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5 Best RAW Image Viewer You Should Know

If you want to take advantage of shoots RAW, you can choose the RAW photo viewers to browse, edit and manage different RAW files with different types of cameras. Some bundled versions of RAW viewers provided by the camera manufacturers might only enable you to view images or manage a certain format. The article provides the 5 best RAW picture viewers to process the RAW images.

In mention of the best RAW photo viewers, some of the major features should be taken into consideration. Just learn more detail about the RAW viewer features as below.

1. Support as many RAW formats of different camera types as possible. Even if you only have a Canon camera, you might need more than a CR2 viewer, because you might also use RAW format of Photoshop.

2. The RAW viewer should provide fluid display with high quality and EXIF information. The RAW formats is much larger than the JPEG files, the RAW viewer should able to display everything in detail.

3. Batch process to ease the work for large amount of RAW files. It should be an essential feature for Photographers, to rename, convert and resize the photos for creating photo albums or uploading online.

4. As the best RAW image viewers, the editing features to crop photos without losing quality, adjust the effects of files, rotate and flip the photos. Some additional features should be a plus for the RAW viewers.

RAW Image Viewer

Top 1: WidsMob Viewer

WidsMob Viewer is one of the best RAW viewer to handle large amount of RAW files with 5X speed. The RAW viewer is able to handle more than 35 RAW formats with fundamental editing tools in batch process. You can also find the batch functions and sorting tools. The RAW viewer for Mac is a Retina-aware application and RAW viewer for Windows supports 3D and touch gesture.

Download for Mac Version

Photo Files: JPEG / JPG / JPE / PNG / TIFF / TIF / BMP / GIF / ICO / PSD / JP2 / JPF / JPX / J2K / J2C / TGA / ICNS / XBM / DCR

RAW Images: RAF / 3FR / RAW / MOS / MRW / RAF / PEF / ORF / NEF / ERF / RWL / EXR / SGI / DNG / CR2 / CRW / ARW / SRF / X3F / KDC / SR2 / ARI / R3D / MDC / FFF / MEF / RW2 / RWZ / PEF (35 RAW formats)

Organize Photo

It should be one of the best CR2 viewers on Mac. It still needs a longer way to perfect the whole program.

Top 2: FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a free RAW viewer with fast, stable, user-friendly application. It not only supports also the major features of RAW image viewer, but also supports musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects. The free RAW viewer is compatible with Windows Operation System. Just learn the supported RAW formats.

Photo Files: JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / TIFF / PCX / TGA / JPEG2 / PSD / EPS / WMF / CUR / ICO

RAW Images: CRW / CR2 / NEF / PEF / MRW / ORF / SRF / SR2 / ARW / RW2 / DNG (11 RAW formats)

FastStone Image Viewer

Top 3: IrfanView

IrfanView is another professional RAW viewer to view, edit and convert RAW image files and display video and audio files. The program supports a huge number of formats with powerful editing tool. And you can also access more RAW formats with more Plugins of the RAW viewer if you cannot view the RAW file. The current version is available for Windows.

Photo Files: ANI / CUR / AWD / B3D / CAM / JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / TIFF / PCX / TGA / JPEG2 / PSD / EPS / WMF / CUR / ICO / IMG / PCD / JNG and other photo formats.

RAW Images: CRW / CR2 / EEF / NEF / MRW / ORF / RAF / DCR / SRF / ARW / RW2 / DNG / PEF / X3F / NRW (13 RAW formats)


Top 4: RawTherapee

It is another cross-platform Free RAW viewer and RAW editor. RawTheapee includes a very high-quality processing engine, multi-threading and a huge range of supported cameras and manufacturer file-types. You can also note some special demosaicing, denoising and enhancement tools as well as the tone-mapping feature for HDR-like photos available within the RAW viewer.

Photo Files: JPEG / TIFF / PNG

RAW Images: The RAW viewer use Raw as a back-end to do the actual processing of RAW images. Whenever there is an update for the RAW files, you can find the updated RAW within the program.


Top 5: XnView

XnView is a free RAW viewer for personal licenses only. It is an efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter. There are numerous viewing methods for RAW files, multiple editing features and enable you to create slideshow and gallery accordingly. Of course, you can find the batch function and the print features of the RAW viewer as well.

XnView lets you read about 500 formats, including multi-page and animated still formats. You can find most of the photo formats and RAW files supported for the RAW viewer. If you have some unfamiliar RAW format, you can always take XnView into consideration.



If you are not satisfied with the JPEG viewer of your operation system, you can download the above RAW viewers to enjoy the nice viewing experience. If you have any query about the RAW viewers, just let us know in the comments.

Download for Mac Version

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