Target Photo Printing Service Introduction, Review and Best 5 Alternatives [2024 Update]

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Peter Wood

What should be the best alternatives for Target photo prints? You can get memorable snapshots from Target Photo or other photo printing services. Here we provide a detailed comparison between different online printing services. Moreover, you can learn more detail about the price, quality, and service to choose the best photo center.

Target Photo Printing Online

Part 1. Target Photo Print Service Introduction and Review

1. Target Photo Printing Service

If you need a one-day photo print service, you can check nearby photo labs first before placing an order from an online photo printing service. Target Photo, Walmart Photo, Walgreens Photo, and the drug stores can print out passport photos, frames, calendars, and photo books.

And you can also use online services and smartphone apps to get the desired photos. Just take Target Photo as an example. Instead of checking the Target Photo locations, you can download the Target Photo app for iPhone to get the photo on the go.

Target Photo Printing Service

2. Target Photo Print Prices

You can find different prices of different photo print services for a specific type of print. It is hard to say that Walmart's Photo price is better than Target Photo print price. You need to compare the same printing type, such as card printing, postcard printing, calendar printing, etc.

If you can find Target photo printing coupon codes from Groupon or other coupon code sites, you might discover Target Photo more competitive. Generally speaking, the price of Costco Photo and Walmart Photo is much lower than other photo labs.

Target Photo Print Prices

3. Target Photo Printing Quality

To compare the quality of different photo printing services, you can get information about the Photo Printer and the paper. If you are satisfied with the printer and printing paper, you can contact the lab manager with more detail about your requirement and get a satisfactory result with ease.

Target Photo uses Kodak machine and Kodak XTRALIFE paper. The Kodak machine is open. And the dust is more likely to get into the printer. And the Kodak XTRALIFE paper is good in quality. With the above information, you can imagine the output of the Target Photo prints accordingly.

Target Photo Printing Quality

4. Target Photo Printing Service Review

Target Photo enables you to create and customize photo prints for your Facebook and desktop. Moreover, you can get some excellent Target photo frames together. Target provides digital photo prints, prints and Panos, calendars, wall décor, digital gifts, photo books, and phone cases. Target photo uses Kodak XTRALIFE with glossy type only.


1. Target Photo prints are good in quality with a relatively competitive price.

2. Whether you need to order online or pick it up at Target's local store, you can get Target Photo with ease.


1. You can find the shipping service for Target photos with 5-7 business days.

2. When you need to find Target photos online, the user experience is not friendly. You have to choose it from a photo and crafting category.

3. Some Target photos have been cut-off slightly compared to the original images.

Target Photo Print Review

Part 2. Target Photo Printing Online Alternatives Introduction

1. Target Photo Print Alternative - Walmart Photo

Just as Target Photo, you can find Walmart Photo in Walmart Supermarket. If you need a passport photo urgently, the Pickup today service is helpful for you. Walmart Photo provides various photo print types, including photo books, cards, prints, wall décor, and home gifts. Walmart Photo uses FujiFilm Crystal Archive paper with Glossy and Matte types.

Target Photo Print Alternative - Walmart Photo


1. Walmart photo provides a more competitive price for large prints compared to Target Photo.

2. The same-day service and 1-hour service for photo printings are helpful when you need something soon.

3. It is easy to find the nearby Walmart Photo to order the printings.


1. The editing features are not easy to use. Sometimes you can find minor bugs or even crash the project.

2. It takes a period to upload the photo to Walmart photo.

2. Target Photo Print Alternative - Costco Photo

When you consider price, Costco Photo is the best Target Photo alternative for you. You can get photo books, canvas prints, metal prints, greeting cards, wall décor, and photo print gifts from Costco Photo Center. Costco Photo uses Glossy and Luster paper styles for the same price. Fujifilm crystal archive paper is for the Luster prints.

Target Photo Print Alternative - Costco Photo


1. Costco Photo provides a competitive price with good quality, especially for the large size.

2. Compared to Target Photo, the user experience with Costco Photo is better. You can upload the photos from social media directly, with basic editing features.

3. The photo printing online service is easy to follow and fast to achieve the desired results.


1. No color correction is available. And the documentation for using printer profiles is complex to follow.

2. The standard shipping takes 6-9 business days. You can pick it up at a local office, but the same-day service is not available.

3. Target Photo Print Alternative - Shutterfly

Shutterfly is an online photo lab for photo books, cards & stationery, prints, calendars, personalized gifts, and home décor. When you need to have some Target Photo alternatives with a better design, Shutterfly is a good option. The Design Studio provides multiple ideas from professional designers. Shutterfly uses FujiFilm Crystal Archive paper with Glossy and Matte types.

Target Photo Print Alternative - Shutterfly


1. Shutterfly provides a good design for photo books, iPhone cases, pillows, and other photo prints.

2. When you order the prints on Shutterfly, you can pick them up at a Target Photo Store.

3. As for the price, you can always get great discounts from Retailmenot, Groupon, and other coupon code sites.


1. It takes about 3-7 days to deliver the order online with extra shipping charges.

2. When you need to pick up the Shutterfly prints from Target Photo or other photo labs, the quality depends on the local photo lab instead.

4. Target Photo Print Alternative - AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix is a professional photo print provider with multiple solutions. From AdoramaPix, you can get photo books, photo prints, calendars, and similar products as Target Photo. You can also select from Glossy, Matte, Luster, and Metallic types. Except for the Metallic type, the photo prints use Kodak Professional Endura paper with good quality.

Target Photo Print Alternative - Adoramapix


1. AdoramaPix provides a professional solution to print photos with different paper styles with high quality.

2. Powerful editing functions to correct color, custom print for the back of the photo, and cropping quickly.

3. Excellent user experience to upload the photos from different social media, including Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug, Instagram, Photobucket & Phanfare.


1. AdoramaPix does not have a local office to pick up the photo prints soon. You have to wait for four business days for the order.

2. The shipping service price of AdoramaPix is much higher than Target Photo and other photo printing services.

5. Target Photo Print Alternative - Walgreens Photo

Walgreens Photo is the most popular photo printing service with excellent photo quality. As an alternative service for Target Photo, you can get photo prints, photo books, cards, calendars, posters, wall décor, and gifts. Walgreens Photo uses Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. And you can only find glossily available in store.

Target Photo Print Alternative - Walgreens Photo


1. Walgreens Photo provides a wide variety of digital photo printing options at a great price.

2. Just like Target photo, Walgreens Photo is an all-in-one photo printing service, which allows you to create and ship photo prints to your home or local Walgreens.

3. Walgreens Photo App provides an easy process to order the photos online.


1. Compare to the Target photo, the paper quality of the Walgreens photo is a little rough and thin.

Part 3. Target Photo Printing Alternative on Windows and Mac

If you have a printer at home, you can print photos yourself without using Target Photo Printing Service. Since you may have lots of photos, you'd better use a photo manager to help you manage your photos and do some selection before printing. WidsMob Viewer Pro would be your best choice as it can let you easily browse and manage your photos on Windows and Mac.

Win Download Mac Download

View and select photo to print with WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 1. Double click any image, or import the whole image folder into the photo viewer. You can also open all image files within the same folder or the other file formats.

Open Images in Thumbnail mode of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 2. You can view images on Full Screen. This program enables you to zoom in/zoom out for viewing photos in full screen, rotate/flip images, sort by different methods, crop images, apply various filters, remove files, and transfer them.

View Image files in Full Screen of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 3. When you need to choose some favorite images from many photos to print, you can click the Star button at the bottom left of the Full-Screen mode to add photos into the Add to Favorites folder.

Add Photos to Favorite Folder of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 4. After selecting, you can print your selected photos by clicking the Print... in the File section of the top sidebar.

Print Photos with WidsMob Viewer Pro Win Download Mac Download

You can also pick photo prints from Sam’s Club Photo or CVS Photo. Ezprints, Snapfish, and ProDPI also provide professional online photo printing services as the Target Photo alternative. You can choose the desired photo printing service accordingly. If you have a printer at home, you can also use the WidsMob Viewer Pro to manage and select photos to print on your PC or Mac computer. If you have any queries, feel free to share the information with us.