Top 12 Photo Transfer Apps to Navigate Photos Between Different Devices

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What are the best photo transfer apps to sync photos between two devices? Are you still transferring photos with a USB cable or emails? Just choose a good photo transfer app, which can help you transfer photos between different devices efficiently.

Whether you are using iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows, the article lists the 12 best photo transfer apps to sync the desired photos. Just learn more about the excellent apps with their features. Read on the article and get the desired one now.


Part 1: How to Transfer Photos via a USB Cable

What is the best method to transfer photos among iOS devices, iTunes, and computers? The iPhone Data Transfer is more than a photo transfer app to sync photos between devices with a USB cable. It enables you to manage the photos, such as adding new albums, deleting unwanted photos, transferring the photos, and more.

  1. Transfer photos from iOS devices, iTunes, and computers to iPhone.
  2. Detect the images in different albums and manage them within clicks.
  3. View the photo information of iOS devices, like date, size, format, etc.
  4. Open HEIC on PC and convert HEIC to JPEG/PNG in high quality.
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Step 1: Once you have installed iPhone Data Transfer on the computer, you can launch the program. Connect the iOS device with a computer via a USB cable. It will detect all the photos from the connected iOS devices, including the latest iPhone and iPad.

iOS Transfer

Step 2: Go to the Photos menu and locate the photos from the connected iOS device. Just select the desired photos you want to transfer and download from another iPhone to the iPhone. You can locate that all photos will be classified into different albums on the left.

Backup Photos to iPhone

Step 3: Click the Export button and choose the Export to PCoption or the Export to Device option. Choose the desired photos you want to transfer from the device to your iPhone. Click the Open button to transfer the selected photos to your iPhone accordingly.

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Part 2: Best Photo Transfer App to Sync Photos

WidsMob MediaServer is the photos transfer app to turn Mac into a media server, which you can transfer photos from Mac to other UPnP devices, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, smart TV, Xbox, Linux, and more. Moreover, you can transfer the desired photos simultaneously from Mac to all other devices

  1. Transfer photos, videos, and music files from Mac as a media library.
  2. Sync photos from desired local folder, Photos Library, and iTunes Library.
  3. Full control and manage the transferred devices and files with ease.
  4. Detect the other UPnP devices and apps automatically for transferring.
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Part 3: Top 6 Photo Transfer Apps on Desktop

Top 1: Simple Transfer

Simple Transfer is a simple photo transfer app to sync and copy photos and videos wirelessly between iPhone, iPad, and computer. It preserves the Meta-data of the photos and provides a protection mechanism meaning.

  1. Support iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and Windows computers.
  2. Export photos to JPEG/HEIC and videos to H.264 MPEG-4 format.
  3. Ability to create new albums and transfer photos to the selected album.
  4. Payment after transferring 50 photos in the free version of the photo transfer app.

Top 2: Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App allows you to transfer photos between iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC within the same local Wi-Fi network easily. The photo transfer app supports transferring images in all resolutions, as well as HD videos.

  1. Preserve metadata in all transfer directions and takes place in RAW format.
  2. Transfer photos from device to device using a local Wi-Fi network.
  3. Web service plugin to upload and download photos from cloud services.
  4. Cannot transfer photos to Android or other devices directly.

Top 3: Image Transfer

Image Transfer is another popular photo transfer app that exchanges images between iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC wirelessly. Instead of waiting for the auto-sync for the photos, you can transfer them at a fast speed.

  1. Type the URL address of the photos to download transferred files.
  2. Receive unlimited photos and videos from and to within the app.
  3. Super fast transferring speed to receive the photos with ease.
  4. The free version only allows you receive photos from other devices.

Top 4: Fotolr Photo Album

Fotolr Photo Album is the desired photo transfer app to transfer, sort through and share photos among different social networking services. Moreover, you can find the photos shown in the day photos were taken in the calendar.

  1. Calendar Model and Map Model services through transferring photos.
  2. Establish different albums and put different photos in different albums.
  3. Map Model your photos will be shown in the geographic location photos.
  4. It should be an awful photo transfer app to manage photos files.

Top 5: Wireless Transfer App

Wireless Transfer App helps you transfer photos between Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and computer over Wi-Fi. Both the Android and iOS photo transfer app is available to sync photos between different devices.

  1. Support transferring RAW files and preserves EXIF Information.
  2. Batch transfer features are available for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  3. Just make sure the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  4. Upload and transfer multiple photos from Android to iOS devices.

Top 6: AirDroid

AirDroid is another transfer photos app to transfer pictures from Android to computer wirelessly. It allows you to access and manage your Android phone and tablet from Windows, Mac, or the web wireless for free.

  1. Notification notifications for both your computer and Android devices.
  2. Pick up calls from your computer as well as send files back and forth.
  3. Mirror the device from Android to PC or Mac with a bigger screen.
  4. The device mirroring requires root privileges and data caps limitations.

Part 4: 4 Best Photo Transfer Apps on Cloud

Top 7: iCloud

iCloud provides two methods to transfer photos: Photo Stream and Photo Library. Once you choose to turn on automatically back up photos, you will never lose important photos with the photo transfer app for iPhone.

  1. Sync images between different iOS devices automatically with ease.
  2. No limitation of 30 days or 1000 images restriction as Photo Stream.
  3. Transfer photos to different channels from iPhone Camera Roll directly.
  4. Only 5GB free storage space and limited app to iOS devices.

Top 8: Google Photos

As a photo transfer app from Google, Google Photos also enables people to back up and organize photos automatically in detail. Just upload the photos from one portal, you can access the photos from other devices.

  1. Search the keyword about pictures on the photo transfer app on chrome.
  2. Upload and copy photos and videos with endless storage space for free.
  3. Create collages, animations, panoramas, and movies on consist of photos.
  4. Limited photo editing features if you need to retouch the photos.

Top 9: Dropbox

Dropbox is an all-rounded photo transfer app. Behind Dropbox's simplicity are sophisticated tools that let you back up your photos, edit documents online, roll back time, and secure your files from prying eyes.

  1. add comments and tags to the photos, you can search for files with ease.
  2. Carousel photo organizer to back up all the pictures to Dropbox.
  3. Customize the Dropbox notifications and check updates frequently.
  4. It offers 2GB free cloud storage space to store and backup images.

Top 10: PhotoSync

PhotoSync supports transferring files between iOS devices and computers. You can transfer and backup photos and videos from cloud services by dragging and dropping them on the photo transfer app on cloud services.

  1. Transfer photos & videos to and from NAS over SMB, FTP, and WebDav.
  2. View images in the web browser and share them with social networks.
  3. Auto transfer photos between different devices in the background.
  4. Limited storage that you have to pay $2.99 for the extra usage.

Part 5: FAQs about Photo Transfer Apps to Transfer Photos

1How do I transfer iPhone photos between iCloud accounts?

Go to the iCloud account online and choose the Photos option. Preview all the iPhone photos you have backed up on the iCloud Photo Library. Browse the photos and click the Download icon. Sign out of the iCloud account and sign in with another account. Just move the photos to your new iCloud ID.

2Can I transfer photos from PC to iPhone via Cloud service?

Yes. OneDrive is the photo transfer app that integrates with Windows 10. Open the file manager, navigate to the OneDrive menu from the sidebar, and create a new folder in it. Copy and paste the photos in that folder and OneDrive will sync all the photos from PC to iPhone.

3What if your photos are HEIFs?

If your photos are in HEIC/HEIF format, you won’t be able to access them via File Explorer/Windows Explorer on your computer. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that your iPhone automatically converts your HEIF photos to JPEGs when exporting to your PC.


Here are the 12 best photo transfer apps listed in the article. You can transfer photos within the same photo transfer app, or limited devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When you want to share some private photos with cloud services, you need to take the size of the photos and the private into consideration. WidsMob MediaServer is a UPnP-based photo transfer app, which you can use any other UPnP device to transfer or receive the desired photos without your permission without limitation. Moreover, iPhone Data Transfer is a powerful method to transfer photos among iOS devices, iTunes, and computers.

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