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Top 5 EXIF Viewer on Mac/ Windows/ iPhone/ Android/ Google

EXIF (Exchangeable Image file format) is the standard, which photographers prefer to record information about photos. You can know much information just by using EXIF viewers. For example, if you want to copy skills from famous photographers, you can view EXIF data behind the photo. All DSLR will record detail information automatically, like the place you shoot, which digital camera you use, the exposure, brightness, lens, date taking and so on. It seems kind of horrible; everyone can be Sherlock Holmes, right? Thus, there is urgent necessity for you to install an EXIF viewer immediately. No matter you want to view metadata or delete EXIFs.

EXIF Viewer

Part 1: WidsMob Viewer – Inspect EXIF on Mac

As an EXIF Viewer on Mac of WidsMob, WidsMob Viewer is the smart tool to help you view all photos by just opening one image. You can get super fast photograph viewing experience with five photo modes. Moreover, you can customize images on Mac easily. Use one click feature on the Mac EXIF viewer to edit images during photo viewing.

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1. You are able to upload over 50 photo formats, and output images into JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF and Microsoft BMP.

2. There is multiple photo viewing modes with different requirements. (Full screen mode, library mode, thumbnail mode, EXIF mode and slideshow mode)

3. Use auto rotation with the EXIF information on the EXIF viewer for Mac.

4. Offer batch process for users to rename, resize or convert photos in groups.

5. It is easy to add favorite images to slideshow mode and adjust photos with exposure, contrast, saturation and other parameters.

Actually, there are many other features about the image viewer, which help users to inspect EXIF information by the way. What is more, you can also check some basic information with the program.

Full Screen Mode Viewer

How to View Metadata with Photo Viewer

The whole process to get EXIF is very easy. You can get ISO, flash, white balance, saturation, exposure program and etc. you can all collect the similar photos just by metadata with EXIF mode on the EXIF viewer on OS X.

1. Upload photos to WidsMob Viewer. Click “File” and then choose “Open” the certain photo to see EXIF, or you can import from “Library”.

2. Choose “Show Info” from the “View” drop-down menu. After that, you can view how others shoot just by EXIF list secretly.

Sometimes it is also the way to follow professional’s skills. Expect of weather conditions and what did he or she had taken for picture, you can copy and compare with your owns with the metadata viewer for Mac.


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Part 2: Metapicz – Collect EXIF on Windows

ExifData Viewer is a utility works from NirSoft on Windows 2000 and Windows 8. You can read and display metadata behind any photo shoot by digital cameras. However, not all people can use the free EXIF viewer for Windows, because of the operating system. Therefore, online EXIF editor is more popular to see metadata. Metapicz is a nice choice to view EXIF data online, the single page without any other ads.

1. You can choose three ways to upload images to view metadata online for free by selecting from folders, dragging and dropping or typing URL.

2. The creative feature of the EXIF viewer online is that you can insert an image URL. With the new URL you create, everyone can search the image metadata on the Internet.

Thus, though Windows users may not get much EXIF viewers to apply, you can also turn your focus to online metadata viewers.


Part 3: Photo EXIF Editor – Get EXIF on Android

Photo EXIF Editor is the Android metadata tool, which can inspect and edit EXIFs easily. You can open “Photo Maps” to add any location you like. You can also remove EXIF information randomly. Moreover, the EXIF viewer on Android provides EXIF tags and batch processing services, with which you can sort out EXIFs without too many efforts.

1. If you want to remove the images, which just been taken by built-in cameras, long press the Gallery icon to import them.

2. You can edit EXIF in detail with the Android EXIF viewer. For example, add or remove locations with Google Maps, as well as other metadata information, such as ISO speed, Aperture, shutter speed and etc.

As a result, you can add or delete the photo information you want to express. Or you can also regard the EXIF viewer APK as metadata remover, just with the usage to determine Photo EXIF Editor the way you like.

Photo EXIF Editor

Part 4: ViewExif – See EXIF Data on iPhone

ViewEXIF is the editor for iOS users to add or delete metadata. The unique feature of the EXIF viewer app on iPhone is that users can share photos without EXIFs. Thus, you do not need to worry about photo metadata with the EXIF remover. The iPhone metadata reader can show people EXIF catalog in order.

1. View video and photo metadata on the new ViewExif app, as well as EXIF tags and IPTC tags. Moreover, the EXIF editor on iOS device supports JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW formats (CR2 and NEF).

2. The EXIF editor will show images in file name, file size and dimensions. You can share photos with or without Twitter, Facebook and email.

Additionally, ViewExif app will charge users $0.99. It is not expensive compares with the EXIF remove sharing service. Thus, you can operate fewer steps to share images without metadata.


Part 5: Exif Viewer – Add-ons for Firefox and Google

If you do not want to install any third party software to full your hard disk, it is a nice idea to add plugins on your browser. The most frequent choice is EXIF Viewer, which works well both on Firefox and Google as EXIF viewer freeware. After installing EXIF viewer on Chrome or Firefox, you can get metadata just by hovering on photos.

1. You can view template, cache, exclude (in optional page) with the EXIF viewer on Firefox or Google directly.

2. The file size is just 110 KB, with over 100,000 users; you can still use the EXIF editor on Chrome or Firefox for free.

In conclusion, the advantage of the EXIF viewer add-on is very obvious. If you are wondering which third party EXIF editor to download, you can add metadata plugins on browsers first.

Exif Viewer


When you need to check the details for the RAW files, you should use some EXIF viewers to get the information of photos. The article lists the 5 popular EXIF viewing programs to get all the information for photos. If you have any other programs for this, you can feel free to leave a comment in the article.

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