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What is Panoramic View and How to Shoot 360-degree Panoramic Photos

A lot of people are familiar with panoramic photos and even have taken someone. But when it comes to the concept of panoramic view or panorama, it is another story. Even some photographers cannot explain this concept clearly, even though they know how to take a panorama photo with their cameras. On the other hand, understanding what is panoramic view could help you to take a more beautiful and professional photos. Therefore, this article will introduce what is panoramic view simply.

Part 1: What is panoramic view

Theoretically speaking, panoramic view is a wide-angle view of a physical space or scenery. This concept was introduced by a famous English painter, so it was used to describe scenery paintings, but not photos. But as camera technology and photography skill developed, panoramic photo already becomes an important concept in photography industry. Some camera brands even produced dedicated panorama cameras, like Seitz 6x 17 Digital Panoramic, Fuji GX617 Professional, Linhof Technorama 617S III, Fotoman 617 MKII-L, Horseman SW-617/Pro, and so on. If you are interesting in shooting excellent panoramic view photos, you can choose a panorama camera.

Thanks to digital technology, shooting panorama photos has become a customer skill. Today, almost all advanced smartphones and customer cameras have the feature of panoramic view mode. After some settings, you just have to move the camera right to left, or up to down, and the camera will take and stitch the photos together automatically. Then you get the panorama picture. The process of taking panoramic view photos seems easy, as the introduction above. However, sometimes the panoramas taken by panorama mode are low quality. So you have to lose the details to exchange panoramic view. At this time, you may need to take raw images with your camera and stitch them manually.

Panoramic View Definition

Part 2: Tips to take panoramic view photos

There are some tips could help you to take a perfect panoramic photo with your camera. In order to take 360 photos, you should follow certain process to get the desired file. Just learn more detail as follows.

Camera Position

Most people will take horizontal 360-degree panoramas with their cameras, while the best way is to roll your camera 90o and take the photos in portrait position. This way could eliminate the distortion in the output.


When we talk about panoramic view, wide-angle lens may emerge in your mind at once. Panorama usually requires photographers keep a distance with the subject. But if you keep too far away from the subject, the details will be lost. So you need a lens to bring you close to the subject, but not too close. Actually, a standard 50 mm lens is competent with panoramic view. Not to mention wide-angle lens will make the panoramas distorted.


When you take panoramic photos, you have to move the camera horizontally. Easy said than done! If you cannot hold the camera stable when you move it, there will be distortions in the panoramas. Therefore, you need a tripod or a level indicator.

Other modes

A camera usually has multiple modes and panorama is just one of them. Some cameras support to use other modes in panoramic view, like exposure mode and focus mode. You can explore the potentials of the panoramic view cooperated with other modes.

Take Panoramic View Photos

Part 3: Best program to view panorama

After shooting a panoramic view photo, you may want to look at it before share online. A panoramic picture is usually very large with unique aspect ratio, so not all photo viewers, like Windows Photo View, are suitable to browse it. At this time, you may need an alternative viewer. And WidsMob Viewer is one of the best choices. Here are the basic features of Photo Viewer include:

Download for Mac Version

1. It is compatible with Mac OS X including the latest macOS High Sierra.

2. It utilize powerful algorithm to load and switch photos, so users could enjoy a fast and seamless viewing experience.

3. User could open all panoramic photos in a folder in batch.

4. Photo Viewer could read most photo formats and RAW files.

5. It allows users to view panorama photos in unbelievable high resolution, so you can enjoy the details in your panoramic view.

6. This photo viewer provides multiple viewing modes, such as full screen, library, thumbnail, EXIF and slideshow. Users could appreciate the panorama photo in different modes easily.

7. It also has some basic editing tools for panoramic view photos, like rotation, crop, flip and convert, and multiple adjustment options.

8. When you organize panoramic photos by data or name, Photo Viewer is also a useful tool.

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After you read this article, you may understand what panoramic view is and its history clearly. So when you take panoramas next time, you will become more confident. This article also introduces some tips when you take panoramic photos. The position of the camera is really important when you shooting. And you can try to use a standard lens to shoot panoramic view picture; that could avoid distortions produced by wide-angle lens. Accessories are also helpful when taking panoramic photos. And you can try to utilize multiple modes in panoramas. If you want to share more details about your comments about panoramic view, you can add it to comments of the article now.