Gigapixel Panorama Software and Best Gigapixel Panorama Software Alternatives You Can’t Miss

You may be already familiar with panoramic pictures, but have no idea about Gigapixel panoramas. Actually gigapixel panoramic picture is increasingly popular among photographers. It is usually composited with many smaller photos. Making such a panoramic picture is not as simple as the panoramic picture, for you have to spend hours on taking the individual photos in different exposures and light conditions. And you have to use professional Gigapixel panoramas software to blend the photos together. Although there are lots of photo stitching software, gigapixel panorama software is different from the others. Therefore, this article will introduce Gigapixel Panorama Software and its alternatives.

1. Gigapixel Panorama Software

As it name of the program, it is a gigapixel panoramic picture stitching application. It supports Windows XP/7/8 and Max OS 10.6 and above. Just learn more about the basic features of Gigapixel panorama software as below.

1. It has the ability to stitch and export panoramic pictures with high quality.

2. Users could use it to blend hundreds of HDR images in batch.

3. Gigapixel panorama software could help users to save the parameters for next project.

4. The GPU acceleration feature is useful when you stitch a large amount of images.

5. It also supports fisheye photo stitching and 360 panoramas creation.


1. Gigapixel Panorama Software is a user-friendly panorama maker.

2. It supports many image formats, including RAW.

3. This software provides powerful professional level features to create gigapixel panoramas.


1. The automatic stitching feature is not accurate all the time, so you have to adjust it manually.

2. Compared to similar software, it is too expensive to afford.

Gigapixel Panorama Software

2. WidsMob Panorama

WidsMob Panorama is one of the smartest photo stitchers. And it also has the ability to create gigapixel panoramic pictures. If you are looking for an easy-to-use gigapixel panorama application with rich features, it is the appropriate choice with powerful editing functions to make panorama files. Here are the principal features of Photo Stitcher include:

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Photo Stitcher supports Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.7 or later.

2. Users could import JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF and RAW files.

3. Built-in automatic algorithm allows users to create panoramic pictures easily and quickly. It will select, stitch and adjust the panoramas automatically.

4. It also offers the options to stitch panoramas manually.

5. You can utilize multiple stitching modes to create gigapixel panoramas, like 360°, Horizontal, Vertical and Tile.

6. The basic editing tools, including effects, color, text and watermark, are available as well.

7. You can save the panorama output on your computer or share it online directly.

WidsMob Panorama Screenshot

3. Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor is another alternative for Gigapixel Panorama Software, which was developed by Microsoft. So Windows users could enjoy it freely. It also supports to create high-resolution panorama, like gigapixel panoramas. And the basic features of Image Composite Editor as follow:

1. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1.

2. Accelerate stitching process on multiple CPU cores.

3. The built-in Photosynth allow users to post and share the gigapixel panoramic pictures with friends.

4. There is no limited on the number of importing photos.

5. It could read RAW format and other common picture formats.

6. It will not limit on the picture size when you create gigapixel.

7. Users could enjoy the automatic stitching and automatic exposure blending functions.

8. Other basic editing tools, like crop, rotation, and so on.

9. The latest version allows users to preview gigapixel panoramas without limited by the screen resolution.

Image Composite Editor

4. PTGui

PTGui is a famous panoramic picture creator, and it also supports gigapixel panoramas creating. However the process of creating panoramas with PTGui is unique. It utilizes control points to align and stitch the panorama files. And here are the principal features of the program.

1. PTGui is compatible with Windows XP or later and Mac OS 10.7 with Intel processors or later.

2. It could run on the computers with only 2GB of RAM when creating panorama files.

3. The manual mode offers full control on the outputs.

4. Users could preview the outputs in real time when they set the effects.

5. It supports to stitch panoramas both horizontally and vertically.

6. You can import hundreds of photos to create multiple panoramas files at one time.

7. PTGui could import JPEG, TIFF, PNG and RAW files and export JPEG, TIFF and Photoshop formats.

8. Users could add and delete control points to make the stitched gigapixel panoramic picture perfect.



Based on the recommendation above, there are multiple gigapixel panorama applications could help you to create gigapixel panoramas. You can select the appropriate gigapixel panorama application from them depending on your demands. If you have any other query related to the programs, you can feel free to let me know in the comments.

1. Gigapixel Panorama Software is a powerful application. However, there are too many limits to use it to create panoramas files. So you can try the alternatives program to make panorama files.

2. WidsMob Panorama is the smartest panorama creator. Everyone could enjoy the seamless creative experience; no matter you are an amateur or a professional photographer.

3. Image Composite Editor is dedicated to Windows users, so Mac users cannot enjoy it. Although it looks a little simple, beginners could use it to try the panoramas for fun.

4. PTGui is a unique gigapixel panorama application. The control point feature makes users to focus on details of the photos.

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