Top 8 Picasa Photo Editor Alternative Overviews in 2023

Last Updated on February 1, 2023 by Peter Wood

What should be the best Picasa Photo Editor alternatives to manage and edit the photos on your Windows or Mac? You can not only collect large numbers of images but also sort out different themes in order. There are many photo album managers at present. But it is not easy to find the suitable one, which can help you manage photos smartly. Picasa Photo Editor used to be the top free photo manager from Google.

Unfortunately, Picasa Photo Editor retired back in 2016, and the videos and photos are moved into its successor, Google Photos. You can open the Google Photos app to browse. Or you can use Picasa alternative programs to do a similar or even better job. Here are the 8 best photo managers and editors you should know as the replacements.

Picasa Photo Editor Review

Part 1. The Brief Introduction of Picasa Photo Editor

There are two versions of Picasa, which are desktop applications and online Picasa software. And Google tends to publish the online component. You can store all photos in individual albums. And you can use edit tools to process all pictures. There will be the right pane, with which you can view created folders, albums, and the user. Once you choose one folder, you can preview and edit with several methods. You can click the play button to view your photo collection automatically.

Compares with Google Photos, Picasa photo editor does not offer many photo editing tools. And Picasa is not powerful enough for people to manage a large number of images directly. The phenomenon is that it has been replaced by Google Photos already. And Picasa will only be the history for people to recall.


Part 2: 8 Best Picasa Photo Editor Alternatives [Recommended]

Since the Picasa photo editor no longer works, especially for Windows 11, it is necessary to find some special photo editors. The following photo editors are all good at photo management and photo editing tasks. You can feel free to handle your photo collection with them.

Top 1. WidsMob AI Retoucher

When you need to touch up photos easily, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the desired Picasa Photo Editor alternative with multiple AI algorithms. It has a whole series of HSL parameters, color adjustments, and noise reduction features. You can also apply noise reduction, haze removal, lowlight recovery, portrait touch-up, mosaic faces, and convert photos to cartoons/paintings with advanced AI algorithms. Moreover, there are multiple filters, analog films, and editing features to touch up photos.

1. Provide multiple AI Retouch, AI Style Transfer, AI Face Mosaic, AI Portrait, AI Cartoon, etc.

2. Tweak HSL parameters, B/W films, light adjustments, HDR filters, noise reduction, and more.

3. Convert photos to multiple cartoons, paintings, pencil sketches, and others with AI algorithms.

4. Edit photos by cropping, rotating, flipping, comparing photos, and removing the background.

Cartoon AI Portrait Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Top 2. Google Photos

Google Photos is the default Picasa Photo Editor alternative for photo managing cloud services, which enables you to backup photos and videos, find desired photos via objects in them or the place shot, create 3D animation from the memories, and even use facial detection to group photos automatically. As for the editing features, it has the basic editing features as Picasa to adjust the light, color, and pop. But it has limited editing features for portraits and subscribes to save the photos in original quality.

1. Share the photos from Google Photos to other Google accounts, Facebook, links, and more.

2. Sync and manage photos and videos between different devices within the same account.

3. Provide multiple basic photo-editing features, complete photo enhancements, and others.

4. Preview all photos of certain subjects via the tiles on the Explore page via description text.

Google Photos Cloud

Top 3. Flickr

Flickr is the online Picasa photo editor alternative program. You may access it before because of its powerful image-sharing feature. But actually, Flickr can manage your pictures excellently. You can register the free account first. Later, there are many filters contained in the photo editor menu. For instance, you can enhance photos, add effects, frames, crop, focus, and add other photo effects online. It is easy to use Flickr to edit and manage images. But the auto-uploader is not allowed in the free version.

1. Provide a photo stream with all your photos in one continuous stream with curated albums.

2. Edit photos with brightness, contrast, filters, text, animation, tags, whites, blacks, and titles.

3. Search for the desired photos via the date taken, data uploaded, a specific event, or other tags.

4. Upload unlimited full-resolution photos with an Ads-free browsing experience for a Pro account.


Top 4. Dropbox

Dropbox is a well-known cloud photo storage, with which you can store all your images, folders, and other files. The Picasa Photo Editor alternative provides 500MB of free space for any account. It is integrated with thousands of apps, such as a backup service, taking screenshots and recording videos, an e-signature service for your documents, and editing media files within the cloud services directly. Moreover, it enables you to sync media files to the cloud and all your other devices automatically.

1. Generate links for the uploaded media files and share the URLs with the desired person.

2. Restore the backup files by reverting them to any version of a file created in the last 30 days.

3. Offer Dropbox with a bare-bones alternative to Google Docs that works well for quick notes.

4. Drop anything into the app to sync to the cloud, your other devices, or sync it with others.


Top 5: WidsMob ImageConvert

WidsMob ImageConvert is another Picasa Photo Editor alternative, which allows you to convert, resize and edit photos in batches easily and quickly. It can convert different photo formats, such as RAW file formats with a 6x speed. You can resize photos by width, height, percentage, and free in batch. Moreover, there is an AI image up-scaler to enlarge photos to 4X the original size with the original image quality. Moreover, you can also customize and add presets to apply a series of editing actions easily.

1. Support JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WebP, AVIF, animated GIF, and famous RAW formats.

2. Provide tools for rotating, renaming, adding borders, and adding watermarks in bulk.

3. Enlarge photos to 4X the original file size for 3000 X 3000 images with the original quality.

4. Customize and apply presets to edit the photos with a series of editing features in one click.

Choose Upscale Mode ImageConvert Win Download Mac Download

Top 6. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a photo organizer for Windows, with which you can view, organize, and edit photos. There are many photo editing tools, like cropping, resizing, creating a musical slideshow, and color adjustments. It is the free Picasa Photo Editor alternative to check the EXIF information, apply shadow effects, add image annotations and more. It also supports video and audio formats. Just use a new database engine for better performance, capacity, and reliability with the latest updates.

1. Add and draw text, lines, highlights, rectangles, ovals, callouts, shapes, and other elements.

2. Manage photos with advanced features, like tagging, rating, copying, editing metadata, etc.

3. Creating more than 150 musical slideshows via transition effects and multiple music support.

4. Generate new images from scanners and capture photos with versatile capture capability.

FastStone Image Viewer

Top 7. Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is the top choice for Windows users to save and manage photos. You can edit images with the Picasa Photo Editor alternative, and share media files to Facebook and other social platforms directly. Besides the basic editing features, such as rotating, flipping, and adjustments. You can remove red eyes, retouch portraits, draw on the photos, and edit them on Windows for free. But it is not available for the latest Windows 11, you have to use Windows Photos to touch up photos.

1. Integrate with other Windows apps and services for editing, printing, and sharing photos.

2. Store more than 500 MB online for free from e-mails, chat tools, web searches, and others.

3. Edit photos with more subtle aspects, such as retouching, noise reduction, resizing, etc.

4. Provide multiple add-ons to manage and edit photos in a batch process on Windows 8/10.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Top 8. Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is your professional photo manager, with which you can get 30 days of free trials. There is also the Pro version change for $65, which provides a Photoshop-like interface to edit each picture during photo management. The Picasa Photo Editor alternative enables you to manage the photos with layers and masks. Moreover, there are more advanced features to backup photos, touch-up portraits with brushes, organize hundreds of photos with cataloging and more.

1. Customize and apply presets with multiple features and whole moods in just one click.

2. Provide auto-sorting into folders by date, place, and keywords for managing the photos.

3. Enhance photos with automatic edits, filter brushes, local edits, masks, layers, and others.

4. Create photo books, calendars, canvas prints, and others with social media sharing.

Zoner Photo Studio Win Download Mac Download


When you are looking for the best replacements for the retired Picasa Photo Editor, here are the 8 best alternatives you should know. If you can store photos and videos on the cloud service, Google Photos is the default successor you should choose. Of course, you can choose WidsMob AI Retoucher or others to manage and edit the photos according to your requirements.