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Top 10 Best HDR App for iPhone and Android in 2020 [Latest]

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When you need to create stunning photographs as HDR camera with your smartphone, HDR apps should be the alternative solution. The HDR app APK and HDR app iPhone might not as powerful as the HDR software. But with the HDR apps, you can still shot exceptional and professional looking photos compared to the ordinary photos. Just choice the best HDR apps according to your mobile device to create gorgeous HDR photograph by yourself.

Some HDR apps only use HDR filter or Post-Capture HDR instead of Real HDR. The Real HDR is a series of images taken for the same stuff with different exposure, and then combine as a stunning HDR photograph. While the HDR filter just add some effects similar as HDR.

Part 1. Best 5 HDR App for iPhone/iPad

1. Pro HDR X – Best HDR App for iPhone 11/X/8/7/6

Pro HDR X is the first complete overhaul of the world’s most popular HDR app. The HDR app is available for both Android and iOS. Pro HDR X takes three images with the best exposure combination.


The build-in control of HDR App empowers you to set the amount of HDR strength applied after you take the photos.

Compared to other HDR Apps, Pro HDR X combine three images with the best exposure instead of the two images.

The HDR camera App can also edit photos from on board library, up to 24 megapixels in size.


The HDR program cannot adjust the HDR photograph as professional as HDR software for Windows or Mac or retain a good image.

Pro HDR X Screenshot

App Store Download

2. Vivid HDR – Best HDR App for iPhone and iPad

Vivid HDR is a fast, simple and vibrant HDR app for iPhone and iPad. It should be one of the best HDR camera apps over True HDR and Pro HDR with admirable performance.


Exceptionally fast as a HDR app, which empowers you to take a series of images with different exposure.

Easy to use with a simple interface and presets, you can always create a vivid HDR image without tech background.

Different presets of HDR effects should be another plus to make the HDR image vivid.


The Algorithm of the HDR iPhone app has some drawbacks, which has some noisy for the high-contrast images.

Still some ghosting for the moving stuff, but it is much better than the other HDR camera apps.

VividHDR Screenshot

App Store Download

3. TADAA – Best HDR Camera App for Beginners

TADAA is a fast, powerful HD HDR camera application for iOS. TADAA combines professional editing tools with detail you have to see to believe. You can edit on multiple layers, use the masking tool, blur, and so much more.


The camera itself is free to use.

A copy of your photo is automatically saved to your phone after each shot.

It's a perfect, easy-to-use app for beginners and professionals alike.


To unlock all functionality, you'll need to purchase a Pro subscription.


App Store Download

4. Camera+ 2: Best HDR Camera App for Scene Presets

Camera+ 2 app offers scenes such as Portrait, Food, Backlit, Night, Shade, and more to fit the mood of your photo. The camera is easy to use and the photos you take are added to your Camera+ 2 Lightbox, instead of your photo library, saving space.


Has everything you need to create professional photos quickly.

The scene presets make taking landscape and portrait shots simple with the touch of the screen.

Tools such as built-in frames and filters turn around social-media-worthy images in a snap.


The app has a bit of a learning curve, especially for budding photographers.


App Store Download

5. Hydra - Best HDR Camera App for Gorgeous Filtering

Hydra offers photographers one of the most beautiful interfaces for HDR camera apps. Combining full HDR capabilities with a load of gorgeous filters, this app is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike. Hydra can merge up to 60 frames at a time to create a single high-quality picture.


Multiple image merging for the best quality photo.

Up to 32-megapixel high-resolution images.

Filters are created to enhance your photos, not take away from them.


Hydra is known for its merging capabilities, but its HDR mode for quick photography could be improved.

Hydra HDR Camera App Screenshot

App Store Download

Part 2. Best 5 HDR App for Android

1. HDR Camera – Best HDR App for Android

When you need to use a HDR App APK for Samsung or other Android phones, the HDR camera App by Almalence should be one of the best one for Android. The HDR App is capable of taking real, authentic HD pictures.


The HDR App APK provides True HDR mode as well as Post-Capture HDR for your HDR photographs.

The App splits the control into local contrast and micro detail, which you can choose the intensity of the effect.

Some nice touch-up features of the HDR app to further edit the HDR photographs to its optimal status.


The HDR App for Android lacks of some editing capabilities to make a more stunning HDR photo.

HDR Camera Screenshot

Google Play Download

2. Simply HDR – Best HDR App for Android and iOS

Simply HDR is the top selling HDR app that turns one photo into a stunning one with an extended range of light and detail. When you need to set the HDR for photos, it should be your choice.


The so-called HDR app adds post capture HDR filter to the ordinary photos as stunning “HDR photos” or pseudo HDR image.

Make adjustments at any point of the workflow to achieve the best effect.


There are few adjustment sliders making me wonder how all of the looks in the presets are achieved.

The HDR app also lacks of a contrast or detail slider and some tools are not well designed.

Simply HDR Screenshot

Google Play Download

3. Camera HDR Studio – Best HDR Apk for Android

Camera HDR Studio uses the enhanced and optimized HDR algorithm for taking a True HDR photo. The HDR camera app can easily and automatically shoot HDR photo, and then edit up to a HDR photograph.


Up to 9 HDR modes, 50 color effects and 12 artistic effects of the HDR application.

Supports super fast speed to shoot up to 30 photos per seconds.


The HDR app does not come with photo filters, providing a more steam-lined app in the process. Frequently crashes with some minor bugs to run the HDR software.

Camera HDR Studio Screenshot

4. HDR Max – Full-featured Pro HDR Photo Editor

HDR Max provides you with all the tools you need to bring out the best in your photos. The unique filtering technology enables you to add an HDR effect to any photo without the hassle of multiple exposures.


All effects have convenient and accurate real-time previews.

Zoom closer and/or use split view to see the difference to the original.

Tune contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure and color temperature.

90 color filters for one-tap enhancement.


Not allow actual blending of photos with different exposures to create a high dynamic range image.


Google Play Download

5. Pro HDR Camera - Best HDR Camera App for Android

Pro HDR Camera is the best choice for Android users. You can create stunning, full-resolution HDR images straight from the Pro HDR Camera app.


For Android, the Pro HDR Camera does amazing things with the built-in camera.

This app offers a fully automatic mode, plus a manual mode for choosing your own presets.


For LG, Sony, or another device other than Motorola, HTC, and most Samsung phones, the app might not work properly. Take caution when downloading.

Pro HDR Camera

Google Play Download

Recommended – Best HDR App for Mac

WidsMob HDR is one of the best HDR app for Mac to recreate high dynamic range as eye view with its simple and advanced HDR photo editing tools. You can easily merge 3 different bracketed photos into awesome HDR photography with its advanced tone mapping algorithm.

Merge HDR Effect Photo in WidsMob HDR

Key Features:

Provide some presets of HDR filters for stunning HDR files application.

Ghost suppression to make sure a final result of HDR merging with moving subject and device.

Create high dynamic range images with tone length and tone saturation parameters adjustment.

Provide color management of the HDR images by adjusting the brightness, saturation and contrast.

Download for Mac Version


Part 3. Tricks for Shooting HDR on iPhone 11/X/8/7/6 without HDR App

When you need to take some awesome and special photos with iPhone, iPhone HDR should be an option. What happens when you turn on your HDR feature of iPhone? And how to take awesome HDR photos with your iPhone? If you need to learn more about iPhone HDR, you can learn more detail from the article about the tricks for using HDR on your iPhone.

Why Shoot HDR on iPhone

Usually iPhone users add some filters to the taken photo of iPhone, or adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast to make awesome photo. What should be the differences when you shooting HDR on iPhone? HDR stands for high dynamic range, which combines with best parts of overexposed, underexposed and balanced shots. The iPhone HDR provides the detail of the shooting stuff, which cannot be replaced by any iPhone filter.

When you turn on HDR of iPhone, your iPhone actually shoots multiple photos with slightly different exposures. And then these photos are combined to create an HDR with all areas well exposed. You can find two photos in Camera Roll in Photo App when you use iPhone HDR, one photo with normal exposure, and the other HDR exposure.

Shoot HDR on iPhone

Enable HDR on iPhone

How to turn on/ off iPhone HDR? If you have iPhone 4S with iOS 7 or above versions, you can follow the steps to turn on the HDR mode on iPhone.

1. Tap on “Settings”, and then scroll to find “Photos”.

2. Under the “HDR” option, you can tap on “ON” to launch the iPhone HDR mode. If it is not required, just tap on “OFF”.

3. And then you can take HDR with your iPhone.

Turn HDR on iPhone

When HDR is enabled, your iPhone will automatically HDR for you. It takes a little longer for the iPhone HDR mode, instead of one picture of the normal mode; iPhone HDR mode takes three images with different exposures.

And you should pay special attention when you shoot HDR on iPhone, because it takes three images to combine an HDR photograph, it is important to hold iPhone still or use a tripod for iPhone.

The iPhone HDR might not as attractive as the HDR photos taken by HDR cameras. The difference between the two photos is not very pronounced. You can use some HDR iPhone Apps to make awesome HDR photos.

Part 4. Use HDR Mode of Samsung Galaxy Without HDR APK

You might not aware the HDR mode of Samsung Galaxy, which is able to take some awesome HDR photos. HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging, which using the tone-mapping technology to merge photos taken for same stuff with different exposure. And now the HDR technique is applied to Android cameras, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/S7/S6 Edge/S6. How to use the HDR mode of Samsung Galaxy? Just learn more detail from the following.

Shoot HDR on Samsung Galaxy

When to take HDR photos with Samsung

Before you take HDR photos, it should be essential to learn more about the best occasions to use HDR mode. Unlike the DSLR cameras, the HDR mode of Samsung only provides the merged HDR file together with the one with ordinary exposure. Nothing you can do to adjust the HDR effects, except for adding some filters.

When you need to take a shot where there are high contrast between lightness and darkness, you can take an HDR photo instead of an ordinary photo. Another occasion for HDR mode should be Low-light and Backlit scenes, HDR is able to brighten up the foreground without washing out the well-lit portions.

It is not recommended to turn on HDR of your Android phone for moving stuff. The positions of the stuff are different, which will cause a blurred image of the HDR photo. You can use de-ghost features with HDR software, but HDR function of Android phone is not able to handle them professionally.

If you have DSLR camera, you can take HDR scenes with the camera. But when you come across some great scenes, you can just get out your Samsung Galaxy to take a shot for HDR.

How to Use HDR Mode of Samsung Galaxy

If it is the first time you use HDR mode of Samsung, you have to turn on the HDR mode first.

1. Tap on Settings icon as the gear icon at the corner, and then launch the Camera app in your Samsung.

2. Find the HDR mode from the windows. Turn on HDR (Rich tone) if the original setting is off. When you turn on HDR mode, you lose the ability to manually set the exposure, ISO, metering spot and other parameters. But you can get extra bit of color and contrast to get an awesome HDR photo.

3. Tap the Shutter button to take HDR photo with Samsung Galaxy when the HDR mode is on.

4. When you shot an HDR photo, you can actually get two photos, one original exposure photo together with merged HDR photo.

Turn HDR on Samsung Galaxy

The HDR photo just provides a clear view for all the stuffs due to the different exposures. And you can also adjust the brightness, saturation and other parameter to achieve a great HDR photo. You can use HDR app we recommend above or use the HDR mode on iPhone or Samsung directly to shoot stunning HDR images. Why not have a try now?

Download for Mac Version

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