Photo Blender – How to Blend and Mix Double or Multi-Exposure Images

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Have you ever been attracted by images with exposure effects of creative blending? How do you make a similar artistic image without a professional photo editor, such as Photoshop? Here you can download the Photo Blender app to design blended images with two or pictures to mix the files. Moreover, there are accurate filters, with which you can blend image transparency by fingers with ease.

Photo Blender is a photography photo creator, to create double-exposed images or multi-exposed images by blending. No extra requirements towards photographs. You can combine any image on top of another one, to create blended images with different effects.

Author: Limit Point Software

Latest Version: 2.7.3

Update Date: Oct 12th, 2020

Photo Blender Review

Part 1: Key Features of Photo Blender

Photo Blender Icon

Photo Blender is a lightning photo effect creator app, with which you can blend and easily convert images. The whole interface is simple and well designed. Not too many icons and selection out of order, to make things being difficult to operate. Once you have installed the Photo Blender app on your iPhone, you can enjoy more fun on image blending effects creating.

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  • More than one image to blend or mix. There is no limitation of photo exposition. The more pictures you apply on the Photo Blender app, the more complicated and outstanding your blend images will be.
  • Use swipe gestures to adjust image blend transparency. You do not need to set accurate numbers to be too serious. As a photo beautifier is just a funny thing to kill time and swiping can satisfy most people, by editing photo blends by your finger movement.
  • Crop images whenever which status you are in. You can crop newly imported pictures to match the background image. Or you can also crop blended images already in several photo cropping modes, including original, free, square, circle, portrait, and landscape.
  • Various well-designed photo blend effects. After you overlay images, you can choose several photo blend effects on the top, which are Add, Alpha, Chroma Key, Color Dodge, etc. If you have not heard them before, you can tap and try them all, to find out which photo blend effect is most suitable and eye-catching.

At last, you can save or share your photo blends creations to the social network, or send them by email and Bluetooth. In another word, after you create multi-exposed images by Photo Blender app on iPhone, there are many sources for you to share created blend photos. Or you can set the newly created blending photo as the wallpaper in your iPhone directly.

Photo Blender Screenshot

Part 2: How to Blend or Mix Pictures with Photo Blender

So how to blend photos into the idea blend effect, and what is the order to import photos, is the foreground image to import, or the background picture to upload first? I saw some comments of Photo Blender in App Store, that a small group of people via the Photo Blender app for iPhone is not working. It is because they do not figure out the correct turn to import images. To avoid similar operating mistakes, which may interface your final blend images.

Step 1: Click the upload icon on the top, to import your background picture first. Later, upload the second, third, and multiple images in order. Remember to upload the cover image at last.

Step 2: Hit the cut icon on the toolbar between the Image Add and Import icons. You can resize the blend image with two fingers, to enlarge or diminish the picture manually on Photo Blender. Click the check option on the top right corner.

Step 3: Select the photo blend templates in the drop-down menu. And you will see different blended pictures according to the photo blend effect you apply. Tick the check option on the top right corner again, to accept the photo blend template.

Step 4: Hit the Save button on the top left place, to save your blended photos. Or you can share to Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks with one click only.

If you want to try other additional filters in Photo Blender, then you need to pay $0.99 per item, to use added in-app purchase filters. In conclusion, the Photo Blender app is still a simple and useful photo blend effect creator on iPhone, by importing, cropping, applying blend modes, and saving at last.

Part 3: Test and Review of Photo Blender

Being the iPhone photo effect creator, Photo Blender has obtained up to 5,000,000 installations and a 12,306 rating in App Store. Therefore, there are many comments left on its page. Some are long paragraph praise, and Photo Blender reviews, but a little of users just give Photo Blender app for one star. To collect what those customers have experienced, and how is the photo blend application work, I have collected several representative points, to show you the advantages and disadvantages of Photo Blender provides.


  • Well-designed photo blend templates and clean interface for users to operate.
  • Easily crop and photo effect add filters, which enables Photo Blender to be the easy to use photo creator, including toddlers.
  • Share created photo blends easily, through various media sources.


  • Need to pay extra fees to remove ads in the photo blend application app.
  • Update slowly, thus there is no popular photo editor, to catch the fashion.

Part 4: Photo Blender Alternative to Blend Android Photos

Blender Camera Icon

Now I want to introduce one good photo blender app for Android, which is Blender Camera. You can get many photo overlay filters and effects from this Android photo effect adder. To offer you a better understanding of the photo blending application, I want to show you some features of Blender Camera, with which you can shoot images with blend effect directly.

  • The real-time blender effect enables users to capture blending images directly.
  • Offers more than 30 camera blending effects to apply, and you can change different blender effects directly.
  • Create square images with a blur background effect.
  • Provides effect for both front and back images of 20 templates.
  • Built-in photo editor, to process blended images with ease.
  • Add stickers and texts to your images.
Blender Camera

Then how about blending multiple images, is there enough photo blending modes to apply? Well, calm down and see the descriptions below.

  • Overlay two images: 30 photo blending styles.
  • Overlay three images: 18 photo blending styles.
  • Blend four pictures: 18 photo blending effects.

There are ads in Blender Camera and some in-app purchases, but that does not matter very much. So it is time to layer images on your Android and let’s start.

Step 1: Import two pictures from your gallery, then you can see photo 1, photo 2, and blend menu on the top.

Step 2: Select the photo blend effect, and then there are two small white circles, with which you can adjust the blender border and effect manually.

Step 3: Use the following Effects, Frames, Stickers, and Text filters, to modify your blend photo beautifier.

Part 5: 5 Best Photo Blenders to Mix Photos on Win/Mac

How to Combine Micro-Images into A Photo Montage

If you need to blend and combine a large number of micro-images into a photo, such as a montage photo or a mosaic photo, WidsMob Montage is a versatile way to mix photos with stunning effects. It not only provides different stitching modes, but also enables you to customize the frames, remove the color match, adjust the columns/size, and more other parameters.

  1. Blend and mix a large number of photos into mosaic and montage photos.
  2. Merge more than 200 photos in width and unlimited photos in height.
  3. Provide editing features, add frames, and customize column count/size.
  4. Create a mosaic photo or a montage photo in both JPEG and PNG files.
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Step 1: Launch WidsMob Montage once you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Select Background button to upload the primary image from your computer. It supports both JPEG and PNG, which you can turn a word or number into a mosaic image.

Import Montage Background

Step 2: Click the Select Files to add multiple micro-images to blend them into a mosaic photo. Whether you need to combine a large number of photos or even one image only, you can select the photos from a photo album. Click the Next button to blend photos automatically.

Add Tiles Montage

Step 3: Select the desired mosaic frames and stitching modes to blend the photos. Moreover, you can also adjust the Column Count and Tile Size to make a large file. If possible, remove the background color to get the photo in any shape before clicking the Generate Mosaic button.

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How to Mix and Blend Multiple Photos on Photoshop

To start with, you can sort out images that need to be blended into the new folder, with which you can select them easier later. After that, start your Adobe Photoshop Pro, choose the File option, and then select the Photo Blend choice from the menu. You will see the Photo Blend wizard window. The Learning Center will pop up automatically, to teach you how photo blend effects to apply and what it is. If you have known photo-blending effects before, choose Close to leave.

Later, when the Photo blend window appears, choose Plus Sign option, to add pictures to load into Adobe Photoshop Pro, for further picture overlay tasks. After that, you can see all your imported images on the bottom of your screen. Choose the first photo in the tray, and choose Brush In, to brush the object you want to keep, for further image layer combination. Hit Brush out if you have brushed out all areas you want to add to the final image.

Then repeat what you have done above to the left images. There is the brush size adjust tool you can use, to increase brush size for large space cut, or reduce it to cover detailed corners. Then you can see all your brushed objects stay in the same background, in different colors.

After all you have done, hit the Process button, and these objects will be blended at once. Cropping or resizing something you are not satisfied with. At last, you can save it as a new blended name, to distinguish it from the original picture sources.

Blend Photos with Photoshop

3 Online Photo Blender to Get Photo Blend Camera Effects

Merging two photos online to add a photo blend effect is much easier. And you can use other built-in photo edit filters, to beautify blend images online as well.

LunaPic: Upload two images first. Click the Choose File option on the top. Make sure the image size is not too big. Later, use the filters LunaPic offers, to add a gradient blend photo effect.

Lunapic HDR Photo Editor There are two parts for you to create photo blends, by clicking the Merge Images button, or hitting the Generate Multiple Images option on the right side. The first option is designed for a few pictures layered together. In contrast, the latter choice indicates users to combine multiple pictures together, to use Common Overlay or Common Background. You can upload two photos to overlay together, to create a photocomposition online for free. Hit the Start button in red and import your two pictures. And then adjust the front image transparency filter, to create a photo blend effect easily.

So you can see that online photo blend creators are quite easy to operate, within a few clicks and then you can get overlay photos for free online.


When you need to blend photos, you can learn more about the photo blender on Android as well as the best alternatives on different devices. If you need to combine and mix a large number of photos, WidsMob Montage is the versatile method you should not miss.

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