How to Download and Use Dynamic Photo HDR and Its Alternatives

Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by Peter Wood

Do you still use Dynamic Photo HDR to merge HDR photos? As one of the best HDR Photo Editors, besides the basic features to transform a set of bracketed images into HDR photographs, it has some excellent features, such as anti-ghosting, HDR fusion, and HDR effects. But you might not able to find any updates since 2017. Can you still use it for dynamic photos? What are the best Dynamic Photo HDR alternatives? Just read the article and choose desired high dynamic range photo software according to your requirements.

How to Use Dynamic Photo HDR

Part 1. General Introduction of Dynamic Photo HDR

Dynamic Photo HDR is a photography software developed by Mediachance and designed to create and tone map high dynamic range photos by combining multiple JPG or RAW images using multiple exposures. This HDR software uses automatic and manual Pin Warping methods to align images.

The latest version of Dynamic Photo HDR is Dynamic Photo HDR 6. Comparing with Dynamic Photo HDR 5, Dynamic Photo HDR 6 has been fully redesigned with consistent and step-based GUI and more than 2-times faster. Besides, DPHDR6 works equally happy with a single image or a series of bracketed images to enhance Automatic Ghost removal, Unlimited Undo, Custom Presets, Plug-in SDK, Full EXIF copy, EXIF thumbnail overlays, and much more.

Dynamic Photo HDR

Part 2. What are the key features of Dynamic Photo HDR

Before determining the best alternatives for Dynamic photo HDR, you should learn more about the key features first. Dynamic Photo HDR by Mediachance is the sort of Windows-only program to merge stunning HDR images for US$59.00.

  • It is fast HDR software with a powerful auto-align and anti-ghosting tool for high dynamic range generation. The Dynamic Photo HDR 6.01 is faster than Dynamic Photo HDR 5.
  • Dynamic Photo HDR is not only HDR software to generate high dynamic range effects for a set of bracketed images taken by HDR cameras, but also applies HDR filters for single images.
  • All effects of Dynamic Photo HDR are fully dynamic in adjustment layers. You can also add textures, masks and create your photo effect flows according to your requirements.

Part 3. Dynamic Photo HDR Review


  • Support removing distortions and focusing problems in a flash.
  • Improve out-of-focus, distorted photos, and the clarity of blurry images.
  • Be able to remove ghosting from action pictures.


  • Sometimes, it will take a long time to process images.
  • For refocusing distorted photos function, it may not seriously do a great job.
  • Difficult to get the optimal result with too many settings and sliders.
  • The compatibility issues with the latest Windows 10/11.

Part 4. How to Use Dynamic Photo HDR

Step 1. Once you have installed Dynamic Photo HDR, it will automatically detect the files on your computer. Go to the Load File tab in the upper right corner to import the desired images. Locate the photos and check the files to import the series of photos into the program.

Load Files DPHDR

Step 2. Click the Align tab to combine the photos into an HDR image automatically. After that, you can preview the auto-align images or adjust them manually via the Horizontal Offset option, the Vertical Offset option, and the Angle option to make some changes before clicking Continue to HDR.


Step 3. Head to the HDR Tuning tab, you can choose the desired preset for HDR alignments, such as Tri-Liner, Gaussian Peak, Flat, and Over-exposure Fix. It also enables you to use the Mask Editor option to change the multiple bracketed images before the combination.


Step 4. When you head to the Tone-Mapping tab, there are multiple tone-mapping presets, color adjustments, tone-map presets, gamma, and more others, you can always adjust the sliders for these parameters to enhance the contrast and produce a wide variety of effects with Dynamic Photo HDR.

Tone Mapping DPHDR

Step 5. Click the Effects tab to choose the desired effect from the Effects Preset menu. Moreover, there are multiple parameters in the effects library, blending modes, sharpening methods, and others. When you get everything done, you can click the Save Image button to save the HDR photo.

Effect DPHDR

It should be quite different to determine the final HDR effect with Dynamic Photo HDR. Besides the different align effects, tuning methods, merge presets, tone-map presets, HDR effects, and more, you always need to adjust the sliders carefully to get the optimal effect. If you are not satisfied with the effect, you might still go back to the previous steps to make some changes.

Part 5. 3 Best Alternatives of Dynamic Photo HDR

1. Best Dynamic Photo HDR Alternative - WidsMob HDR

WisMob HDR uses the advanced ghost suppression and auto-align algorithm, which enables you to get the optimal HDR. The Dynamic Photo HDR enables you to adjust the parameters in a single window. Moreover, you can also turn on the Before/After mode to check the comparison easily. It provides multiple beautiful HDR effects and advanced parameters, which enable you to get the desired high-dynamic photos in a few clicks.

1. Provide advanced tone-mapping algorithms and HDR automatic alignment.

2. Make HDRs with a series of bracketed images or apply HDR filters directly.

3. Support RAW files, DNG, and JPEG/JPG from most cameras and devices.

4. Built-in noise reductions, smart tone, image radiance, vignetting, and others.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. Download and install WidsMob HDR, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Add Photos icon to import the desired photos into the program. It supports multiple RAW file formats as well as JPEG/JPG files from your camera.

Launch WidsMob HDR

Step 2. Select the desired stitching mode. To make the standard HDR as Dynamic Photo HDR, you can choose the Bracketing mode. When you need to add HDR filters, you can select the Single Photo mode. After that, select the related photos from the interface before clicking the Next button.

Choose HDR Mode

Step 3. It will apply the ghost suppression and HDR aligning algorithm automatically to create an HDR photo. Just turn on the Before/After mode to check the comparison. You can select the desired HDR filter from the Effect menu with the stunning effect without complicated settings.

Choose Preset HDR

Step 4. When you need to explore realistic or surrealistic HDR, you can go to the Advanced menu for the advanced settings, such as smart tone, color enhancement, color correction, image radiance, as well as HDR de-noise. Balance the settings before clicking the Save As button.

Apply HDR Color Correction Adjust Tone Map HDR Win Download Mac Download
Win Download Mac Download

2. Best Dynamic Photo HDR Alternative - HDR Darkroom

HDR Darkroom

HDR Darkroom has similar functionalities to create high dynamic range photos as Dynamic Photo HDR. You can apply the HDR filter for a single photo and bracketed images, use the batch functions to create HDRs and multiple layers with stunning effects. The HDR effects between HDR Darkroom and Dynamic Photo HDR should be different.

HDR Darkroom is available in both Windows and Mac with US$89.00, which is much higher than Dynamic Photo HDR. If you are looking for an alternative program similar to Dynamic Photo HDR on Mac, you can consider HDR Darkroom.

3. Best Dynamic Photo HDR Alternative - EasyHDR

EasyHDR HDR Software

EasyHDR has been working on high dynamic range photos for ten years with multiple versions. Compared to the many functions of Dynamic Photo HDR, EasyHDR is famous for the ghost suppression solution. It should be another straightforward operation photo HDR application. But there are limited settings for some HDR photographers to make custom HDR effects according to special requirements.

Compared to Dynamic Photo HDR, it is good to purchase EasyHDR with EUR29.00 for a non-profit single-user license. And if you need to use it for commercial purposes, you have to pay Easy HDR for EUR49.00. Of course, you can write a review to get a special offer for the program accordingly.


Should you purchase Dynamic Photo HDR? You might have the answer now. If you are still using Windows 7/8 and are familiar with the complicated settings, it should still be a nice choice. When you need to get some stunning HDR photos in just a few clicks, you can choose WidsMob HDR or other alternatives.

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