Best Ways to Add Vintage Photo Effects on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Online

Viewing through an old family album is a great trip down memory lane. A picture truly speaks a thousand words when it has been hidden away and subjected to the natural process of aging. And nowadays, vintage feel is popular again, though the digital images will never go old.

Actually, you do not need to print your pictures, put them in the depths of the cupboard and wait for decades to create old images. A vintage photo editor could help you get such effect in a few seconds.

You may try to find an easy tool to help you create vintage photo effect to your photos. Here we would like to introduce you great vintage photo online editing tools, professional desktop vintage photo editor and free vintage photo editor applications to help you transfer photo into vintage effect easily in this article.

Part 1: How to use Photoshop to create vintage photo effects

Photoshop would be a great tool to help you add various vintage effects to your photo. If you have Photoshop program on your computer, you can check the following video guide to learn how to add vintage photo effect with Photoshop. It is especially for those who love the sepia, vintage, washed out look but don't know how to archive it.


Part 2: How to use WidsMob Retoucher to apply vintage photo effects on Mac (Including macOS Catalina)

WidsMob Retoucher is an professional vintage photo effects editing app which is available on Mac OS X now. With it, you can add dozens of interesting vintage effects to your photos.

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Step 1: Add photo to WidsMob Retoucher for vintage effect.

Download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your Mac and then open this vintage effects editing program. Click "Open" to add your photo into the program or directly drag and drop your photo into the interface.

Add Photo to Program Retoucher

Step 2: Apply vintage effect to your photo

Click to the effect button on the right top sidebar. You can add vintage effect by changing the slider of Vignetting and change the vintage color by using the "Color Filter". As you can see the vintage effect to your photo at the same time for your operation, you can just adjust the vintage effect until you get satisfied. You can also do other editing with De-Noise, Film Pack and other adjustment to your photo.

Apply Old Fashion Style Retoucher

Step 3: Save your vintage effect photo

After editing, click the "Save" button on the top of the main interface to directly save your photo on your Mac. You can change the name and add tags to your photo. You can also choose the save destination, format (JPEG or TIFF) and photo quality before saving.

Vintage Effect Retoucher

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Part 3: How to use Pixlr-o-matic to add vintage photo effects online

Pixlr-o-matic is a fun and free online photo editing tool which can let you add retro effects and transform photos into cool vintage images.

Step 1: Open the online Pixlr-o-matic vintage photo editing tool

Here go to the browser and enter to start online vintage photo editing. Here you can see a very simple interface to guide you start the editing.


Step 2: Choose the photo and apply vintage effect to your photo

Click "webcam" to shoot a photo directly through your webcam or just click "computer" to choose the existed photo from your computer directly. Then after uploading the photo, choose the vintage effect you try to apply to your photo.

Pixlr-o-matic offers lots of vintage filters for you to choose. And it show a very great interactive when changing the effect or your mouse touch the photo. You can also add more effects, overlays or borders to your vintage photo with the film plus button.


Step 3: Save the vintage effect photo

After finishing creating, you can save the vintage effect photo directly to your computer by clicking "Save" button. Then click the "computer" button and enter the vintage photo name to save it to your computer. After saving, you can choose to edit this vintage photo again or add vintage effect to another photo.


6 Other Online Vintage Photo Editors

1. is a free online video editor which provides various editing tools like cropping, adding text, etc. and more than 200 effects and filters to help you easily edit your images according to your need.


2. is a free online video editor which provides featured rich tools to apply different effects on photos including vintage effects. Besides effects, you can also add artsy, frames, text and goodies to your photos.


3. is an instant online photo editing tool which can let you fix and enhance your digital pictures in a smooth and effective way. It offers vintage photo effects and filters, add retro frames and voila to make you images look like they were taken by old camera.


4. is an online free photo editing tool with many fun effects. With PhotoFunia, you can create and share seamless looking images in an easy way. For its vintage photo effects, it can generate an image in high resolution.


5. is an online photo editor offers various photo effects and picture frames. With its retro photo effect, you can apply retro colors and give your photos a cool vintage look and feel. Besides, vintage photo effects, it can also let you make photomontages.



Fotor offer photo effects feature to allow you apply exclusive and amazing photo effects online. The photo effects feature provides you the most comprehensive editing experience with its "for all seasons" filters.


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Part 4: Use 8mm Vintage Camera iOS APP to Recreate Retro Films

8mm Vintage Camera Icon

8mm Vintage Camera app is the editor to handle photos and videos. You can add retro video effects in various lens and films. Moreover, if you want to pick out certain capture from shortcuts, you can use 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app to select in free. The video processor enables people to add tints and music during shooting.

You can also share edited videos or photos to Instagram, Twitter and etc. Thus, you can rediscover retro fashion styles just with 8mm Vintage Camera app on iPhone.

Key Features of 8mm Vintage Camera APP

You can use built-in camera in 8mm Vintage Camera app to capture moments. Looking through viewfinder just like shooting with digital cameras. There are many live effects and film themes with authenticity. You can use filters, lens, reels, flash and films to recreate retro videos, as well as adding music.

1. 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app supports live view in the viewfinder and 4k HD recording with authenticity video effects.

2. There are 7 lenses for users to apply, which are Super 8, Clear, Flickering Frame, Spotlight, Light Leak, Color Fringing and Classic.

3. You are able to use 11 retro and aged films. They are 1920, Noir, 60s, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, Pela, Indigo, Tuscan and Two-Color.

4. If you are chasing the real shake effect in real 8mm Vintage Cameras, you can apply Jitter Button in separate.

5. There is sound switch, which users can add certain music in natural or resultant.

6. 8mm Vintage Camera app offers 5 stylistic themes, which are Minimalism, Elegant, Silent Film, Countdown and Light Leak. The first twos are free film themes in 8mm Vintage Camera app.

The video editing iOS app can rediscover light leaks, grains, dust and scratches to your videos by one click. Thus, you can analog film effects with video maker offline easily.

8mm Vintage Camera Screenshot

Test & Review

Being the leading old moviemaker on iOS devices, you can apply 8mm Vintage Camera app on iPad, Mac and PC. To rediscover the magic of retro films, you need to read 8mm Vintage Camera review from other users to have a total impression.


  • It is easy to use, with authentic and versatile camera lenses and effects.
  • The retro aged films are really nice to analog old fashion styles.


  • Users cannot clip movies into free parts directly on 8mm Vintage Camera app.

In conclusion, it is worthwhile to cost $0.99 to rediscover retro movies. And you can use filters and camera setting just likes real DSLRs on 8mm Vintage Camera for iPhone.

How to Use 8mm Vintage Camera iOS APP to Recreate Retro Films

You can use 8mm Vintage Camera app to take pictures just as normal DSLRs, and then edit with filters, as well as video snapshots. Or you can also upload from your Camera Roll or Photo Library. At length, the whole process of the 8mm Vintage Camera review is easy to follow. In addition, you can have fun with the video processor without guide as well. It is easy to apply 8mm Vintage Camera app on iPhone.

1. Launch 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app. Set lens, spotlights, light leaks and color fringing. You can view combination film effect through viewfinder directly.

2. Choose film style you want to record, you can get 11 retro & aged films to apply. Remember that different film effect has related image quality. Open or close Sound option.

3. Use filters below to add texts in various styles, and adjust potion. Accurate in Trim or Split style. Add certain film effect on the chose video time. You can divide the video into several photos automatically.

4. Add transition in Dissolve, Fade, Flash and so on in overlook. Click Add Music or Record Sound to create specific sound in the retro video.

8mm Vintage Camera

You can try instant preview every action you made on 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app. Though there are 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone free filters to use. However, you just need to purchase $0.99, after which you can use whole presets and film analog filters to get retro movies without limitations.

10 Other Vintage Photo Editors for Making Retro Effect on iOS/Android

1. Instagram

Instagram Icon

It is well-known that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, especially among young people. Actually, users not only share photos within this app, but also treat it as a photo editor. As a vintage photo editor, it offers several appealing features.

1. Integrate multiple vintage filters in the photo editor.

2. Blend your picture and the vintage filters together in one tap.

3. Adjust the vintage filters to make your old image effects unique.


1. Instagram is a free app, including vintage filters.

2. People could post the edited photos directly.


1. It is a little difficult to search for vintage effects since there are too many filters.

Instagram Screenshot

2. Vintage Scene

Vintage Scene Icon

As its name said, Vintage Scene is able to turn your vivid digital images into old photos. Its key features of this vintage photo editor include:

1. Contains plentiful vintage filters and effects.

2. Use unique algorithm to combine multiple classic effects to create vintage feel.

3. Customize the parameters of each filter separately.


1. It supports to save your vintage photos in full resolution.

2. It is available to both iPhone and Android.


1. This photo editor only has paid version.

Vintage Scene Screenshot

3. Pixlr-o-matic

Pixlr-o-matic Icon

Pixlr-o-matic is a full-feature vintage photo editor allows people to create retro pictures on smartphones. Its main features include:

1. Contains plentiful vintage effects.

2. Overlay multiple filters to create special effects.

3. Decorate photos with borders.


1. This photo editor is easy to use and able to apply vintage effect in one tap.

2. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android for free.


1. This photo editor lacks some necessary editing functions, like rotate or flip.

Pixlr-o-matic Screenshot

4. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio Icon

PicsArt Photo Studio is a versatile photo editor rated very high in both Play Store and App Store. Its principal features include:

1. Offers hundreds of filters and photo effects, including vintage effects.

2. Contain plentiful photo editing tools, like crop, enhance, merge and more.

3. Integrate a collage maker.

4. Share retro images to community or social media.


1. This vintage photo editor is free of charge for both iPhone and Android.

2. It has extensive editing functions.


1. PicsArt is large and using a lot of memory.

PicsArt Photo Studio Screenshot

5. Retro 360 Camera Plus - Vintage Camera Filters Effects and Photo Editor

Retro 360 Camera Plus Icon

Retro Camera Plus is not only a vintage photo editor, but also a retro image creator. Its key features include:

1. Contain 5 cameras to capture retro images.

2. The Bärbl capture images with naturally faded film.

3. The Little Orange Box overlay images on aggressive cross processing film.

4. Xolaroid 2000 adds blue/green cross processing effects on images.

5. The Pinhole Camera and The FudgeCan are for making retro images indoor and outdoor.


1. The interface is concise.

2. It is free of charge on iPhone.


1. The Android version needs to purchase.

Retro 360 Camera Plus Screenshot

6. Lomo Camera

Lomo Camera Icon

Lomo Camera is a dedicated vintage photo editor for iPhone. Its main features include:

1. Create retro picture with real-time vintage effects.

2. Apply photo effects and filters on photos.

3. Adjust vintage filters to create special photo effects.


1. Besides vintage effects, this photo editor has more functions, like stickers, crop and more.

2. It supports both front and rear cameras.


1. It is only available to iPhone.

Lomo Camera Screenshot

7. Photo Lab filters for pictures

Photo Lab Icon

Photo Lab is another all-in-one vintage photo editor. Its basic features include

1. Contain hundreds of photo effects, including vintage ones.

2. Blend your pictures with the vintage effect in one tap.

3. Create artistic pictures using the high quality templates and frames.


1. This photo editor provides plentiful vintage effects and updates frequently.

2. The interface is intuitive.


1. It needs to upgrade to remove ads.

Photo Lab Screenshot

8. Camera+

Camera Plus Icon

Camera+ is able to turn your smartphone to digital camera and create retro pictures. As a vintage photo editor, its principal features include:

1. Apply real-time vintage filters when taking photos.

2. Adjust exposure, ISO and other parameters to create vintage effects.

3. Retouch retro pictures using variety editing tools.


1. This photo editor is available to both iOS and Android.

2. It offers plentiful vintage filters and effects.


1. It is a paid photo editor.

Camera Plus Screenshot

9. 1967 – Vintage Filters

1967 Vintage Filters Icon

Compared to other best vintage photo editors, 1967 – Vintage Filters is more like a collection of vintage filters. Its basic features include:

1. Integrate 64 vintage photo filters.

2. Apply the vintage filters in on tap.

3. Adjust the strength of the filter by gestures.


1. It has a concise interface and all commands are executed by gestures.

2. This photo editor is free of charge.


1. It is only available to iPhone.

1967 Vintage Filters Screenshot

10. Vintage Retro Camera + VHS

Vintage Retro Camera VHS Icon

Vintage Retro Camera + VHS is both a vintage photo editor and a retro video creator. Its key features include:

1. Apply real-time vintage themes similar to use an old camera.

2. Create unique retro images using vintage effects after shooting.

3. Make vintage videos with the retro video effects.


1. This retro photo editor is free of charge.

2. The interface is well designed.


1. It is not compatible with iOS.

Vintage Retro Camera VHS Screenshot


Based on our introductions above, you might grasp more than 20 best vintage photo editors available to Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Online. These photo editors all have unique advantages.

And we also introduce ways to add vintage effects to your photos free online, on computer and on your Smartphone. You can choose the one you like to create your own vintage effects photos.

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