This Colonial Photo & Hobby similar service provides a wide range of products related to photography, video, photo, and audio.

2. The loading time of the Adorama website is good.

3. Customers could discover the latest products on its website, including the new version of drones and action cameras.

4. In addition to products, you can rent a camera, print photos, and learn tutorials on


1. Its delivery service is poor, no matter the delivery speed or the delivery method.

2. Several customers said there were differences between the products displayed online. And the ones in the store.


4. Colonial Photo and Hobby Alternative - Hunt’s Photo & Video

Hunt’s Photo & Video is the largest photography retailer in New England and selling various products and services related to photography online.


1. This Colonial Photo & Hobby similar service has a wide range of products on its website. Customers could browse the latest cameras, lens and other accessories.

2. On the home page, Hunt’s Photo & Video will show buyers the products with a limited-time discount.

3. The customer service is knowledgeable. And the representative can introduce photographers to the new tricks and fresh technology.


1. Although Hunt’s Photo & Video has a photo print service, the quality of the prints is poor.

2. It takes longer to load the Hunt’s Photo & Video website than other retailers.

Hunt’s Photo & Video

5. Colonial Photo and Hobby Alternative - Wex Photographic

Wex Photographic is a new photography retailer established in 1997 UK. But everyone could buy cameras and other products on its website.


1. Wex Photographic website is good, loading fast and easy to navigate.

2. Buyers could find many photography products and accessories on the website, including telescopes, some niche cameras, the latest drones, professional camcorders, and so on.

3. This Colonial Photo & Hobby similar service allows customers to sell used cameras, lenses, and other equipment.

4. Its store also provides a camera repair service.


1. Some products are more expensive than other photography retailers.

Wex Photographic


In this article, we introduced one of the most popular photography retailers, Colonial Photo & Hobby. This retailer provides various cameras, lens and other equipment and accessories for hobbyists and professionals. People outside Orlando cannot purchase products from Colonial Photo & Hobby because its website has not finished. So, we recommended and compared some similar photography retailers, which provide online retail services. Spend a few minutes and discover the most appropriate photography retailer. When you want to buy a new camera or upgrade your lenses, you can browse and compare the photography products online and get a better price.

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