Topaz DeNoise AI Review - How to Apply AI Noise Reduction and The Best Alternatives

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Peter Wood

Topaz has released a new AI version for noise reduction. What are the new features of the Topaz DeNoise AI? Topaz released the new AI version with a fundamentally new approach called deep learning in 2022. But should you choose Topaz DeNoise AI with US$79.99 for noise reduction software? Just learn more about the features, the usage, as well as the AI noise reduction alternative from the article.

Topaz DeNoise

Part 1: What is Topaz DeNoise AI

Topaz Denoise AI still provides plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom, photoFXlab, Serif Photo Plus, Corel Paintshop Pro, and Photo Impact to remove distracting image noise while preserving image detail. It also works as a standalone product and does not need to require a host editor to work.

What is new to Topaz Denoise AI compared to the previous versions? Just as the name of the new version, it adds 5 AI modes to eliminate noise while recovering real detail to get the optimal image quality in your high-ISO and low-light photos.

Topaz Denoise AI Interface

What is special about Topaz Denoise AI?

1. Provide 5 different AI modes to reduce image noise within a single click, Standard, Clear, Low Light, Severe Noise, and RAW.

2. Work on most occasions, such as indoors, at night, with no flash, or action, which provides confidence to create a neat photo with High ISO noise.

3. The noise reduction software can remove the noise and recover detail. It can handle extreme cases, such as shadow tone restoration.

4. Use as a plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, Serif PhotoPlus, Corel Paintshop Pro, Photoshop Lightroom, and PhotoFXlab.

Part 2: Topaz DeNoise AI Review


  • Specialize in removing High ISO noise, lowlight noise, image noise, and more noises.
  • Recover image detail is hidden in noise with custom information from each image powered by IntelliNoise.
  • Correct image black levels with shadow tone restoration.
  • Dual-directional de-banding technology.
  • Remove distractions of fast shutter to freeze action without degrading the image.
  • Sharpen colors and edges.
  • Introduce dozens of presets based on various camera profiles with multiple ISO presets for each camera.
  • Support batch processing in standalone mode.
  • Twice the maximum image size capabilities.
  • Support for High DPI (4K) monitors in Windows 11/10/8/7.


  • Crash should be a headache problem for running Topaz Denoise AI.
  • Take too much time for adjustments. It will start the whole process from the beginning for each change.
  • Topaz Denoise AI provides noise reduction only. You have to make other changes with another program.

Part 3: How to Download Topaz DeNoise AI

You can download the latest version of Topaz DeNoise AI from TopazLabs’ official site: Currently, Topaz DeNoise has Windows (Windows 11/10/8/7 64-bit Only) and Mac (OS X 10.9 or later) versions. You can have a 30 days trial for this denoise software. Topaz DeNoise supports image file types including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF, but cannot support RAW (DNG, CR2, etc.). If you would like to edit your RAW files, you will need to use a host editor that can read them like Lightroom or Photoshop or convert it to one of the supported formats.

But there is one major problem with downloading Topaz DeNoise AI, which takes more than 3GB of storage space. Moreover, it takes more for post-processing the images, you should have a computer with a better configuration.

Part 4: How to Use Topaz DeNoise AI

When you need to reduce the noises of images and recover lowlight with Topaz Denoise AI, you can find how it works with the detailed process. Beforehand, you can find the 5 different AI modes, Standard, Clear, Low Light, Severe Noise, and RAW. But it only handles noise reduction and lowlight recovery. Here are two examples for your reference.

How to Reduce Image Noises with Topaz DeNoise AI

Step 1: Once you have installed Topaz DeNoise AI, you can launch the program and click the Browse Images button to import the noise image. Moreover, you can also use the samples.

Import Noise Image Topaz

Step 2: Choose the Side-by-Side View mode or the Split View mode to check the effect. The default Standard AI denoise only provides the basic noise reduction, you should change to the Clear mode or the Severe Noise mode.

Standard Denoise Mode

Step 3: When you select the Clear mode, it will automatically touch up the image noise with one click. Moreover, you can adjust the detail with removing noise, enhancing sharpness, recovering original detail, and reducing color noise.

Clear Mode and Adjustments Topaz

Step 4: If cannot decide which mode to choose, you can also use the Comparison Mode to check the effects of each one. After that, you can click the Save as button to save the image with Topaz DeNoise AI on your computer.

Choose Comparison and Save Topaz

How to Recover Lowlight via Topaz DeNoise AI

Step 1: To recover the lowlight and remove noise, you can follow the same process to import the images. Instead of choosing the image noise AI mode, you should choose the Lowlight mode to recover the image.

Lowlight Topaz AI Denoise

Step 2: Besides the AI Lowlight, you can adjust the remove noise, enhance sharpness, recover original detail, and color noise reduction to enhance the lowlight image. After that, you can click the Save Image button.

Lowlight Removal Topaz

Part 5: Best Alternative for Topaz DeNoise AI

If you are looking for simple noise reduction software than Topaz DeNoise AI, you can try the following best 4 Topaz DeNoise AI alternatives.

1. WidsMob AI Retoucher

When you need to choose an AI alternative to remove images and recover lowlights, WidsMob AI Retoucher is another AI denoise reduction software to enhance the noise image with advanced AI algorithms. Besides the 3 different AI Retouch modes, including Lowlight Recovery, Noise Reduction, and Haze Removal. There are manual adjustments to polish the photos with Luminance, Chrominance, and Sharpness. There are settings to enhance the photos, such as exposure, contrast, highlights, and others. Moreover, you can also use portrait images to beautify portraits.

  • Provide AI noise reduction as Topaz DeNoise AI for image noise reduction.
  • Adjust details and enhance photo qualities for the AI noise reduction easily.
  • Remove imperfections of portrait images, like whiten teeth and smooth skins.
  • Provide camera profiles for rediscovering the magic stunning film effects.
  • Support adding artistic photo effects with color opacity to make the photo special.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Retoucher, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the File menu and choose the Open option to import the noise image into the program. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop the desired files for noise reduction.

Import Images to AI Retoucher

Step 2: Choose the desired image and double-click the file. Select the AI Retouch menu from the left menu. Choose the Noise Reduction option to apply AI denoise filter. Of course, you can click the Adjust menu to tweak the chrominance, luminance, and sharpness.

AI Noise Reduction Retoucher

Step 3: Even if you need to use the lowlight recovery features as Topaz DeNoise AI, you can also choose the Lowlight Recovery option to enhance the lowlight image in one click. Of course, there are some imperfections after AI retouching. You can also make some adjustments.

Lowlight Recovery AI Retoucher

Step 4: Of course, you can also use the Adjust menu to tweak the saturation, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more. When you are satisfied with the effect, you can click the Save As button to export the neat image to your computer or share it with others accordingly.

Reover Lowlight Details Retoucher
Win Download Mac Download

2. Noiseware

Imagenomic provides several noise reduction programs. Noiseware can be the alternative for Topaz Denoise and a high-performance noise suppression software with a sophisticated but fast noise filter algorithm. Just as Topaz Denoise, it reduces the visible noise while preserving the details of the image. It can decrease or eliminate noise from digital photos or scanned images.

As an award-winning plugin and standalone for photo noise reduction, you can purchase Topaz Denoise at a similar price of US$79.95. As for the Plugin version, you can buy it as a bundle with Aperture edition with a US$40.00 discount.

Noiseware Topaz

3. Neat Image

Neat Image should be one of the most popular Topaz Denoise alternatives. It can beautiful digital photos without noise, minimize film grain, JPEG compression artifacts, and other imperfections. It is superior to noise reduction combined with blazing speed and makes the Neat Image an efficient noise reduction solution. It can be for digital cameras, scanned negative and positive films, and scanned printed photos.

Neat Image is a Standalone on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it is also a plugin for Photoshop. And you can purchase the Standalone or Plugin version of noise reduction for US$39.90, which is half the price of Topaz Denoise AI.

Neat Image Topaz

4. Lightroom

Lightroom is not a professional noise reduction program like Topaz Denoise but should be the most frequently used noise removal solution. Lightroom provides Noise reductions for Luminance noise and color noise. And there are multiple noise reduction Plug-in applications to fix the blurry photo and JPEG artifacts. If you are not satisfied with Topaz Denoise AI, you can use Lightroom to reduce the noise for you accordingly.

You can get Lightroom as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan for US$13.00 per month. Compared to Topaz Denoise AI, Lightroom can be for Windows, Mac, and even smartphones. It should be the best application for syncing noise reduction images.

Lightroom Topaz Win Download Mac Download


Should you choose Topaz DeNoise AI to reduce the noise and enhance the lowlight photos? Here is the detailed review as well as the best alternatives. Of course, you can just download the programs and compare the effects before choosing a suitable one according to your requirements.