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Top 5 HP Photo Creations Alternatives

HP Photo Creations is popular photo design and print software. With this utility, you can create photo books, calendars, and collages and print them at home or online. The biggest benefit of HP Photo Creations is plentiful templates and frames. Plus, it is free of charge and compatible with both Windows and Mac. So, HP Photo Creations attracts many users. But, it is still not a perfect program and has some shortcomings. The print option and home delivery by HP, for example is not available for all projects. Moreover, many customers reported that this utility might crash during editing a project. Therefore, we are going to identify and share top 5 HP Photo Creations alternatives in this post.

HP Photo Creations

WidsMob Viewer

For most ordinary people, the best software is the easiest one. WidsMob Viewer not only is able to simplify the process of photo decoration and print, but also could keep the original image quality for print.

Download for Mac Version

1. Photo Viewer could import hundreds of high-resolution photos in a few seconds.

2. It has the capacity to rotate and flip the photos automatically based on EXIF information.

3. You can import any image format within this HP Photo Creations alternative for print, including RAW files and other commonly used image formats.

4. It offers multiple photo viewing modes for different requirements, such as thumbnail mode to quick view all photos.

5. Photo Viewer provides plentiful filters and effects to personalize your photos and allows you to edit photos with text, watermark and other editing tools.

6. After editing, you can print the photos by one-click or hot keys easily. It is compatible with most home printers.

Library Mode Viewer


HP Photo Creations only supports Windows 7 to 10, while IrfanView is an alternative for Windows 2000 to Windows 10. So, if you have a Windows XP computer, IrfanView seems to be a good choice for photo edit and print. Plus, this utility is free of charge. That is another reason that it appears on the top list. Other basic features of IrfanView include:

1. IrfanView is a versatile photo print utility that allows you to preview your photos before printing.

2. You can decorate your photos with watermark, text, filters and effects for photo print.

3. It allows you to create slideshow with personal photos and burn to discs.

4. You can extend IrfanView with plentiful plugins, including Adobe Photoshop Filters and more.

5. Compared to HP Photo Creations, IrfanView is compatible with wider range of Windows operating systems.

6. You can print at home or upload photos to online print services within this program directly.



DigiKam is an all-in-one solution of picture edit and print. This HP Photo Creations alternative is an open source project, so you can extend it with plentiful extent as you wish. Its core features include:

1. DigiKam is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

2. This utility supports a wider range of photo formats, such as RAW files, JPEG, GIF, PNG and more.

3. You can browse the photos before printing at home or online.

4. The built-in photo editor integrates extensive filters and supports 16 bit color depth pictures.

5. The ICC profiles tool is able to perform advanced color corrections for photo prints.

6. DigiKam allows you to print the images with home printers or share to online print services.


5DFly Photo Design

Similar to HP Photo Creations, 5DFly Photo Design allows you to create photo book, collage, calendar, cards with personal photos. Unfortunately, this utility is only available on Window 2000 to Windows 8. But you can get many useful features within this program.

1. This photo program offers several templates and frames. And it can render you photos to the templates automatically.

2. You can edit your photos and customize the templates before printing.

3. The developers update templates consistently. And you can download and install the latest photo templates for free.

4. After editing, 5DFly Photo Design could help you print the outputs in high resolution up to 1998 x 1332 pixels.

5. Unlike HP Photo Creations, this photo utility is easier to use and provides more auto features.

5DFly Photo Design


PiZap is the only online photo editor on the list of top HP Photo Creations alternatives. It is amazing to achieve all features related to photo collage, photo editing and photo print without installing anything on PCs. This online photo editor has two versions, free version and paid pro version. Its overall features include:

1. The photo editor allows you to enhance and edit you photos with various tools, such as filters and effects, crop, text and more.

2. You can create photo collages with the built-in templates or design a personal photo collage within this PiZap.

3. After registry an account, you can save the outputs in the cloud storage provides by PiZap.

4. This online photo editor also offers photo design tools to make posters or cards with your photos.

PiZap Photo Editor


HP Photo Creations is still a good photo editing and printing program on market, although it has some disadvantages. We have identified and shared top 5 HP Photo Creations alternatives targeting its shortcomings. IrfanView has the features similar to HP Photo Creations, while the former is available to more Windows computers. DigiKam is an open source project, so you can extend this utility with plugins based on your requirements. 5DFly Photo Design is an easy-to-use photo designer. And PiZap is online version of HP Photo Creations. If you care about the photo print quality, you should try WidsMob Viewer. It could help you print as highest quality photos as possible.

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