Teeth Whitener Editor

Teeth Whitener Editor – Get Online and Offline Tools to Whiten Teeth in Photos

- “I want to whiten my teeth, what teeth whitener works for you?”

- “Quick and easy teeth whitener editor! Please!”

- “Does teeth whitening work? Is it safe?”

- “Best teeth whitening kits?”

If you love taking selfies, then you must know how important a perfect smile is. Well, white teeth can make you look better. However, there are many reasons cause your teeth stained, like drinking coffee or other beverages. Though many people decide to have teeth whitening or bleaching treatments, it is expensive and time-wasting. The most important thing is that you cannot keep your teeth clean and white all the time, even though you have tried the best teeth whitening kits.

To bypass this problem, you can try an excellent teeth whitener editor for pictures. There is no need to get much skills like an expert. Actually, you can whiten teeth and touch up your face easily by using photo editor teeth fixer software easily and quickly. Now, let’s read together to learn how to whiten teeth with touch up effects here.

Teeth Whitener Editor

Part 1: Get Teeth Whitening Editor Free Online to Make Your Smile Shine

Step 1: Head to Befunky online editor

Search and open befunky.com on your web browser. Enter into its photo editor window. You can see all tools and profiles display in categories. During this time, Choose “Upload” option on the top. You can import a selfie into this online teeth whitener editor.

Step 2: Whiten teeth free online

Find and click “Touch Up” from the far-left side of the screen in the third place. When you get the related tools, choose “Teeth Whiten” under “Mouth” category. Now, you can start to whiten teeth by using a brush. What’s more, you can move the provided sliders to adjust “Brush Size” and “Brush Hardness”. Once you make any error, you can click “Erase” icon to undo your teeth whiten effect. At last, click “Check” icon in blue to save your change.

Whiten Teeth Online Befunky

Note: You can zoom in the picture by dragging the slider at the bottom to get more detail information.

Step 3: Customize and export your teeth whitening photos free

After whitening teeth, you may find that your smile is a little toothy. So you can use reshape and other touch up effects to make your selfie to be perfect. Just set the correct brush size and pressure to resize teeth. Later, choose the “Check” icon to move on. At last, you can save or share the teeth whiten picture directly.

Reshape Smile and Teeth

Part 2: Best Photo Editor Skin Fixer – Simple Steps to Get a Beautiful Portrait

After whitening teeth, you should also remove wrinkles and other unwanted stains on your face and body. To get whiter skin in easy ways, you can head to WidsMob Retoucher, which offers the advanced algorithm to whiten your portrait normally and effectively. Moreover, there are many other photo effects here.

What Can You Get from The Portrait Photo Editor Software

  • Get portrait retoucher functions to remove some selfie imperfections and whiten skin.
  • Remove photo noise, JPEG artifacts and other imperfections due to high ISO or low light environment.
  • Provide various camera profiles and film effects with natural and authenticity look (RAW files supported).
  • Apply artistic effects with parameters and other easy-to-use tools.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Whiten and Smooth Skin in Photos on Mac

Step 1: Add your portrait into Retoucher

Free download and install WidsMob Retoucher software on your Mac computer. Choose “Import” to add your selfie. Well, you can drag and drop the picture to its main interface directly too. Then choose “Next” to move on.

Add Selfie on Retoucher

Step 2: Touch up the selfie

Find and click “Portrait” icon on the lower right corner. You can get two sliders titled with “Skin Smoothing” and “Skin Whitening”. Move each slider to touch up your portrait little by little. Well, you can choose “Before/After” from the “View” drop-down menu to compare with the original portrait.

Touch up Selfie Skin on Retoucher

Step 3: Output the skin whitened photo

Well, you can apply other photo effects too, including adjustments tools, denoise, LOMO and film packs. At last, choose “Share” or “Save” button to export your whitened portrait photo. If you click the latter option, then you can set the output format and image quality freely. Just choose “Save” to finish the process.

Save Skin Whitening Portrait Photo Retoucher

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Part 3: Tips and Tricks about Free Teeth Whitening Photo Editor APP for iPhone and Android

Wanna get a good photo editor teeth fixer app on smart phones and tablets? The followings are overviews of some good teeth whitening app Android and iPhone. Just read and check.

AirBrush – Whiten Teeth and Brighten Eyes on Android and iOS by Fingertips

AirBrush is a free teeth photo editor app for both Android and iPhone users. You can get various cool retouch tools and other filters, because AirBrush continually updated with new features. As for its built-in teeth whitening function, you can brighten your smile without over-whitening with the tap of a finger.


Aviary – Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

Aviary is also a Mobile teeth whitener editor app that works on Android and iOS devices. You may need to deal with certain in-app purchases to access all features. Well, it can boost smile wattage with teeth whitening feature. Moreover, you can erase blemishes and touch up selfies easily with this teeth whitener editor app.

Aviary Photo Editor

In conclusion, you can get teeth whitening Photoshop alternative effects by using above solutions. What’s more, it is also supported to touch up your portrait with makeup effects in few clicks. So you can post perfect selfies to Instagram, Facebook and other social-media platforms effortlessly.

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