Repix - the Best Filter App for Mobiles

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Almost all the camera apps built-in iOS and Android mobile phones have the filter feature. But most of the photo filter apps only provide filter effects for users to modify their photos. Repix should be the best filter app, which can let you turn your ordinary photos into masterpieces. Due to the filters of Repix, it wins 15 million users in over 100 countries.

Repix Review

Part 1. What is Repix

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Repix can remix your photos. The best photo filter app has amazingly detailed filter features, which provide photo effects as if you were drawing pictures. Instead of laying a filter on top of your entire photo, you can pick and choose where the photo effect will go with the large variety of filter pencils. The filters of Repix give your overall picture a new look. What is more, you can also have fun when you apply the filters for the photos.

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Part 2. Key Features of Repix

  • Dozens of handcraft-designed filters, effect brushes, and beautiful frames to edit any part of your photo with a finger.
  • Brushes for Animated, Decoration, Effect, Color, and Artistic also add unique touch-ups to your photos.
  • Super smooth cropping, fast and robust adjustments tool, and Zero-friction design to enjoy the friendly user interface of the best photo filter.
  • Share method should be another plus for Repix. You can directly share your photos on favorite services from the filter app.
  • If you use Repix for Android, such as Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen or Galaxy S 4, you can find the Air View Technology for the best filter app.
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Part 3. How to Apply Filters with Repix

It is super easy to use Repix to apply filters that can turn ordinary photos into a masterpiece. All you have to do is use your fingertips to make everything happen in real-time.

1. Load the Photos

You can either load the photos from your camera or gallery. Just make sure you set the permissions before loading the pictures.

2. Apply Filters to Photos

Click any filter brush, and then you can use your fingertip to apply filters to photos with photo effect with Repix. You can have a look at your pictures just in seconds.

3. Add Other Effects

Except for the stunning filters, you can also use effect brushes and beautiful frames to make the photos as desired.

4. Share the Photos

Finally, you can share the photos to a different social network, email, or save them to a camera roll.


Part 4. Repix Test and Review

Repix is the most powerful photo filter. It should be one of the best photo apps that you should install. Just learn more about the test and review for Repix as below.


It is a funny way to use a finger to apply filters on the photos with the brushes.

There are multiple methods to enhance the effects of photos.

Super easy way to use the filters to your photos.


It will be a little difficult to imagine the effects of the filter brushes before you apply them. Not no control over these filters to get the desired result.

Cannot preview the effects and filters applied to the full image.

There is no camera enhancement to the loaded photos.

Recommendation: Get More Photo Effects on Windows and Mac

If you want to turn your photos to more effects than painting, you can choose WidsMob Retoucher. WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile photo effects editor. You can get 28 different camera profiles with many color modes and film grain. What is more, you can also get some excellent photo retouching features, such as color adjustment, portrait touchup, noise reduction, image focusing, and more.

1. 4 different color profiles with 28 classic and different camera profiles.

2. Custom film grain, color mode, color parameters, focus mode, and toning.

3. Optimize the photographs with portrait touchup, noise reduction, etc.

4. Combine different effects from the analog film, noise reduction, and others to combine the desired result.

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