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Top Photo Effects Editor to Make Photo Great with Different Photo Filters

Do you want to make your photos great? Photo editors provide plentiful photo effects and filters. In this article, we identify top 5 photo effects and filters to make photo great. Moreover, you can learn how to make the photo effects in details. Compared to share or save the original picture, photo effects and filters are able to make your photos attractive and personalized. If you spend a few minutes to browse the photo effects introduced in this article, you will surprise that your photos could be as great as magazine.

Part 1: The best way to use photo filters

Photo montage is an interesting photo effect and a special photo collage. This photo collage is not to display a collection of multiple photos, but to create a new picture with hundreds of photos. In the past, only professionals could create photo montage effects. Now, working with some excellent photo editors, such as WidsMob Montage, you can make gorgeous montage photos as professionals.

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How to make a montage photo

1. After install Photo Montage on your computer, open this program. Click on the button with plus icon on the upper right corner to import a background picture.

Photo Montage provides some photo editing tools to polish the background picture, like adjust color, apply effects and more.

2. Then add tiles photos to combine a montage photo. You can put all tiles photos in a single folder and select the whole folder to load all tiles photos at once. Photo Montage supports most photo formats, like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, RAW and more.

3. Once the tile photos loaded, the advanced algorithm will organize the photos and create a montage photo according to the background automatically.

4. Finally, save the montage photo on your computer.

By default, Photo Montage will save the output in high resolution.

New Mosaic Montage

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Part 2: Apply photo filters Windows 10

1. How to apply photo filters Windows 10 with default photos program

Microsoft continuously improved Windows operating systems. It had included a Photos program for Windows 8. And for Windows 10, Microsoft integrated more features in this Photos program and made this program a useful utility. Now, Windows 10 users can use this Photos program to apply filters on pictures.

1. There are multiple ways to open pictures in Photos program. You can Launch Photos program and import the pictures or ask Cortana to open pictures with Photos.

2. When you want to apply filters on the picture in Windows Photos, click on the pencil icon at the top right corner to open photo editor window.

3. Choose the Filters menu on the left side ribbon to evoke photo filter Windows Photos has six photo filters and two photo effects in Effects menu.

4. Select a photo filter or photo effect, such as black-and-white, vignette, selective focus, and so on. Then unfold the settings menu on top ribbon and adjust the effect from Strongest to Weakest.

5. If you are satisfied with the result, click on the tick icon on the top of the window to confirm changes.

Windows Photos supports to update the original picture with edited one, save a copy or share to Facebook.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

2. How to create water reflection photo effects with Photoshop

Water reflection effect seems simple; but if you want to create a realistic water reflection effect, it may be complicated than you thought. The good news is you can make water reflection effect on any photo, such as landscape photos and character photos.

1. Import the picture: Open the picture you want to apply water reflection effect in Photoshop. Go to Layer menu and choose Duplicate Layer to create a copy for background layer.

2. Extend the canvas: Select background layer, unfold the Image menu on the top ribbon and choose Canvas Size. Then input 100 and 200 in the field of Width and Height respectively, choose percent on the drop-down list and press the middle top square of Anchor. Then click on the OK button to confirm it.

3. Flip the copy layer vertically: Go to Edit menu, choose Transform and then Flip Vertical. Put the rotated image under the original image.

4. Create water effect: Select the copy layer and go to Filters menu, choose Wave in Distort filter. Adjust the parameters until you get satisfactory effect.

Then you can export the result to local hard drive.

Water Refelection Photoshop

Part 3: Add photo filters to images Mac

1: How to add a filter to an image with Photos on Mac

Similar to Windows Photos, Apple had built a Photos app in Mac OS. And Mac users could enjoy the same subtle photo filters that Apple introduced for iPhone and iPad. That means you can add photo filters to images without installing third party applications on Mac computer.

1. Launch the Photos app on your Mac computer. Then Photos will display all the images on your computer. Find out the image you want to add filter and open it.

2. Click on the Edit button at the upper right corner to go to editor screen. Then hit the Filters menu on the right side ribbon to open photo filters. Choose your favorite filter to add it on your image.

3. The preview panel will show you the result in real time. After adding the filter to your image, you can click on the Adjust icon to reset saturation, contrast and other parameters.

4. During the process, you can use the Cancel button to discard the changes at any time; while if you are satisfied with the result, click on the Done button on the top of the screen to save the changes.

By default, Photos app will update the original image with the one added filter.

Photos Transfer from iPhone

2: How to use photo filters on Mac with WidsMob Viewer

WidsMob Viewer is not only a photo manager, but also a database of photo effects and filters. Compared to Photoshop, Photo Viewer has several advantages:

1. Photo Viewer supports almost all picture formats and to load hundreds of photos in different formats at once.

2. This photo editor is able to read the EXIF information and organize the photos automatically.

3. Before apply photo filters, you can view the photos in multiple modes, such as viewing mode, slideshow mode, EXIF mode, and so on.

4. You can use the batch features to resize or convert hundreds of photo quickly.

5. There are awesome photo filter and developers will roll out more photo effects for this program.

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1. Open Photo Viewer and click on the Add button on the upper left corner to load the photos you want to edit. Or you can drag and drop the photos into this photo editor.

2. After loaded, you can switch to different modes to view the original photos, like Slideshow Mode, EXIF Mode and more.

3. When you are ready, click on the Edit button to go to the photo editor. Locate to Effects tab, Photo Viewer provides eight filters by default: B&W, Sepia, Antique, Fade Color, Boost Color, Sharpen, Blur and Color Invert. Choose a photo effect, and then you can navigate to Adjust tab to customize the effects by changing multiple parameters, like exposure, contrast, and so on.

4. Finally, export the result to local hard drive or share it to social networks.

With Photo Viewer, you only need four steps to use photo filters as you wish.

Apple DNG Effect

Part 4: Online Photo Effects and Filters Editor to make black and white

Black and white effect could turn an ordinary photo into art. Some professionals apply black and white effect to a part of the picture to highlight some subjects in the picture. In this section, we intent to share how to create black and white effect online.

1. Access BeFunky in any browser and choose Photo Editor on the home page. Unfold the UPLOAD menu and upload the image from any input source.

2. When your image opened, press the Effect icon on the left side and choose BLACK & WHITE. Press Black & White 1 to apply this effect on your image. Then hit the Settings icon on Black & White 1 effect.

Go to Paint tab and select ERASE option. Draw on the subject to erase the black and white effect. Click on the tick button to confirm changes.

Then you can save the output to computer or cloud service.

Online photo editors usually support to upload the output to social networks directly. You can get more black and white photo editor here.

Befunky Black and White

Part 5: Top 8 Photo Effects Editing App You Will Love

Almost every Smartphone user has a photo editor app on his or her device. Photo effects apps are popular photo editor among young people. Before share photos to social media, they can help us apply various photo effects on the photos and make them unique. So, a good photo effects app is a powerful tool to make your stories attractive.

But what a good photo effects app should be?

First, it should have extensive photo effects and filters. Moreover, it should have the capacity to add effects on the photos without damaging quality. If a photo effects app integrates social media interfaces, it will be more convenient.

Want to learn this tool and more photo effects tool?

Now, let's check the following 8 apps which can help you make photos with great effects.

Top 1: Photo Effects Editing App - Point Blur

We always said a good photo should be clear; however, photo blur effect is special. This photo effect allows you to blur a part of the picture or the whole background. Then audiences will focus on the subject highlighted on the picture. If you want to apply photo blur effect on Android phone, you can follow the details below.

1. We use a photo editor called Point Blur. You can explore the other photo editors’ potential with this guidance as well.

2. Open the picture you want to apply blur effect into this app. Locate to the bottom of the screen. All editing option is used to blur the entire photo.

3. We choose Touch tool to blur the background only. Draw the background of the photo to make it blur. If you blur the subject mistakenly, you can use the Clear tool to reverse it.

4. Then touch the Save icon to save the result to photo gallery.

Note: Get to know more methods to blur a picture? Just read how to add blur effect to photos.

Blur Point Effect

Top 2: Photo Effects Editing App - Silhouette photo

Silhouette photo is another creative photo effect to make photos great. It is easy to create silhouette photos on Smartphone. All you need is some photo effect apps, like Silhouette.

1. Open Silhouette app on your iPhone and select the picture you want to edit by pressing the Camera button.

2. When the image loaded, this app will create silhouette effect by default settings. Then you can start editing it with Edit Items, like replace the background of the silhouette photo; change the colors of the silhouette area and background and more.

3. When the photo effect is done, press the Save button to export the result to camera roll.

Silhouette App Effect

Top 3: Photo Effects Editing App - Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro Icon

Photo Effects Pro is a dedicated tool of applying photo effects on your photos. The features of the photo effects app include:

1. It offers more than 40 filters and effects to make any photo funny, stylish or art.

2. You can add stickers or text on your photos.

3. This app is also a good photo editor that could crop rotate and adjust photos.

4. After apply filters, you can share the results to social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and more.


1. This app is free to download in Play Store.

2. Photo Effects Pro allows you to preview and undo filters at any time.


1. It does not support iOS devices.

Photo Effects Pro Screenshot

Top 4: Photo Effects Editing App - BeFunky

Befunky Icon

BeFunky is an all-in-one photo effects app. If you need a versatile photo editor, it is a good choice. Its basic features include:

1. It has dozens of photo effects and filter, like Vintage, Pop Art, Instant, Summer and more.

2. The retouch feature could help you correct and enhance your photos, including remove red eye.

3. The built-in photo editor integrates all necessary photo editing tools.

4. You can share the results to social media, cloud services or BeFunky album.


1. It offers extensive tools related to photo filters, editors and sharing.

2. Although it has plentiful features, the interface is concise and easy to navigate.


1. The output quality is not as good as other photo effects app, because it cannot save the photos in full resolution.

Befunky Screenshot

Top 5: Photo Effects Editing App - PhotoMagic

PhotoMagic Icon

PhotoMagic is another popular photo effects app among mobile phone users. Its basic features include:

1. PhotoMagic embedded more than 30 photo filters, including Color Tint, Vintage, B/W, Sketch and more.

2. And it also has over 30 photo light effects to make your photos special.

3. The built-in photo editor offers crop, rotate, text and other basic photo editing tools.

4. It also has plentiful frames with custom options.


1. This photo effects app offers wide range of photo filters and effects.

2. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

3. You can save the results in full resolution.


1. PhotoMagic does not support Android phones.

2. It is a paid photo editor.

3. This photo editor is a paid app.

PhotoMagic Photo

Top 6: Photo Effects Editing App - Camera+

Camera + Icon

Camera+ is an excellent photo effects app with extensive useful features. It is not only a photo effects tool, but also a professional camera app.

1. The built-in camera feature offers plentiful custom options and turns your Smartphone to professional camera.

2. It has the capacity to clarify and enhance your photos with one click.

3. Camera+ offers tons of 1-touch image filters and effects.

4. This app allows you to overlay multiple filters on a single picture.


1. This professional photo effects app has extensive features, from camera to editor and filters.

2. It works well with iCloud and Camera Roll and supports a wider range of social media and cloud services.


1. You cannot use it on Android phones.

Camera Plus Screenshot

Top 7: Photo Effects Editing App - PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia Icon

If you want to apply photo effects and make your photos funny, PhotoFunia could meet your requirements. Its key features include:

1. PhotoFunia integrates tons of photo effects and filters.

2. Developer updates the photo effect library frequently, so you can get the fresh ones.

3. It allows you to add text or signature on the result to prevent from illegal copy.

4. You can share the output photos to social media or save it to photo gallery.


1. It has more photo effects than other photo effects app.

2. PhotoFunia supports to save the photos in full resolution.

3. This app is free to use on Android and iOS.


1. It only works under internet connection.

PhotoFunia Screenshot

Top 8: Photo Effects Editing App - Retrica

Retrica Icon

Retrica is a both great photo effects app and a camera tool for smartphone users. Its basic features include:

1. It has more than a hundred of real-time photo filters and effects.

2. This app could take photo collage and apply different photo effects on photos.

3. After take photos and apply effects, you can save the results in private album or share to social media.


1. Except photo sharing, it does not need to work under internet environment.

2. This app is available to both Android and iOS.

3. You can preview the photo effects and undo at any time.


1. This photo app lack some necessary features, such as red eye remove.

Retrica Screenshot


In this article, we introduced photo effects and filters to make photo great: photo montage, water reflection, black and white, photo blur and silhouette effect. After you took a photo, you can try these photo effects to make the original photo unique and personalized.

Besides these photo effects, we also share various tools and methods to apply the photo effects on different platforms.

We usually process photos with Photoshop and other photo editors on PCs. Photoshop is more appropriate to create complicated photo effects. However, even to advanced users, Photoshop is not an easy-to-use photo effects tool. An awesome photo editor, like WidsMob Montage, could simplify the process of photo effects and filters applying.

Online photo editors are able to make photo effects without install programs on PCs.

When it comes to mobile devices, things become simpler. And there are plentiful photo editing apps for iPhone and Android devices. We have introduced the key features of this photo effects app in details.

Plus, we have share more photo apps offer plentiful photo effects. Photo Effect Pro is a powerful photo effects app. BeFunky is a versatile photo effects app. PhotoFunia has more photo effects. Camera+ and Retrica integrate camera functions. PhotoMagic offers unique photo effects for iOS users. You can choose your favorite one and make your photos special immediately.

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