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Top 5 Funny Face Editor for Free Portrait Photo Retouching

If you are looking for one portrait editor for avatar and selfies customization, then you just come to the right place. This article aims to show you overviews of top 5 best face editor online and offline. Thus, both Windows and Mac users can get the satisfying portrait retouching program for free.

Actually, you can get the radiant portrait picture without Adobe Photoshop layers and other hassle filters. Since there are easy-to-use and powerful face editor software, why should you choose a difficult and time-wasting one?

It is true that Photoshop is popular with professionals. But if you only want to get portrait photo retouching and makeup features for Instagram and Facebook sharing, then the following photo and face editors can be your smart choices.

Portrait Editor

Top 1: Fotor – Get Online Photo Retouching Program to Touch Up Portraits for Free

Fotor is a free online face makeup editor for beginners. With a wide range of photo touchup tools, you can transform your portraits and photos into perfections without too much effort. All those filters can be divided into 4 categories including stickers, effects, text and HDR. So you can achieve image perfection easily.


  • Get winkle remover, blemish remover, photo reshaping, teeth whitening and red-eye remover to retouch portrait photos for free.
  • Apply photo touchup and makeup tools online.


  • You cannot get the portrait retouching effect as good as Photoshop does.

Fotor Online Face Editor

Top 2: Makeup.Pho.to – Your Photo Makeup Editor Online with Over 40 Stylish Photo Effects

Just as its name shows, you can apply portrait makeup retouching effects from Makeup.Pho.to site. So everyone can be beautiful at any age, including both male and female. Moreover, you can use this online face makeup editor to create a perfect makeup on your face.


  • Offer fully automatic face retouch features, including skin makeup, shine remover, wrinkle smoothing, teeth whitening, red eye remover, color effects and stylish effects.
  • Retouch your face and remove skin detects for free with cool effects.


  • No related filters for touching up hair online.

Makeup Pho.to Online Face Editor

Top 3: Pixlr – Online and Offline Hair and Makeup Photo Editor

Pixlr offers two different versions for both desktop and web users, including Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express. You can get an interface similar with Photoshop. Well, calm down and do not be worried. Photo retouching filters in Pixlr are much easier than Photoshop.


  • The Pixlr photo face cleaner online provides straightforward photo-editing tools and overlays.
  • Accept images from desktop, clipboard, URL or library from Facebook, Pixlr, etc.


  • No direct makeup and hair retouching features.

Pixlr Portrait Editor

Top 4: ChangeFace – Swap the Faces with Funny Face Editor Free Online

ChangeFace is a funny face change editor that you can swap faces with some else for free online. It offers many free graphic assets, such as templates, mockups, icons, etc. The whole process is quite easy. You just need to move your face into the correct place to match the background. After that, you can export or share the portrait directly.


  • Offer free and easy-to-use face change templates and tools for different scenes.
  • Customize with other photo-editing tools like bubbles, text and more.


  • There are no extra functions you can get more than swapping faces online.

ChangeFace Online Face Editor

Top 5: WidsMob Retoucher – Touch Up Portraits and Whiten Skin on Mac

By using WidsMob Retoucher, you can get various artistic and magic photo effects within one program. There are 5 different section inserted in this software, including basic adjustment, portrait retouching, denoise, LOMO and film packs. Each photo-editing section allows users to achieve the high-level photo effects with simple sliders and choices. So even novices can create perfect portrait pictures with this photo retouching software.

Key Features of the Photo Retouching Software

  • Fix blurry photos by eliminating image noises while preserving image detail.
  • Apply portrait retouching features to whiten and smooth skin.
  • Offer high-quality film packs to analog classic film effects with RAW files.
  • Retouch photos with color opacity, vignette and fish eye effects.
  • Adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and tint freely.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Touch Up Portrait Photo Easily and Perfectly

Step 1: Import picture into WidsMob Retoucher

Free download and install WidsMob Retoucher software on your Mac computer. Then launch this photo portrait editor for Mac. Choose “Open” icon to import your pictures. Well, it is also supported to drag and drop photos from desktop to the main interface. Later, click “Next” to move on.

Add Selfie on Retoucher

Step 2: Apply photo retouching effect

Find and click any icon on the lower right corner of the window. Consequently, you can enter into the specific photo editing page. As for retouching portrait, just click the second icon to get tools under “Portrait” category. During this time, you can move sliders titled “Skin Smoothing” and “Skin Whitening” slightly per time to view the change instantly.

Touch up Selfie Skin on Retoucher

Note: If you are not satisfied with the applied photo effects, you can choose “Restore” option to go back to the original state by one click.

Step 3: Export the portrait photo

After everything has been finished, click “Share” or “Save” option to export your artwork. If you choose the former option, you are allowed to share your retouched portrait picture to Airdrop, Notes, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr and more.

Share on Portrait

Otherwise, you will get a popping-up window. Set the output image format and adjust the photo quality from the least to the best freely. At last, click “Save” to finish the process.

Save Skin Whitening Portrait Photo Retoucher

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

All in all, you can get your best portrait editor app from above 5 programs. In spite of retouching face, you can add many other photo effects to your selfies too. If you have any good face editor online or offline, just feel free to write down and share in the comments below.