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Privacy is a major concern for today’s technology industry. As ordinary people, smartphone users need to grasp more skills and technologies to protect their information. Photo Locker is one of applications that have the capacity to protect photos on Android phones. As an open operating system, it is believed that Android is less security than iOS. And iPhone users could use built-in Guided Access features to lock photos. But Android does not provide such functions. Does that mean screen lock is the only way to prevent others from browsing your photos on Android phone? No, Photo Locker is the second line to lock out others from your photos on handset.

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Introduction about Photo Locker

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Photo Locker has two versions, the free version and the pro version. The former one is free to charge; but users have to see some ads to exchange the free services. The latter one does play ads; but you have to pay for several dollars to use enjoy the clean and clear screen. Other features of Photo Locker include:

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1. Photo Locker could help Android users to hide pictures and photos securely.

2. Users could access the photos uploaded to Photo Locker only with created PIN code.

3. This app uses the advanced 128bit SES encryption technology to protect your photos.

4. Photo Locker has a concise interface. Even beginners will not lose in this app.

5. With Photo Locker, Android users could lock not only photos, but also folders.

6. This app does not show up in the recent apps list, so you can hide your photos quietly.

7. Developer has optimized Photo Locker for tablet; so larger screen users could enjoy Photo Locker as well.

People could use this photo protection app to hide and lock photos on Android handsets without worrying picture quality damaged.

How Photo Locker works

When you prepare to lock some photos on Android phone, you can download the appropriate version of Photo Locker from Google Play Store and install this app on your phone.

1. When you tap on the Photo Locker icon for the first time, it will ask you to set up the PIN code. Pick a four digital PIN code and re-enter to confirm it.

2. After access Photo Locker, the interface will show you several folders, including Collections, Credit Cards, Wallpaper and Documents. Or you can create new folders by hitting the new folder icon. To start locking photos, tap on any folder.

3. In the folder, tap on the plus icon in top right corner to relocate to photo gallery on Android phone.

4. In photo gallery, select the photos you want to hide and tap on SELECTED button. Or you can press the ALL SELECTED button to move all photos to Photo Locker.

5. Choose a folder to store the photos and tap on the Done button to start moving.

Then your photos will be hided in Photo Locker and anyone could not access the photos without your PIN code.

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How to hide photos within Photo Gallery

Photo Locker also allows users to hide photos in Photo Gallery directly.

1. Go to the default Photo Gallery app on your Android phone.

2. In Photo Gallery, select the photos you want to hide and tap on the Share button.

3. Choose Photo Locker on the list and pick a folder. Once you tap on the Done button, the selected photos will be transferred to Photo Locker app and hided in Photo Gallery immediately.

If you need a stronger protection to photos on Android phone, you can install Photo Locker Pro. The upgrade version has a feature called Stealth Mode that could hide the app icon from the app drawer. And users could go to the Call app and use PIN code to access Photo Locker Pro.

Pros and Cons of Photo Locker

Although Photo Locker is one of the best photo locking apps for Android, it still has some shortcomings. We share the review about Photo Locker based on testing in this part.


1. Photo Locker has a user-friendly interface. Users could navigate within this app easily.

2. This app could hide and protect pictures and images from unauthorized users.

3. Users could lock photos in Photo Gallery app without accessing Photo Locker.

4. Photo Locker does not have limit on the amount of photos to hide. Users could lock hundreds of photos in Photo Locker.

5. This app will keep the original quality of hided photos with any loss.


1. Users have to see ads to exchange the free photo lock feature or pay for it.

2. The free version app only has limited features.

3. Photo Locker only supports to access the hided photos with the old-fashion PIN code.


Based on the introductions above, you might learn the principal features of Photo Locker and how to use this app to lock pictures on Android. A picture is worth a hundred words. For smartphone owners, the pictures are apparently more valuable than text. As brand increasingly improve the camera technology for Android phones, more and more people take photos and record their life with hand phone. How to protect pictures on Android becomes an urgent problem. Photo Locker seems to be one of the solutions. And with Photo Locker, you can lock and hide pictures on smartphone easily.