How to Make Panoramic Photography on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online

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When we enjoy holidays, the beautiful scenery often attracts us to take out cameras or smartphones to shoot photographs. As technology develops, panoramic photography has become an essential feature of cameras. However, if you have ever used the panorama photo-making function, you will feel annoying. There are usually overlaps, dislocation, and rotation in the panoramic pictures. It seems that our smartphones and camera is not so good at taking panoramic photo.

But don’t worry! You can find many panorama online tools or free panorama makers. You might find the logic for stitching photos together are different from each other. But one thing should be the same to create a panorama. It is the shooting for the panorama file. Just learn the guides and tips to shoot panorama photos and the easiest method to make a panoramic photo from the article.

Make Panoramic Photography

Part 1. Guides and Tips to Shoot for Panoramic Photography

Before introducing the guidelines and tips for taking panoramic pictures, let’s talk a little more about panorama photography definition. Panoramic photography is a photo technique for using specialized equipment or software to capture images with horizontally elongated fields of view. It is also known as wide format photography. The term can apply to a photograph and crop to a relatively wide aspect ratio, like the familiar letterbox format in the wide-screen video.

After understanding what panoramic pictures are, let’s see how to take panoramic images now. Whatever your project, here are some guides and tips on how to take advantage of the panorama stitching software with your camcorder. And you can blend the photos in the best status as a panorama.

Panoramic Picture

Stitch photos to panoramic photography

1. Use consistent settings

Change White Balance to a manual mode or change from auto-white balancing to another setting. In this way, you can create panorama files evenly.

2. Choose a center point

Find the feature or area that looks good in the center and take steady aim, and then shoot the rest in the same zoom level. It’ll help you align photos later in good status.

3. Shoot overlapping shots in ordered rows

It is the last and the most important requirement. With 20-30 percent of the overlapping the last one in a steady row, it can help you keep the shots organized.

Create panoramas out of video

1. Within the same horizontal level

If you need to use videos to create panoramas, you would better take the video to the same horizontal level.

2. Take the stabilized video file

Make sure the video is not shaky or blurred. It’ll help the image stitching to multi-angle Grand panorama photos.

Tricks for shooting iPhone Panoramas

The features of the built-in camera of the iPhone are beyond your imagination. Panorama tricks should be one of the best features that make the iPhone awesome. Horizontal panoramas are for breathtaking landscapes or family reunions, vertical panorama photos for a tall building, waterfall, or skyscrapers. Is there any other trick for shooting iPhone panoramas? Just learn more detail from the article.

Capture a Panoramic Photo

When you need to capture a stunning panoramic photo, you keep the following tips in mind.

1. A tripod can make the iPhone stable without any shakiness.

2. Follow the arrow to ensure a nice, smooth, and even motion.

3. Use natural lighting instead of iPhone LED flash.

4. The wider you shoot, the more curved the panorama appears.

Part 2. How to Make Panoramic Photographs

There are lots of panorama software to stitch photos. You can make a panorama in Photoshop CS6 or free Panorama Makers, such as the Hugin application. How do you choose the photo stitching software to create panoramic photography most easily? Here we would like to introduce you to 6 panorama creation software to help you make a panorama photo in a different situation.

1. WidsMob Panorama - Make panorama in the Easiest Way

WidsMob Panorama is a dedicated tool to make panoramic pictures. It is an easy-to-use application with rich features.

WidsMob Panorama Screenshot

1. This photo stitching software utilizes an automatic algorithm to make the whole process smoothly.

2. Users could choose different models to make panoramas pictures, like the horizontal picture, 360-degree picture, vertical picture, and more.

3. If you are a perfectionist, this photo creator also provides multiple adjustment tools to optimize the color, light, and resolution.

4. WidsMob Panorama is a cross-system panoramic picture creator. It is available on both Windows and Mac. So you can download the correct version freely.

5. It supports most image formats and imports from smartphones, camcorders, scanners, and other devices.

6. Users could save the made panoramic pictures on a computer with high quality.

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How to Make Panoramic Pictures via WidsMob Panorama

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Panorama

When you download and install the latest version of Photo Stitcher. The program will auto-detect the photos if saved on the desktop.

Step 2: Load files to Photo stitching software

The photos with EXIF will be auto-detected with the Auto stitch method. Or else you can click Import to select the photos from the folders to load the images to the panoramic software.

Panorama Interface

Step 3: Select photos to stitch manually

You can also choose the files and make a panorama. Press the Shift button to pick up the photos manually.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

Step 4: Choose the stitch mode for creating panorama

And you can select the Vertical, Horizontal, 360 and Flat modes to have the panorama stitching. The photo editor will stitch photos automatically by default when you click on the Stitch button. Or you can make panoramic pictures manually with Align Points and Adjust Blend option.

Step 5: Edit and save panoramic pictures

Then you can adjust some parameters, like brightness, saturation, hue, and contrast, and make the panoramic picture The Text & Frame function allows you to add some words and frames to the panoramic photos. After editing, click on the Save button to save the output on your computer.

Adjust Effect Panorama
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2. CleVR - Stitch Panoramic Pictures Online

Some online picture editors can create panoramic pictures. If you do not want to install software on your computer, you can use online alternatives, like CleVR. It is a free online service to help you stitch photos together.

Step 1: Access on your browser and create an account.

Step 2: Click on Choose Images button to upload photos to make the panoramic picture from your computer. Take these photos side by side so CleVR can detect a similar edge.

Step 3: After loading all photos on the editing area, drag the image to the correct order.

Step 4: Click on the Stitch button on the top menu bar.

Step 5: The panoramic picture will show up. You can save it on your computer or share it on social media.


3. Image Composite Editor - Create Panoramas on Windows

Image Composite Editor is a free photo editor developed by Microsoft. Although it does not offer many features, you can install it on your Windows computer and utilize it to create panoramic images.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

Step 2: Then locate the folder that saves the photos to make the panoramic picture. Click on the first photo, hold Shift and click on the last image. Drag and drop the images into the editing area of the application.

Step 3: Image Composite Editor will combine the photos automatically.

Step 4: You may get an irregular picture. To get a perfect output, you can set the crop line.

Step 5: Click on Export to disk to save the panoramic picture on your computer.

Image Composite Editor

4. Hugin - Make A Panoramic Image on Mac

Apple did not develop specialized photos stitcher, but you can use alternatives to create a panoramic image, like Hugin. It is a free panoramic picture maker for Mac users.

Step 1: Open Hugin and click on the Load Images button in the Assistant tab to import photos to make the panoramic picture.

Step 2: Type in focal length and the crop factor of the camera sensor.

Step 3: Click on Align, and then the application will find similar points in the photos and join them properly. If the pop-up window says good fit, you can skip step 4.

Step 4: Hit the super-fluous points on photos, click the Delete button to remove them, and click on Add button to add points necessary. Then repeat step 3.

Step 5: When you get the perfect making panoramic picture, click on Stitch now! to create the output.

Step 6: Click on Save to store the result on your Mac computer.


5. Camera App – Take Panoramic Photos on iPhone X/8/7/6

Since the built-in camera app on iPhone has the panoramic feature, you can easily take a panoramic picture with this feature on your iPhone. If you are new to this feature, you can check the following steps to capture a panoramic image with your iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the Camera app on your iPhone and scroll the bottom bar until it says PANO to enter the Panorama Mode. You can use either the front or rear camera to take a photo.

Step 2: You can take the panorama shot by moving your iPhone either left or right to capture the entire shoot. The camera will ask you to the right pan by default. But you can tap the arrow to switch it to the other direction.

Step 3: Tap the Shutter button to begin the panoramic photography shot. Move the camera horizontally along the path displayed on your screen slowly. Keep your iPhone steady and on the same level the entire time.

Step 4: After finishing shooting, add the panoramic image to your Camera Roll. You can easily share and edit the panorama photo just like other photos. You can hold your iPhone horizontally to view the whole panorama in one frame.

Panoramic Photos on iPhone

6. Camera App – Take Panorama Shot on Android

Android photography is being able to more than your typical point-and-shoot camera. And one of the shots is to shoot a panorama on your Android phone or tablet. Unless you have a very off-brand Android phone, you have a panorama photo setting somewhere. Let’s guide you through the easy steps of shooting panorama below.

Step 1: Launch the camera app on your Android phone or tablet. Then tap the Mode button to choose the panoramic mode.

Step 2: Hold the phone vertically to take a panorama picture or hold it horizontally to take a vertical panorama.

Step 3: You will see a horizontal bar where the panorama appears as you pan the phone. Some Android models don’t show this until you start panning.

Step 4: Tap the shutter button to start panning. When you finish, tap the button again to stop.

Step 5: You can view your panorama photo on Gallery and edit it like you edit other pictures.

Panoramic Photos on Android

You might not get the glorious sceneries and wedding parties in one photograph with details. Based on the introduction above, you can try to stitch the photos to a panoramic picture easily by following the guidance in this article. If you have any difficulty creating a panorama with any panorama generator, you can use WidsMob Panorama to have another try first. You will enjoy its powerful features and friendly interface.

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