Photo Art Review and 5 Best Alternatives to Polish Photos

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There are many photo apps on market. Some are free of charge, while others are high-end apps. Some integrate a wide array of editing features, while others provide specific effects. Among these photo apps, Photo Art is a special one. It is able to turn ordinary pictures into art images. That is awesome, right? But you may wonder what features Photo Art has, whether it is worth using. In this post, we are going to answer these questions in detail. Plus, we will introduce several photo apps similar to Photo Art. You could learn multiple wonderful photo art apps within a few minutes.

Photo Art App Review

Part 1: Photo Art Introduction and Review

Photo Art Icon

Unlike other photo editor, Photo Art is not used to crop or resize a picture, but you can do many amazing things with this app. Its features include:

1. Color the picture with your fingers or add effects on the picture.

2. Offers dozens of picture effects to turn a picture to art.

3. Remove alter from a part of the picture using brush.

4. Import pictures from photo gallery or take a picture within Photo Art.

5. Share the output via email or social media.

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1. Photo Art is an easy-to-use app. You can draw, zoom and erase with your finger.

2. This photo app is small and fast. User experience is rather smooth.

3. Everyone could download Photo Art from Google Play Store and use it without paying a penny.


1. It does not offer high resolution saving option.

2. This app is not available to iOS.

Photo Art Screenshot

Part 2: 5 Best Photo Art Alternatives

1. Prisma

Prisma is one of the best photo editing apps on market. This photo art app could turn you into an artist in a few seconds. Its basic features include:

  1. Prisma supports capturing pictures or importing pictures from your smartphone.
  2. It has more than 30 filters that could transform ordinary pictures into modern art.
  3. Users could adjust the intensity of the filter.
  4. Prisma is also a photographer community that allows users to share their pictures.


  1. The well-designed features make Prisma easy to use.
  2. Users could explore new filters in-store within Prisma.
  3. It is free of charge for iPhones and Android phones.


  1. Although it has a dedicated version for iPad, you have to pay for it.
  2. This photo art app will not save the altered pictures at full resolution.
Prisma Screenshot

2. Pikazo

Pikazo announces to turn your photos into magic. And it does realize its promise. Are you ready to become Picasso? Let’s start with learning Pikazo’s features.

  1. Pikazo is able to import pictures from smartphone memory or shoot a picture directly.
  2. Users could turn the pictures to art with extensive filters.
  3. Or you can download a piece of fine art and use it to stylize your picture.
  4. This photo art app supports sharing the outputs to social media.


  1. Pikazo is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  2. It is free of charge.
  3. The custom filter feature is amazing and creative.
  4. This photo app has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.


  1. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply the filter to the picture.
Pikazo Screenshot

3. Artomaton

Artomaton is another Photo Art similar app. With Artomaton, you can transform ordinary photos into art paintings. All its features are developed to help you achieve the taste you wish.

  1. Users could choose various drawing and painting effects, such as oil, sketch, color pencil, and more.
  2. This art photo app permits users to adjust effects, like density, brightness, and other parameters.
  3. To create a perfect output, you can choose the angle of light or distort the picture.
  4. Artomaton is able to record the process of making art pictures as a video.


  1. Artomaton allows you to decide the drawing resolution and save it in high resolution.
  2. This app is free of charge.


  1. It is not available to Android.

4. Enlight

Enlight is a versatile photo app, which helps you to achieve simple photo edits or complex artistic blends. It offers more extensive features than Photo Art.

  1. There are plentiful photo filters to make the pictures unique.
  2. Users could use the Mask tool to apply effects on a certain part of the picture.
  3. Artistic tools are able to convert photos to sketches, paintings, or other artworks.
  4. Mixer feature has the capacity to overlap two pictures together.


  1. Enlight is an easy-to-use photo app.
  2. It supports saving edited pictures in full resolution.


  1. Enlight is a paid photo app.
  2. It is not compatible with Android.

5. Photo Lab

Photo Lab is another photo app that offers similar features to Photo Art. Its basic features include:

  1. Provide more than 500 effects and filters.
  2. The face photomontage feature could blend portraits with other objects seamlessly.
  3. Allow users to create a photo collage.
  4. Have plentiful photo frames for outputs.


  1. It has a wider range of photo effects and filters.
  2. These awesome features are easy to achieve.
  3. Photo Lab is free to use without ads.


  1. Similar to Photo Art, Photo Lab is an Android exclusive app.
Photo Lab Screenshot

Part 3: Photo Art Alternative on Windows and macOS

If you want to find Photo Art alternative on Windows or Mac, you can use WidsMob Retoucher to retouch and beautify photos. If you want to get rid of hassle filters, then WidsMob Retoucher is the best color photo editor software you can find. You can adjust color opacity, apply color rendition profile, change the color mode, and do other changes with simple selections and sliders. What’s more, you can monitor every small change with a real-time preview window instantly.

Key Features of the Lightweight Color Photo Editor

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Easy Steps to Change Color and Apply Various Color Profiles

Step 1: Run color photo editor

Free download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your Mac computer. Launch the color photo editor. Click Import to add photos to WidsMob Retoucher. Well, you can drag and drop them to its main interface too.


Step 2: Enter the photo coloring page

Choose Next on the lower right corner to move on. There are 5 different photo-editing sections in the right panel. If you want to access the color channel editor, you can choose the second icon from right to left at the bottom.

Enter Photo Coloring Page

Step 3: Colorize your photo

Find Color Filter on the top of the color effect photo editor. Later, you can click the white rectangular icon beside. A new window pops up with 5 photo color editing sections. Just choose the one you like to colorize your photo. What’s more, you can adjust the color opacity by percentage freely.

Colorize Your Photo

Step 4: Apply color rendition and color mode (optional)

Choose the Film Pack icon. You can see 3 sections named Color Rendition Profile, Color Modes and Film Grain. Get a real-time preview window while editing. Well, you can zoom in on the picture to view the detailed information with the B/A slider at the bottom.

Apply Photo Editing Effects

Step 5: Export your colorized photo

After all, customizations, choose Save on the lower right corner. Set JPEG or TIFF as the output photo format. Furthermore, you can move the quality slider below to adjust the output photo quality from the least to the best. Finally, choose Save to finish the process.

Well, if you import a selfie or portrait photo, you can also use the built-in portrait retouching filters. All in all, WidsMob Retoucher is a smart choice for beginners. You can apply color effects with the color photo editor quickly and easily.

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In this article, we have introduced Photo Art, a simple photo app to convert ordinary pictures to artworks on Android phones. Although this photo app does not have basic image editing tools, you can display your creativity using any photos. Unfortunately, Photo Art is only available to Android. So, we shared the top 5 Photo Art alternatives. Prisma and Pikazo are cross-platform photo apps that have the capacity to stylize your pictures. Artomaton and Enlight could help you create stylish pictures on iOS. And Photo Lab is good at blending photos. When you are bored with ordinary photos, you can try Photo Art and similar apps.

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