Nikon Panorama Maker Introduction and Its Best Alternatives to Create Panoramas

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Peter Wood

When you take some photos with Nikon Camera, you have to find Nikon Panorama Maker to stitch photos to the panorama. The article shows the bundled Nikon Panorama Makers and the best alternative programs that support Nikon RAW files. Read the article to choose the best alternative for Nikon Panorama Maker.

Nikon Panorama Maker

Part 1. ArcSoft Panorama Maker Pro

The initial choice should be the bundled Nikon Panorama Maker. Usually, you can find the bundled Nikon Panorama Maker using ArcSoft Panorama Maker Pro is the default program.

The Nikon bundled Panorama Maker can turn the series of overlapping photos and RAW files into gorgeous panoramic photography. The program supports the extensive RAW files of the Nikon camera and empowers you to adjust the effects to the optimal result. The easy-to-use and intuitive user interface help you to make panoramas without any technical skill.

But you might find the program is no longer maintained or supported now. If the original serial code of Nikon Panorama Maker is no longer valid, you have to find the alternatives for ArcSoft Panorama Maker instead.

Panorama Maker 6

Part 2. Canon Utilities PhotoStitch

Any other bundled Photo stitcher programs to replace the Nikon Panorama Maker as for the case? You can try the Canon Utilities PhotoStitch bundled in the Canon EOS Digital Camera.

It cannot compare with Nikon Panorama Maker. But you can still find the friendly user interface, support multiple languages, horizontal and vertical stitch modes for up to 26 photos. It can use for the basic requirements for photo stitching for beginners only.

Even you take the images with a Canon EOS camera, you might find the merge utilities do not work or display the files correctly. And the output file might not be the one you desired.

Cannon Utilities PhotoStitch

Part 3. WidsMob Panorama

If you are looking for the perfect replacement for Nikon Panorama Maker, you should try WidsMob Panorama. You can consider it for the following reasons.

1. Support the RAW formats of Nikon cameras. You can import photo formats and RAW files to stitch for a stunning panorama. It should be the initial requirement for the Nikon Panorama Maker alternative.

2. Multiple photo stitching modes, whether you need to create panoramas for landscape horizontally, night stars vertically, artwork in tile, or even 360 panorama, you need to use the photos of Nikon to achieve the goal.

3. The various editing features and the different sharing ways should be another plus to replace Nikon Panorama Maker. You can adjust the brightness, hue, saturation, and other effects of the panorama files to get a great panorama photo with it.

4. The last reason, you only have to use less than US$20.00 to get the photo stitcher with all the above features. And you can also enjoy the free update or upgrade in the future.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. After downloading Panorama Creator software, you can install it on your Windows or Mac computer. When you launch its main interface, you need to upload your photos first.

Panorama Interface

Step 2. Select images for the same panorama. Choose one panorama-stitching mode below and click the Next button to auto stitch photos into a Panorama.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

Step 3. You can see that Panorama Creator has stitched images into a panorama smartly. Panorama Creator can align images, adjust exposure levels, and correct lens shadows automatically. Choose Apply/ Done and then click Next to save all changes.

Adjust Effect Panorama

It is a professional Photo Stitcher program with a friendly user interface. The advanced automatic algorithm can help you make panoramas with ease. You should never miss the Nikon Photo Stitcher alternative.

Part 4. Easypano Panoweaver 9

Panoweaver 9 is a professional alternative for Nikon Panorama Maker and supports the different RAW files of Nikon cameras and HDR images. You can create a cylindrical panorama, spherical panorama, and cubics. You can also save and print your favorite panoramic images. Or you can publish them into HTML 5 VR for viewing on your iPhone/iPad, Full-screen Html based Flash VR, Standalone SWF, QTVRand Java-based VR after you've integrated hotspots, Google map, etc. When you upgrade to the Pro version, you can also use the batch stitch and other features.

It should be an option to Panoweaver as the Nikon Panorama Maker alternative. But the Standard Edition costs US$99.95. And the Pro Edition costs US$299.95, which might be half the price of your Nikon Camera.


If you save the series of photos to photo formats instead of RAW files, you can also have options like the Nikon Panorama Maker alternatives, even the free panorama makers. Learn more about the top free panorama maker from the link.

You can select some Nikon Panorama Maker alternatives and then download the trial version to find the best one according to your requirement. After that, you can choose the desired program now.

Small Tips: Using Easy Panorama Mode in Nikon

Pano Mode Camera Movement

Nikon Easy Panorama mode combines multiple shots into a seamless 180 or 360-degree panoramic picture. To create a panoramic image with Easy Panorama mode, you choose Normal (180º) or Wide (360º) to begin. Then use the framing guide displayed on the monitor to frame the first portion of the panorama scene. When you set the focus, move the camera straight and slowly in one of the four directions to start shooting when the camera detects the panorama direction. When the guide reaches the end, the shooting ends. It gives you 15 seconds of the camera moving time to shoot a Normal panorama and about 30 seconds for a Wide panorama photo. With the Easy Panorama mode, you can get your panorama photo without further editing with software. You can try if you have the Nikon camera.

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