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If you had took photos with professional digital cameras before, you will know that the use of lenses, films and other camera settings are difficult to balance. Nonetheless, your photography may not be perfect enough, though you use expensive digital camera equipment. Now problems can be solved with the help of Hipstamatic app. After shooting and customizing, you can also share film analog images with other photographers by Hipstamatic support.

Author: Hipstamatic, LLC

Latest Version: 332

Update Date: February 08, 2017


Key Features of Hipstamatic

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You are able to use favorite World-class presets, native workflow, real physical prints and amazing filters on Hipstamatic. To get more useful tools, you need to purchase &2.99. To be honest, it is really a great deal to use gorgeous presets and edit tools at such a low price. And if you buy Hipstamatic app during festivals, it will be cheaper.

1. There are ClassicMode and ProMode for you to analog film effects. You can use classic camera with multiple exposure to shoot multiple images in one shot. Pro Camera enables people to manual control image settings.

2. The Darkroom editing suite contains over 20 professional adjustment tools and 12 signature presets.

3. You can share images to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and other social platform with texts. Or you can also send by email on Hipstamatic photos.

4. Hipstamatic offers unique photography styles, you can save new film presets or to edit and customize.

5. You can edit directly without importing, and your original photos will still remain.

6. Hipstamatic enables users to save files as separate or non-destructive version. It is available to view folders in the Photos app.

7. You can get real Hipstamatic prints in four styles, which are Print Prints, 30” Gallery Prints, Aluminum Prints and Birch Wood Prints.

Though Hipstamatic app provides so many filters and film analog presets, it is not difficult to operate. With one click apply and sliders in Hipstamatic camera, Hipstamatic app is the editor and photo taker, which can bring back gorgeous image quality.

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How to Capture and Optimize Photography

To run Hipstamatic camera app correctly, you need to upgrade iOS 8.0 or later among iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in Apple Store. Once you have installed Hipstamatic app on your iOS device, you can see the viewfinder to pretend to take photos just like real digital camera.

1. Change Hipstamatic lens by swiping left or right. You can click the return icon to go back the front of camera.

2. Click the second icon to change flash. To browse Hipstamatic flash, you can swipe left or right as well.

3. Tap the first film icon to change film presets. And you can choose camera case by the third option below. The fourth is Hipstamart, where you can buy certain Hipstamatic filter or presets.

4. Edit Hipstamatic photos with exposure, clarity, highlights, fade, tint, grain, vignette and so on.

5. Share or save Hipstamatic images by click the square icon in the left corner. Tap the photo to decide to save or share to Camera Roll or social platform.

You can edit and capture Hipstamatic photos in RAW format. If you are not clear about the certain EXIF of one photo, Hipstamart can also achieve.

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Hipstamart Test & Review

The Hipstamart review from most usesrs is that Hipstamart app is fun to use. With so many images editing Hipstamart filters, people can customize photos in more detail aspects. Users can view Hipstamart photos before and after directly to compare image effects.


1. Comprehensive photo presets and filters for users to analog and modify directly on Hipstamart app.

2. Detail Hipstamart guide for people to follow.

3. Get new Hipstamart films and lenses every month.

4. Rediscover the fun to take photos just like digital cameras.


1. Some bugs about shooting still exist on Hipstamart app.