GIMP Photo Editor

GIMP Photo Editor – Introduction, Download, Review and Alternative 2020

You can see many similar questions about GIMP photo editor, like “Is GIMP safe?”, “GIMP vs Photoshop” and others. Well, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editors at present. Obviously, many people know Photoshop well.

Therefore, this article focuses on introducing GIMP photo editor advantages and disadvantages. And you can get some GIMP photo editing basics here as well. Now, let’s start to read and do as the following paragraphs show to know more about GIMP.

GIMP Photo Editor

Part 1. GIMP Tutorial – How to Edit Pictures Professionally in GIMP

Step 1: Download and install GIMP photo editor free

Head to website on your web browser. Choose “Download” icon to download this free and open source image editor. At present, the latest GIMP version is 2.10.2. Well, GIMP works well with GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and other operating systems. So it does not matter if you download GIMP photo editor for Mac or Windows. After the installment, launch GIMP program.

Step 2: Get GIMP photo editing actions

Select the picture you want to import to GIMP. Then open the Toolbox bar to access various editing tools. If you fail to find it, then you can choose “Windows” on the top to find “Toolbox”. Choose the dotted rectangle pattern on the top of the toolbox bar. As a result, you can click and drag your mouse to select the area to crop. When the process finishes, select “Copy” from the “Edit” drop-down list. Then click “File” > “Create” > “From Clipboard” to get the cropped image.

GIMP Photo Editor

Step 3: Turn your photo to be black and white

Hold and press “Ctrl” and “D” options together on your keyboard. Later, you can create a copy of your original file in GIMP photo editor. Choose “Desaturate” from the “Colors” list. Then you can get a black-and-white picture directly. Moreover, there is a new window pops up with three options. You can go on the GIMP photo editing effects with ease.

Turn Photo to Black and White

Note: If you want to undo your previous changes, you can choose “Windows” on the top toolbar. Click “Dockable Dialogs” and then choose “Undo History” to move back. You can undo multiple changes by repeating above operations as well.

Part 2: GIMP Online – Get an Online Image Editor and Paint Tool

Step 1: Add a picture to online GIMP program

Get the GIMP online photo editor on your browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more. When you locate its web photo editing program, choose “File” on the top. Select “Import” to get a window with the name of “Open Image”. Select which picture you want to import, and then click “Open” to confirm.

GIMP Online

Step 2: Customize your picture with GIMP online

You can get widely-used tools in the left panel directly. Well, it has the similar design with Adobe Photoshop, while you can get a much easier experience with GIMP photo editor online. It supports users to crop, resize and edit pictures in batch for free online. So just choose the option you need.

Edit on GIMP Online

Well, you can apply other photo effects from GIMP photo editor online easily as well. And it is also supported to convert any picture to PNG, GIF and other formats effortlessly. Just do not forget to save your change.

Part 3: GIMP Review – See What Others Say about GIMP Photo Editor

GIMP (the GUN Image Manipulation Program) is a free photo editor, which provides lots of photo-editing tools. You can get layers, highly customizable brushes, filters and other photo enhancing tools from GIMP photo editor software. It supports many plugins, and you can download any extra plugin separately.


• It is easy to edit a picture with GIMP photo editor.

• Provide many basic and advanced features and tools for free.

• You can download this open-source photo editor on any operating system directly.

• Widely support most file formats including JPEG, GIF, PSD, PNG, TIFF and more.


• Its user interface is kind of cluttered.

• Poor help with no real guidance.

• GIMP photo editor may not be friendly enough to novices.

Though GIMP is always described as the best Photoshop alternative or killer, it cannot satisfy most photo-editing activities still. If you need more professional tools, Adobe Photoshop may suit you better. And for people who are looking for an easy-to-use but powerful photo editor, here is one program you can try.

Part 4: Best GIMP Photo Editor for Mac

Yes, it is WidsMob ImageConvert that allows users to convert formats, resize photos, add watermark and do other customizations in batch quickly. And you can get the instant preview window to check the result for each image in detail.

What Can You Get from This Powerful GIMP Photo Editor Alternative

• Convert RAW to JPEG and other formats with 6x speed.

• Edit photos in batch to resize, rename, add border and do other changes.

• Apply effects on all photos to preview instantly.

• Offer a clean, safe, user friendly interface.

Download for Mac Version

How to Batch Convert and Edit Pictures in High Quality

Step 1: Import pictures

Get this GIMP photo editor alternative free download on your Mac computer. Launch this program and drag and drop photos to the main interface directly.

Add Photo to ImageConvert

Step 2: Customize your photos

Choose the certain icon in the left panel to resize, rename, rotate, add border, add text watermark or add image watermark. Well, you need to turn on the on-off option on the top to start to edit your photos.

Edit Photo With ImageConvert

Step 3: Export photos in batch

After your customization, choose “Start convert” in the lower right corner of the window. Choose the “Folder” icon to set a new destination place. Then you can set the output image format as “JPEG”, “JPEG-2000”, “PNG”, “TIFF” or “Microsoft BMP”. Move the “Quality” slider to adjust the output image quality. At last, click “Export” to finish the process.

Save Photo with ImageConvert

Download for Mac Version

Well, it is true that you can get many filters from GIMP photo editor. However, it is not easy enough to customize pictures with GIMP, especially for beginners. Fortunately, you can easily convert and edit thousands of pictures with ImageConvert in seconds. So why not free download this powerful photo editor for a try right now?