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CSV Photo Center Services and Prices Introduction and Review in 2020

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When you have a CVS pharmacy near by, you can purchase CVS passport photo from CVS photo location directly or order online. CVS photo lab is similar as Walmart Photo Centre, you can explore photo prints from the printing lab. The article provides a CVS Photo Review to help you a better understanding of its service.

CSV Photo Banner

CVS Photo Center Services

Just as the name of CSV pharmacy, CVS photo printing is not the major service of CVS. As for the reason, CVS photo provides limited services compared to Walgreens Photo or other photo print labs. If you need to have an urgent passport photo, it can be a nice option. Of course, you can also order prints, cards, photo books, canvas, photo décor, photo gifts and calendars from CVS with few choices.

CSV Photo Screenshot

Both the CVS Photo mobile app and the online service take a period of time for uploading. If you need the CVS photo prints soon, you can head down to the drug store with 1-hour photo CVS service.

CVS Photo Prices

CVS Photo provides a competitive price for certain types of photo prints. You can get 4x6 CVS photo prints with 10 cents with a coupon code or less than one dollar for a wallet prints. But another US$1.49 for orders under US$5.00 for in stock pick up. Here is the CVS photo review for the quality.

1. Kodak paper is used for the glossy prints. It is average quality and a light stock.

2. Only the glossy paper type is available, you cannot select different paper types according to your requirements.

3. No color correction or choose what to print on the back of the CVS photo prints.

4. An easy to navigate and well designed user interface with limited editing features.

5. CVS photo provides the cheap flimsy envelope with little protection for the photos.

CSV Photo Price

As for the CVS photo promotion, you can always find multiple deals in the official site of CVS. And you can also find the CVS coupon codes from Retailmenot, Groupon or simply search for CVS coupons from Google. There are some coupon codes with more than 30% off for your CVS photo printings.

How to Print Better at CVS Photo

What should you to take advantage of CVS photo service? In order to print better at the drug store or online directly, there are several things you should prepare first.

1. Edit the photos beforehand, you can crop the photos, remove noise and beautify photos for a better look first.

2. Make sure you provide the correct photo formats according to the requirement of CVS photo center. JPEG format is highly recommended for printing. Just batch convert RAW format to JPEG if you have to convert a large amount of photos.

3. It is better to uncheck the Resample Image and change DPI.

4. Choose another uploading method if you cannot upload photo to CVS photo online service.

5. Talk to the lab manager more detail about your requirement is very helpful for you.

CSV Photo Print

Of course, you can also check more CVS photo review for the CVS photo near me from Facebook or Twitter. You can have an overall quality and impress of the CVS photo before placing an order.


When you need some small, glossy and ready to use photo prints, CVS photo center is one of the best choices. Passport photos at CVS are very convenient for you. You need a professional photo print lab for crispness or want some enlargements, CVS photo might not be helpful for you.

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