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JCPenney Photo Review and Best 5 Alternatives to JCPenney Portrait Studio in 2020

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Many people prefer to take photos by themselves. That could save a lot of time and money. But DIY is not always feasible. Sometimes, you may need a professional photographer or a photography studio to help you. Wedding, for example, is the most important moment in our life. And people are more likely to hire a professional photographer to capture wedding photos and print hem in studio.

JCPenney Photo is such a solution that offers professional photographers and high quality photo products. Is JCPenney Photo worth to trust? We will share the review of this professional portrait studio, including online and offline experiences, based on millions of customer reports and testing. To help you record memories, we will introduce more services similar to JCPenney Photo in this post.

JCPenney Portrait Banner

Part 1. JCPenney Photo Introduction and review

JCPenney Photo, also called JCPenney Portraits Studio, is a dedicated photography solution. The services provided by JCPenney Portraits Studio include:

1. Customer could search the nearest JCPenney store by zip code on its website. The setting fee is $9.99.

2. Besides taking photo in store, JCPenney Photo also offers outdoor photography service by ordering online.

3. After shooting, customer could choose their favorite photos and print them in any size.

4. JCPenney provides various photography products, such as collages, greeting cards and more.


1. All photographers in JCPenney are professionals.

2. JCPenney Photo always offers coupon online.

3. The photo print quality is great.

4. The online and offline experiences are seamless.


1. The prices are higher than other portrait studios.

JCPenney Portrait

Part 2. Best 5 JCPenney photo Alternatives

If you want to get more options, you can browse the best alternative list below.

1. Portrait Innovations

Similar to JCPenney photo, Portrait Innovations is a professional photography studio combines online and offline services.

1. Customers could make an order online for their birthday party, wedding, graduation and other moments.

2. This studio is good at taking baby photos and child photos. And it offers special discount for child photos.

3. Customer could find out the nearest store by entering zip code on the website.

4. Portrait Innovations provides the portrait printing taken in store within the same day.


1. The photographers are great.

2. It provides a wider range of photography products, such as mug, photo book, and so on.

3. There are many coupons and special discount online.


1. The print quality is not as good as the studio described.

Portrait Innovations

2. Picture People

As its name said, Picture People is a dedicated photography solution of taking pictures about people. Compared to JCPenney photo, this photography brand more focuses on taking photos in studio.

1. Customers could find its location by zip code on its website.

2. It has many trained photographers to take photos for children and infants.

3. Picture People offers on-site retouching tools for enhancing photos.

4. Customers are able to make an order and enjoy plentiful coupons online.


1. Picture People has deployed patented lighting system and equipment simulate sunlight in their studio.

2. It does not have sitting fees.

3. The prints quality is in professional level.


1. The online and offline experiences are different. Several customers reported online orders missing.

Picture People

3. Walmart Portrait Studio

Walmart Portrait Studio is another photography studio provides similar services to JCPenney photo. The biggest advantage of Walmart Portrait Studio is convenient, because it located in Walmart supercenters.

1. Customers could use zip code to find a studio location online.

2. Making an appointment online could save a lot of time for customers.

3. The studio offers plentiful backgrounds for different requirements.

4. Customers could enjoy the professional photography experiences, including hardware and software.


1. Walmart Portrait Studio does not have sitting fees.

2. There are plentiful photography products to choose.

3. The output quality is good.


1. It does not provide outdoor photography services.

Walmart Portrait Studio

4. Keepsake Portrait Studio

Unlike JCPenney photo, Keepsake Portrait Studio is managed by a couple. And compared to professional photography studios, this photography service is more personalized.

1. Customers could make an order online and decide a location to take pictures.

2. The photographers are able to shoot photos for children, seniors, families, party or wedding.

3. After shooting, customers could look at their photos online and decide to print their favorite ones.


1. The price is ok for most customers.

2. The photographers are professional and patient.


1. They do not have a professional studio.

Keepsake Portrait Studio

5. Portraits To The People

Portraits To The People is a special photography studio in the Bay Area. Unlike big portrait studios, such as JCPenney photo, Portraits To The People provides more customized services.

1. Customers could browse the creative portrait session and book session.

2. The photographers are able to do corporate headshots indoors or outdoors.

3. Customers could contact with the photographer person to person.

4. The photographers could go to customers’ home and shoot newborn or maternity sessions.


1. The photographers are professional.

2. It provides special discounts, such as offering a special for LGBTQ in June.

3. The output quality is great.


1. The prices are higher than other studios.

Portraits To The People

Part 3. Best JCPenney photo Alternatives at Home

If you just want to perfect your portrait photos by yourself without going to the JCPenny Portrait Studio, you can try WidsMob Portrait Pro which is a professional portrait retouching and makeup program for computer. Moreover, you can also manage the skin, enhance the portrait, or even makeup portrait with ease.

1. Detect your portrait in the photos automatically using the AI technology.

2. Resize and enhance your eyes, nose, lip or other elements with ease.

3. Provide the enlarge eyes, brighten eyes, optimize eyelashes and more.

4. Create and modify presets for applying to multiple photos at one time.

WidsMob Portrait Pro

Download for Mac Version


In this article, we have introduced the most popular photography studio, JCPenney photo. Although it has some disadvantages, JCPenney photo is still a great service to take portrait photos. And it is convenient to book session online. But if you want to learn more options, we also identified top 5 photography studios offer the similar services. Sometimes, a professional photographer and studio are necessary. Family photo, for instance, is difficult to shoot for ordinary people, especially a big family. These photography studios could provide professional services and record wonderful moments easily.

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