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Best 15 HDR Photographers Worth Watching in the World

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HDR photograph should be easy to do, but difficult to manager. When you need to check the best HDR images, you can learn more from the top 15 best HDR photographers. The HDR photographers’ blogs should be a great help to find how the professional HDR photographers handle the HDR in miracle. Just learn more details from the following article.

Top 15 HDR Photographers You Can’s Miss

1. HDR Photographer: Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke HDR Photography

Tim Clarke HDR is a professional HDR photographer blog provides different HDR photography: HDR Landscape photos, HDR Vehicle photos, HDR Macro & Close photos and Miscellaneous HDR photos. The HDR photographer is intelligent in using HDR. If you are impressed by the masterpiece of the HDR photographer, you can also order one of them for decoration.

2. HDR Photographer: Rob Hanson

Rob Hanson HDR Photography

Rob Hanson Photography should be a great HDR photographer blog. When you enter the HDR photographer website, every HDR photo should be a masterpiece. Especially the photos for animals are taken by the outdoors HDR photographer, where every detail is vivid present in good detail. Except for the HDR photos for animals, you can also find the HDR Landscapes and HDR Vehicle photos.

3. HDR Photographer: Alan Fullmer

Alan Fullmer HDR Photography

Alan Fullmer is rather a fairyland then HDR photographer’s blog. The HDR photographer provides breath-taking HDR landscapes, HDR cityscapes, HDR Hawaii, LDS temples and artistic HDR photographs. Alan Fuller is not experienced as the other HDR photographers, but his talent towards the HDR effects is already top-notch.

4. HDR Photographer: Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson HDR Photography

4colourprogress is not only provides the great HDR photographs of Chris Robinson, but also HDR tutorials. What is more, the image license of the HDR photographer’s blog is under creative commons, you can even use the HDR picture according to the requirements. Just find the great photos from the young HDR photographer.

5. HDR Photographer: Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky HDR Photography

Just travel around the world and meet people in Ken Kaminesky. The HDR photographer’s blog is only about travel and people. Among the top HDR photographers, Ken Kaminesky is the only professional HDR portrait photographer. The HDR photographs are extremely clear and much as a surreal HDR looking.

6. HDR Photographer: Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller HDR Photography

Kevin Miller’s HDR photographer blog is mainly about landscape photographs, Chicago photographs and Washington D.C photographs. You can find some black and white photo among the brilliant color HDR photographs, which make the whole blog perfect. You can also purchase some HDR images from the HDR photographer.

7. HDR Photographer: Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash HDR Photography

If you are new to HDR photograph, Matiash should be the best HDR photographer blog for you. In Brian Matisah’s blog there is lots of useful information together with the HDR photograph. Useful tips about how to use the camera and together with photo show from the HDR photographer should really be a great help.

8. HDR Photographer: Frank Grace

Frank Grace HDR Photography

When you enter the HDR photographer’s blog of Frank Grace, you can find hundreds of HDR photographs with different themes, both in stunning color and Black-and-White. The HDR photographer provides the best dynamic photo HDR, especially for the mural and colorful glass of the church, which make everything vivid as real.

9. HDR Phtographer: Elia Locardi

Elia Locardi HDR Photography

Both Elia Locardi and Naomi Locardi are the site founders the HDR photographer blog site of blamethemonkey.com. The year in review of the HDR photographer takes you around the world with the gorgeous landscape photography and post processing. And there are some special HDR photos with different themes are so charming in using HDR effect that you can never forget.

10. HDR Photographer: Michael Lewis Glover

Michael Lewis Glover HDR Photography

The fine photography of michaellewisglover collects the best HDR photographs of the HDR landscape photographer. When you use HDR camera as 5D Mark II of Canon, it should be the best example of HDR photos. The HDR photographer’s work has been published in several venues including books, magazines, covers, calendars and other occasions.

11. HDR Photographer: Giloramo

Giloramo HDR Photography

Giloramo is also a famous landscape and HDR photographers living in France. His portfolio of HDR photos will tempt you to spend more time on his site. His gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, architecture, docks and much more will be an inspiration for anyone as his photos are filled with beautiful color and intricate detail. He will keep the HDR process an effect that enhances rather than distracts from incredible landscapes he captures. He has captured most incredible locations in France and Italy and processed them with HDR techniques since 2009.

12. HDR Photographer: Chuck Robinson

Chuck Robinson HDR Photography

Chuck Robinson’s site is a beautiful examples for black and white photos, HDR photos and photographs of amazing locations including New York, Charleston, Cape May, etc. His interest varies. However, his most desires are his love of landscapes and nature photography. With the use of his camera and some software, he is able to create his own visual art.

13. HDR Photographer: Albert Knutsson

Albert Knutsson HDR Photography

Albert Knutsson is an amateur photographer from Sweden. He has an eye for capturing beautiful subjects and will use unusual composition of HDR, unique angles and other photography techniques to make amazing photography. He is definitely worth watching for his beautiful collection of photography.

14. HDR Photographer: John E Adams

John E Adams HDR Photography

John E Adams is passionate to become a photographer since he was 13 years old. Much of his collection will show his photography experience on boats, bikes and cars. He is also invited by V-Twin and EasyRiders magazines to be their featured motorcyclist artist in 2009.

The photographers set the best example for stylized HDR work and are worth studying.

15. HDR Photographer: Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff HDR Photography

Trey Ratcliff’s blog started as soon as he got a digital DSLR. He started sharing one photo everyday, stories and free tutorials in his blog to help everyone enjoy the strange world of HDR Photography discovered by him. As the site became very popular, Trey started getting into social media, so you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Twitter.

Best HDR Community Sites

Along with those HDR photographers, you can also find some HDR communities to discuss more about HDR. Flickr HDR Pool is probably the most well known HDR community. You can find lots of impressive HDR images from different photographer.

If you have a HDR photographer friend with HDR Spotting, you can also ask your friend to the website as a member. And from the HDR community, you can find some top level HDR photography.

Extreme HDR Photo

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Besides, WidsMob HDR can support both JPEG and RAW formats taken by most types of DSLR cameras or smartphones. It can edit HDR photography and save files to JPEG, PNG and TIFF files in high quality without extra changes. If you want to make professional HDR photography, you can try this software and recommend it to your friends.

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