Things You Should Know about Panorama and Ways to Download Free Panorama Photos

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The glorious panoramic photography should be impressive for landscapes and historical events. If you are interested in Panorama, the article will explain the panorama definition, history, technical, software, and top websites you can free panoramic stock photos.


Part 1. What is Panorama

A panorama is an unbroken view of an entire surrounding area. Panorama is formed with pan all and Greek horama sight, literally a complete view. Panorama can date back to the 18th century by the English Painter Robert Barker. You can view a Panorama on high ground as a large extended picture or series of scene pictures similar to a Cyclorama.

Panorama Definition

Panorama Formats

The panoramic view is not only related to panorama photos. It is for multi-media, cross-scale application to outline overview across repositories. You can use them for painting, photos, videos, and motion pictures. Panorama is for the camera and Automobile industry.

History of Panorama

The artist Robert Barker first patented panorama with some famous panoramic paintings, such as the View of Edinburgh and the The panorama of the 18th Century. But the panoramic paintings can trace back to the 12th century or earlier. The panoramic painting is an important subset of a hand-scroll painting of China.

And panoramic photography became very popular in the late 19th Century. The panoramic cameras can help people to take panoramas. And we can still find lots of the cameras or phones use panorama mode to stitch a series of photos as a panoramic image.

The panorama is for Cinerama or your car, which is an improvement. When you enjoy the curved screen and IMAX Dome or park the car with the panorama view, you should know how panorama applies in our daily life.

Panorama History

What is Panorama technical?

To create a panorama image, you should merge the photos seamlessly by overlapping slides placed in slide mount with soft-edge density masks. After cutting and dissolving the sequential images, you can generate panorama photos.

The simplified panorama technical is also known as photo stitching. The panoramas are in virtual reality movies or even Disney theatres. In 1955, Disney created 360 theatres for its parks and the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.

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Part 2. How to Create Panorama Photos

If you want to stitch panorama for the taken photographs, you should consider the panorama software. According to different requirements, you should choose the right Panorama program accordingly.

1. Spherical Panorama, stereographic panorama mode or known as 360 panoramas. It is the view to put a new perspective on the panorama.

Spherical Panorama

2. 3D Panoramas, to make the panoramic photograph more impressive, you might use 3D effects to the panorama image.

3. Flat Panorama is a panoramic file with photo stitching. It is the most widely used panorama method.

Once you decide on the panorama modes, you can choose the best panorama software to achieve your requirement accordingly.

Recommendation – WidsMob Panorama

WidsMob Panorama is one of the most powerful photo stitching software to composite photos to panoramas vertically, horizontally, 360 degrees, and in tile. It offers you many customized features to help you create your panorama photography with align points adjustment, manual parts blending and panorama effects adjustment, etc. Moreover, you can also cut out the desired part, apply multiple filters, and more.

1. Create panoramas from most RAW file formats, JPEG, TIFF, and other photo file formats.

2. Stitch panoramic photos with 4 modes, such as vertical, horizontal, 360 degrees, and in tile.

3. Provide advanced stitching parameters, including fine-tuning, aligning points, adjusting blend, etc.

4. Adjust the desired part, saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, tint, and others.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Panorama on your computer, you can launch it on your computer and locate the desired photos you want to stitch from the left menu from the library on your computer. It supports most photo formats and RAW files. Moreover, you can get photos from the camera directly.

Choose Photos for Panorama

Step 2: Select the desired photos you want to stitch and choose the Output Size option, such as the Original Size button. After that, you can select the desired stitching mode, which enables you to create horizontal, vertical, 360-degree, and tile. Make sure you have the desired number of photos, you can click the Next button.

Choose Stitch Mode Panorama

Step 3: It will create a panorama photo automatically, which you can preview the panorama file within the program. Click the Crop button to select the desired part, you can also use the AI tools to extend the panorama. Besides, you can click the Fine-tune button to adjust the align points or adjust the blend for making panoramas.

Adjust HSL Parameters Panorama

Step 4: Go to the output window, you can click the Actual Size button to check the details of the panorama photos. Just adjust the HSL parameters, such as saturation, contrast, brightness, tint, and temperature. When you are satisfied with the panorama photo, click the Save Panorama button to save the panorama.

Crop Panorama Area

Part 3. How to Download Free Panoramic Photos Online

And when you have to build your website, you may not have lots of panoramic images in hand, so you have to download free panorama photos as a banner. But where can you download the free panorama files? Here are the best panorama photo download websites. You can get panorama photos and other photo files from these websites.

1. Free Panorama Online - Unsplash

Unsplash is a collection of free high-resolution panorama photos for downloading. There is no fake stock looking here and honest panoramic photos contributed by talented people. You can download the panoramic images for free here. Unsplash releases 10 new photos every 10 days. And it publishes the pictures under the creative commons public domain license.

Unsplash Free Panorama

2. Free Panorama Online - Picjumbo

On Picjumbo you can get free panoramic photography for landscape, food shots, fashion, business, and other themes. You can find a collection of totally free panorama photos for commercial or personal works. The remarkable service offers few images and does not require back-links or proper attribution. Picjumbo by Viktor Hanacek from the Czech Republish is a service to download panorama for free.

Picjumbo Free Panorama

3. Free Panorama Online - Snapwire Snaps

The photos are public domain and free from copyright restrictions. You can get some free panorama files from 200,000 of the world's most talented photographers with different themes. The panorama images have already been used for over 1700 brands worldwide. From the Snapwire Snaps website, you can get 7 free beautiful photos every 7 days, including downloading breathtaking panoramic photography for free.

Snapwire Snaps Free Panorama

4. Free Panorama Online - Jay Mantri

7 new photos release every Thursday in Creative Common CC0. Jay Mantri posts photos in different themes. You can download the high-resolution panoramas for your blog or website without copyright restrictions. And no attribution is required, which means that you can use the panorama images wherever you want.

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5. Free Panorama Online – Tookapic Stock

It is a marketplace for photo stock with license royalty-free, authentic lifestyle photos for your brand, social media, and online marketing. Tookapic Stock provides both free panoramas and paid ones. You have to use the filter to select the free panorama photography released under Creative Commons CC0. It should be a choice to obtain some unique, authentic, and free panorama for your brand from the site.

Tookapic Stock Free Panorama

6. Free Panorama Online - PEXELS

If you are looking for free high-quality panoramas for your next project, you can always use PEXELS as your choice. It is a search engine for CC0 images, where you can search for some websites above for the free panorama photo stock. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the panoramas or even use them for commercial purposes, all without asking for permission. Just enjoy the free panorama photos now.

Pexels Free Panorama

7. Free Panorama Online - Gratisography

Gratisography is another photo stock with great free panorama photos. Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. You can click on any free panorama image to download the high-resolution version. It adds new awesome pictures weekly! Ryan McGuire of Bells Design photographs all photos. They are free of copyright restrictions.

Gratisography Free Panorama

When you need to download some professional panoramic photography, instead of the free panoramas, you can purchase from 360 cities for the most beautiful 360 panorama photos of famous cities or buy some stunning panorama photos from photo stock websites. It costs US$10.00 or more money for one beautiful panorama file. If you need several panoramas for your blogs or websites, it should be a large amount of price to you.

Even if you purchase the paid version of panoramas, it might not meet your requirements, not to mention the free panoramic photography. What should you do to obtain the free panorama photos just as desired? You should know the method to create free panoramic photography first, and then you can learn more about the free panorama makers can do for you.

Still, WidsMob Panorama should be the best choice to make panorama files with ease. The advanced automatic algorithm enables you to make free panorama photos with ease. The multiple stitching modes help you create different types of panoramas. The effects can perfect the panorama photos to your requirement. And the most important thing is that you can enjoy all these for free.

We explain the panorama definition, main features, and history. We also generally introduce you to the panorama maker to create your panorama pictures and some online websites to download free panorama. Whether making your panoramic photography or downloading them online, you can get all the information you need about panorama photos here. Want to know more? You can leave us messages.

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