Dynamic Photo HDR Review

How to Download and Use Dynamic Photo HDR and Its Alternatives

Dynamic Photo HDR is one of the best HDR Photo Editors to transform a set of bracketed images into gleaming HDR photographs or high dynamic photo image. If you need to find some alternatives for Dynamic Photo HDR, you can read the article and choose desired high dynamic range photo software according to your requirements.

Dynamic Photo HDR Review

General Introduction of Dynamic Photo HDR

Dynamic Photo HDR is a photography software developed by Mediachance and designed to create and tone map high dynamic range photos by combining multiple JPG or RAW camera images taken using multiple exposures. This HDR software uses automatic and manual Pin Warping method to align images.

The latest version of Dynamic Photo HDR is Dynamic Photo HDR 6. Comparing with Dynamic Photo HDR 5, the latest version has been fully redesigned with consistent and step based GUI and more than 2-times faster. Besides, DPHDR6 works equally happy with a single image or a series of bracketed images and enhances Automatic Ghost removal, Unlimited Undo, Custom Presets, Plug-in SDK, Full EXIF copy, EXIF thumbnail overlays and much more.

Dynamic Photo HDR

What are the key features of Dynamic Photo HDR?

Before you determine the best alternatives for Dynamic photo HDR, you should learn more about the key features of Dynamic Photo HDR first. Dynamic Photo HDR by Mediachance is the sort of Windows only program to merge stunning HDR images with US$65.00.

  • It is fast HDR software with powerful auto-align and anti-ghosting tool for high dynamic range generation. The latest version of Dynamic Photo HDR 6.01 should be much faster than Dynamic Photo HDR 5.
  • Dynamic Photo HDR is not only HDR software to generate high dynamic range effects for a set of bracketed images taken by HDR cameras, but also applies HDR filters for single images.
  • All effects of Dynamic Photo HDR are fully dynamic in adjustment layers, you can also add textures, masks and create own effect flows according to your requirements.

Dynamic Photo HDR Review


  • Support removing distortions and focusing problems in a flash.
  • Improve out of focus, distorted photos and the clarity of blurry photos.
  • Be able to remove ghosting from action pictures.


  • Sometimes, it will take a long time to process images.
  • For refocusing distorted photos function, it may not seriously do great job.

How to Use Dynamic Photo HDR

Step 1. Import the image you want to adjust HDR effect to the Dynamic Photo HDR.

Step 2: You can use the Tonemapping window to do a curves control for adding snap or being ultra-tweaked for different effects. For Color Equalizer and Hue Shift, you can use to alter color schemes for split-tone style HDRs or to emulate a color filter among other things.

Step 3. Then a blue progress bar will display beneath the preview and indicate when the file has been processed and saved. And it is done to work up your photo in Dynamic Photo HDR.


Best Alternatives of Dynamic Photo HDR

1. WidsMob HDR

WisMob HDR should be the best alternative for Dynamic Photo HDR with the most competitive price and excellent quality. The advanced tone-mapping algorithms and automatic alignment make it superb easy to create HDR photo effects. And the multiple HDR effect adjustments just help you create a gleaming high dynamic range photo.

Currently WidsMob HDR is based on the Mac Operation systems only with US$12.99. And the Windows version of WidsMob HDR will be released soon. If you are a newbie for HDR photograph and need to find some Dynamic Photo HDR alternatives to create high dynamic range photo, the free version should be the best choice.

Download for Mac Version

How to edit HDR photography with WidsMob HDR

Step 1. Install and launch WidsMob HDR on your Mac. Press “Command” + “O” to add the images to the application. Or click the button “File”, “Open File”, then choose the images you want.

Import HDR Photos

Step 2. Once you import the images, the app can auto align the images with the best solution. Here are some excellent features for you to edit your images. You can select the beautification level of your choice on all the following features. But please bear in mind that don’t adjust the number too high, or it will be unrealistic.

Adjust HDR Photos on HDR

Step 3. If you have finish your edition, click the button “Save” then the job is done.

Save HDR Photos

Download for Mac Version

2. HDR Darkroom

HDR Darkroom

HDR Darkroom has similar functionalities to create high dynamic range photos as Dynamic Photo HDR. You can apply the HDR filter for single photos and bracketed images, use the batch functions to create HDRs and multiple layers with stunning effects. The HDR effects between HDR Darkroom and Dynamic Photo HDR should be quite different.

HDR Darkroom is available in both Windows and Mac with US$89.00, which is much higher than Dynamic Photo HDR. If you are looking for an alternative program similar as Dynamic Photo HDR on Mac, you can take HDR Darkroom into consideration.

3. EasyHDR

EasyHDR HDR Software

EasyHDR has been working on high dynamic range photos for 10 years with multiple versions. Compared to the multiple functions of Dynamic Photo HDR, EasyHDR is famous for the ghost suppression solution. It should be another straightforward and simple to operation photo HDR application. But there are limited settings for some HDR photographers to make a custom HDR effects according to special requirement.

Compared to Dynamic Photo HDR, it is very economic to purchase EasyHDR with EUR29.00 for non-profit single user license. And if you need to use it for commercial purpose, you have to purchase Easy HDR with EUR49.00. Of course, you can write a review to get a special offer for the program accordingly.

When you have already installed Lightroom or Photoshop, you can also use HDR merge or HDR Pro to create HDR photos without installing or purchasing another HDR software. If you have any other queries related to the Dynamic Photo HDR, you can share the information here.

Download for Mac Version