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Top 10 Best HDR Photo Editors for PC/Mac/Android/iOS/Online Free

When you have taken some different exposed images with HDR cameras, you can use the best HDR software to merge them into HDR photographs. The article explains the top 5 HDR editors to make gorgeous HDR effects. Just read the following article to choose the best HDR edit tools according to your requirement.

1. WidsMob HDR – HDR Photo Editor for Mac

WidsMob HDR should be the best HDR editor with advanced tone mapping and auto-align algorithms to merge different exposed images into HDR photograph. The Photo HDR editor is straight forward and simply to operate, but professional and powerful to make gorgeous HDR files. Whether you are an amateur or profession, WidsMob HDR should be the best HDR editor you should taken into consideration.

The HDR photo editor only supports the Mac version now. The Windows version of HDR editor will be released soon. If you are newbie for HDR photograph, you can use the free HDR software first, which support both JPEG format as well as the RAW formats. And you can get the WidsMob HDR Photo Editor with only US$9.99 with all excellent features now.

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How to edit HDR photography with WidsMob HDR

Step 1. Install and launch WidsMob HDR on your Mac. Press “Command” + “O” to add the images to the application. Or click the button “File”, “Open File”, then choose the images you want.

Import HDR Photos

Step 2. Once you import the images, the app can auto align the images with the best solution. Here are some excellent features for you to edit your images. You can select the beautification level of your choice on all the following features. But please bear in mind that don’t adjust the number too high, or it will be unrealistic.

Adjust HDR Photos on HDR

Step 3. If you have finish your edition, click the button “Save” then the job is done.

Save HDR Photos

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2. Photomatix Pro – HDR Photo Editor for PC and Mac

Photomatix Pro is a famous HDR photo editor for using different tone mapping algorithms to merge a series of images with different exposures to HDR image. Detail Enhancer, Contrast Optimizer, Tone Compressor and Exposure Fusion modes of the HDR editor always present different types of artsy image. Photomatix Pro should be the top HDR photo editing tools to present the most splendid HDR photographs.

The HDR photo editor is available for both Windows and Mac. If you just need to have a simplicity and ease of use HDR editor, Photomatix Essentials with US$39.00 should be your choice. And you can also use the HDR photo editor Pro version with US$99.00 with more HDR effect options, batching processing and selective de-ghosting features.

Photomatix HDR Software

3. Aurora HDR – HDR Photo Editor for Mac

Aurora HDR is another new HDR Photo editor for Mac, which provides multiple luminosity masking and gradient masking. Just use the HDR editor to make HDR photo with a natural look with a bracketed set of image, and then edit photo with more HDR filters to present different types of HDR photos in very unique look. It should be one of the best Mac HDR editors with great look and really adds to the feeling of shot.

The HDR Photo editor is only available for Mac now. If you need the standard HDR editor with JPEG format only, you can get it with US$49.00. As for the HDR Pro editor compatible with RAW format, another US$50.00 is required. It is not only a standalone HDR editor, you can also use HDR editing tool as a plug-in from Lightroom, Photoshop or Apeture.

Aurora HDR Software

4. HDR Darkroom – HDR Photo Editor for Windows and Mac

HDR Darkroom is an HDR photo editor for bracketed sets of image as well as single images for HDR filters. Load different exposed to New HDR mode to merge HDR files, edit single photos for HDR filter or batch processing a batch of HDRs using the same settings. If you need to an HDR photo editor to add HDR filters to all the photos taken by your HDR camera or in an easy way, HDR Darkroom should be a nice choice.

Compared to other version of HDR photo editor, the HDR editor has only one version for Windows or Mac. And you can purchase the HDR editor for US$89.00.

HDR Darkroom

5. Dynamic Photo HDR – Photo HDR Editor for PC and Mac

Dynamic Photo HDR is another top HDR photo editor for your consideration for merging HDR files. The HDR editor works for both single images and a series of bracketed images. And you can also apply unlimited effects and layers, use the batching processing and some great enhancement to edit the photos with HDR filters. The features are similar as another HDR photo editor HDR Darkroom, but you can find some HDR effects are different from each other.

The latest version of Dynamic Photo HDR is available for Windows and Mac. And you can download the 64 bits or 32 bits of the HDR photo editor from the official website first. If you are satisfied with the HDR editor, you can purchase the program with US$65.00.

Dynamic Photo HDR

6. Online HDR Software – Photo HDR Editor Online Free

Fotor offers a free online HDR software with world leading alignment technology, ghost reduction and local/global tone mapping technology to help you easily produce spectacular images at the fastest speeds available today. You can give your photos HDR effects and more professional touch-ups with Fotor’s said world leading online HDR effect.

Fotor’s online HDR software will help you bring out the true colors and details of your photography. There are only 4 simple steps from uploading two or three photos, adjusting HDR effects with different styles, modifying intensity and other editing settings and saving your photo after choosing the format and quality of your image. There is also a pro version of Fotor’s HDR photo editor, which has more exclusive content and advanced features without ads.

Open Online HDR Software

7. LunaPic – Free Online Photo HDR Editor

LunaPic is not only the free online photo HDR editor, but also a free online photo editor with lots of photo effects like sketch, paint, etc. LunaPic is also a free image, art & animated GIF creator for Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other website. With useful editing tools and lots of effects and filters, LunaPic would be a great free online photo editor with cool effects.

The steps of using LunaPic would be easy. Just upload your photo for HDR or open the URL of you image and the LunaPic’s HDR Lighting filter will adjust your image with HDR effect automatically. If you do not like this effect, you can choose to undo this HDR effect. Of course, you can do other editing with the editing tools on the left sidebar. After editing, just save the one you feel satisfied.

Lunapic HDR Photo Editor

8. Pho.to – Free Online Photo HDR Editor

Pho.to is just like LunaPic, which is not only offering HDR effect online free, but also is a great online collection of awesome photo frames, beautiful photo effects, trendy Instagram-like filters and realistic photo montages. With its HDR effect, you can imitate high dynamic range imaging in seconds.

Pho.to’s HDR filter will correct the lighting with the post-processing filter, aiming at imitating HDR effect online. You can easily upload a photo from your computer, by URL or from Facebook and Pho.to will automatically apply HDR effect to your photo. You can directly save and share this HDR image or add some frames, stickers, etc. to adjust your HDR image. Since it is free, the processed HDR photograph will have the watermark on the right upper corner of your photo.

Pho.to HDR Photo Editor

9. HDR Max – Photo HDR Editor APK for Android

HDR Max provides you with all the photo editing tools and unique filtering technology to enable you to add an HDR effect to any photo without the hassle of multiple exposures.

This photo HDR editor for Android is a full-featured photo editor with an integrated set of flexible tools. All effects have convenient and accurate real-time previews. You can always zoom closer and use split view to see the difference to the original.


10. Snapseed – Photo HDR Editor APP for iOS

Snapseed is a photo-editing application produced by Nik Software. It can let you edit pictures using swiping gestures to select different effects and enhancements. Besides, you can also opt for an “automatic” adjustment of color and contrast and create and save filter combinations by using the default filters and editing features.

Snapseed strikes a good balance between amateur and professional photo editing. Everything in Snapseed is logically laid out and easy to use to make it one of the best photo editing apps for mobile.


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