Horn Photo Review and Similar Websites Like Horn Photo in 2024

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The all-in-one photography services, such as Horn Photo, have become increasingly popular among photographers and ordinary customers. If you search for photography services in Google, you will get a long list contains hundreds of online and offline photography retailers. It is hard to find whether a photography retailer, such as Horn Photo, is worth trusting. Therefore, we will share the review about Horn Photo and recommend some websites that offer similar services in this post.

Horn Photo Review and Alternatives

Part 1. Horn Photo Introduction and review

Horn Photo combines online retail and offline stores. The brick-and-mortar store locates in central California. And customers also could order photography products on the Horn Photo website. This photography retailer focuses on two parts, photo print, and equipment rental.

The print service covers photo books, custom calendars, various cards, photo gifts, home decorations, and standard photo print. Horn Photo can print photos on any medium and create a personalized T-shirt, pillowcase, bag, flag, iPhone case, mouse pad, accessories, mug, and more.

Horn Photo also sells the latest cameras, lenses, tripods, and other accessories. For the people who have a limited budget, it offers an equipment rental service too.

When it comes to Horn Photo review, we have collected both online and offline shopping experiences.


1. Horn Photo website loads fast and experiences smoothly.

2. Its print service is good and covers a wide range of print products.

3. The photo print quality is as good as other professional print services.

4. The in-store customer service representatives are professional.


1. The online shopping experience does not align with the offline store. While the customer service in its brick-and-mortar store is good, the online customer service is not good.

2. The shipping speed is slow.

Horn Photo

Part 2. Browse and Select Photos to Print on Windows and Mac with Best Photo Viewer

Before you are using Horn Photo online photo printing services, you’d better browse the photos on your computer before printing. And WidsMob Viewer Pro is a great choice to browse photos for printing on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS.

Win Download Mac Download

How to view and choose photos to print online with Horn Photo

Step 1. Open Photo Viewer and drag and drop the photos to print into the program or load a whole folder in batch by clicking on Add button. WidsMob Viewer Pro enables you to manage the folders within the media library, including transfer the photos between different folders.

Open Photos in Thumbnail mode of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 2. After the pictures are loaded, you can preview the photos in different modes, such as Viewing Mode, Thumbnail Mode, Slideshow Mode, and EXIF Mode.

View Image files in Full Screen of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 3. After selecting the photos, you can go to the the File menu and select the Save option to save the photos for printing online. If you have a home printer, you can click the Print option to print the photos directly.

Print Photo Viewer Win Download Mac Download

Part 3. 5 Similar websites Like Horn Photo

1. Horn Photo Alternative - Unique Photo

Similar to Horn Photo, Unique Photo is also a brick-and-mortar store that has embraced online shopping services. Unique Photo started in Brooklyn half a century ago. The Unique Photo services include:

1. Sell cameras from major brands.

2. Offers photography accessories, including the latest drones.

3. Allow customers to sell the used cameras and accessories online.

4. Photo Lab provides professional photo print service.

5. Rent a variety of cameras and lenses.


1. Unique Photos covers a wide range of photography products and services.

2. The photo print quality is good.

3. Sales staff in-store is knowledgeable.


1. Online inventory update is slow.

2. Several customers complained that their online orders are canceled without notification.

Unique Photo

2. Horn Photo Alternative - Perfect Image

Perfect Image set up in Lancaster County, 1978. Now, it has become a popular photography retailer and an all-in-one photography solution. Similar to Horn Photo, you can go to the store or make an order on its website. The products and services that Perfect Image provides include:

1. Print personal photos on various mediums, such as canvas and standard photography paper.

2. Transfer videos and photos from the film to digital devices.

3. Sell used cameras and equipment.

4. Repair cameras or clean lenses and senses.

5. Rent a variety of cameras and accessories.


1. The store associates are knowledgeable.

2. The used products are in good condition.

3. Its cleaning and repair service is professional.


1. Photo prints quality is not as good as other professional print services.

Perfect Image

3. Horn Photo Alternative - Biggs Camera

Unlike Horn Photo, Biggs Camera described itself as a digital photography retailer, although it has a brick-and-mortar store in Charlotte. Its products and services include:

1. Purchase cameras and other gear.

2. Rent cameras and lenses.

3. Print photos online.

4. Sell used photography products.


1. The website loads faster than other photography retailers.

2. It has a wide range of photography products.

3. The instant rebate feature could provide better prices.


1. Print quality is poor.

Biggs Camera

4. Horn Photo Alternative - Professional Photo Resources

Professional Photo Resources is another photography retailer that offers similar products and services as Horn Photo. This online photography retailer is in the store in Atlanta.

1. This retailer sells new and used cameras and gears.

2. It also provides camera rental services.

3. Customers could print photos online or in-store.

4. As its name said, Professional Photo Resources has a professional studio. And customers could borrow the studio to capture product photos.


1. The camera rental service is popular and rental prices are competitive.

2. Sale staffs are knowledgeable and professional.


1. The data security is not as good as the retailer described.

Professional Photo Resources

5. Horn Photo Alternative - Pro Photo Connection

Pro Photo Connection is a popular photography retailer in Irvine. You can order online on websites like Horn Photo. Pro Photo Connection’s website does not finish.

1. PPC sells cameras and accessories.

2. It also provides cameras and gear rental services.

3. Customers could make orders online to print their photos.

4. PPC also has a photo editing service.


1. The print service is professional.

2. It offers a special discount to students.


1. The website is uncompleted. And some features are unavailable.

Pro Photo Connection


We have shared the introduction and review about Horn Photo based on millions of customer reports and our testing. Although Horn Photo has some shortcomings, it is still a popular photography retailer both online and offline. If you want to learn more about photography retailers similar to Horn Photo, you can browse the best similar websites list. These photography retailers are all based on brick-and-mortar stores. But you can get more products and services on their websites, including the latest cameras and accessories, equipment rental, photo print, and more.

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