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Neat Image - Review and Top 5 Noise Reduction Software Introduction

Neat Image has excellent noise reducing and sharpening capabilities and functionalities. But Neat Image also de-satirizes the original images even if you tried out all the settings. What should be the best alternatives for Neat Image without washing out the input image? The article explains the best programs to remove image noise and turn out neat pictures with advanced noise reduction algorithms.

Neat Image Review and Introduction

Neat Image can help you remove digital noise from photographic images and perform other image quality improvements. It is available as a standalone application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and also as a plugin for Photoshop (Windows and Mac). You can easily download Neat Image from its official website.

Neat Image

Neat Image Main Features

  • Reduce noise in your photo and minimize film grain, JPEG compression artifacts and other imperfections.
  • You can get clear, bright photos in any shooting conditions including indoors, no-flash, night, astro, telefocus, sport, action, etc.
  • Reduces image noise so that shots taken at faster shutter speeds and higher ISO become more usable with Neat Image post-processing.
  • Superior noise reduction combined with blazing speed makes Neat Image the most efficient noise reduction solution available.

How to Use Neat Image in Photoshop

You can check the follow video tutorial to learn how to use Neat Image plugin in Photoshop to help you reduce noise from photos.

Top 5 Neat Image Alternatives to Reduce Noise from Photos

1. WidsMob Retoucher

Support Operation System: Mac, Windows (Arrived soon)

Price: US$19.99

Manufacturer: WidsMob

As the Neat Image alternative, WidsMob Retoucher is able to reduce the noise of landscapes as well as retouch blemish portraits. The batch function is able to eliminate noise and remain the detail of the pictures for a large amount of digital photos at the same time. Multiple adjustments to detect different noise types and turn out a gorgeous neat picture.

Compared to Neat Image, WidsMob Retoucher is able to detect the portraits within the photos. And then you can load all the photos, whether landscapes or portraits, you can reduce noise for all of them without any extra action.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Color Adjustment Retoucher

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

2. Topaz Denoise

Support Operation System: Windows & Mac

Price: US$ 79.99

Manufacturer: Topaz Labs

Topaz Denoise is one of the most popular Neat Image alternatives. The program is able to remove noise for all kinds of occasions, such as indoor, low light, high ISO and no-flash environment. Both the standalone version and Plugin version work excellently in removing difficult High ISO noise. You can also feel confidence to shoot everything while preserving the detail of the images.

When you compare Neat Image with Topaz Denoise, Topaz Denoise is able to recover detail with extreme cases. Denoise use custom information from each image to remove noise and remain the best quality of the original image.


3. Noise Ninja

Support Operation System: Windows & Mac

Price: US$ 129.00 for Photo Ninja

Manufacturer: PictureCode LLC

If you used the Neat Image Plugin version previously, Noise Ninja should be a good replacement for reducing image noise. As an effective Photoshop Plugin enables you to remove noise and distortions from digital photographs and scanned film images. As the alternative for Neat Image, it should be a great help in reducing noise.

Noise Ninja is just a Plug-in for Photoshop. If you need to use the standalone version, you can use Photo Ninja instead. Both Neat Image and Noise Ninja are excellent in noise reducing, but Noise Ninja has no update for a long period of time.

Noise Ninja

4. Super Denoising

Support Operation System: Mac

Price: US$ 14.99

Manufacturer: Effectmatrix

The noise reduction software uses the State-of-art denoising technology in photography industry. Just as Neat Image, Super Denoising professionally reduces low light and high ISO noise in digital camera shot, tablets and smartphone. The batch function of Super Denoising is able to handle a large amount of photos in few seconds.

Compared to Neat Image, Super Denoising is able to detect all kinds of noise from landscapes, retouch skin, smooth face and remove JPEG artifacts are also not a problem. It is another super denoising program to replace Neat images.

Super Denoising

5. Noiseless

Support Operation System: Mac

Price: US$ 79.99

Manufacturer: Macphun

Noiseless of Macphun wins some editorial review for Apple Store. It should be another choice as Neat Image alternative. The program has smart algorithm that identifies noise, and automatically remove it. It has the proprietary noise reduction tech for RAW files. When you need to reduce noise for the RAW files, Noiseless is a good replacement for Neat Image.

What should be the most significant difference between Neat Image and Noiseless? It should be the adjustments provided by Noiseless, which enable you to adjust every parameter to get a satisfied result with ease.


In this article, we mainly introduce Neat Image and how to use it as plugin in Photoshop. We also introduce 5 best Neat Image alternatives to help you reduce photo noise easily. You can choose one of them to do noise reduction and share this article with your friends.

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