Things You Should Know About Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 11/10

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Windows Live Photo Gallery, also known as Windows Photo Gallery, is a photo organizer, photo editor, and photo-sharing app. If you are a PC user, you must have known that it is a Microsoft offering and included in Windows Essentials 2012 as a free download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. And you can know more detail about this popular tool as long as you keep on reading.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Part 1. What is Windows Live Photo Gallery

It is common to see that many people store their photos on their computers, and if you are Windows 10 user, you may use Windows Live Photo Gallery to view your photos. Windows Live Photo Gallery has more features than you thought.

Windows Live Photo Gallery provides management, tagging, and searching capabilities for your digital photos. Also, it can use as both images viewer and a photo import tool. This helpful tool can get images from your camera or other removable media. Moreover, Windows Live Photo Gallery lets you share photos with your friends by posting images on Facebook, Flicker, and other fun social media. Just learn the latest features of Windows Live Photo Gallery right now.

Latest Features of Windows Photo Gallery in Windows 11/10

  • A modern and elegant interface.
  • Face recognition and people tagging are enabled.
  • Use the built-in map to Geotagging images and read location information images taken with a GPS-enabled camera.
  • Contains various editing functions to meet your need.
  • Easy sharing to Facebook, Windows Live, YouTube, and Flicker.
Windows Live Photo Gallery

Photo Management

Windows Live Photo Gallery can organize all your digital images collection in its Gallery view by adding titles, ratings, and captions. Besides, it customizes metadata tags to images.

Windows Live Photo Gallery uses hierarchical tagging to organize photos, for an instant, People/Charles, Place/England. Therefore, once you delete a tag from Windows Photo Gallery, you can remove the tag from all photos in the utility.

Manage Photos

Photo Editing

Generally, Windows Live Photo Gallery offers you some photo editing functions such as resizing, cropping, and red-eye reduction. Further, it lets you view a photo’s color histogram so you can adjust the image’s shadows, highlights, and sharpness.

In addition, Windows Live Photo Gallery can remove blemishes and reduce noise on a photo. And the panorama-stitching feature empowers you to stitch together several images taken in a sequence into a seamless panorama.

Edit Photo Windows Photo Gallery

Sharing and Printing

Sharing photos directly from Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of its features. You can select the pictures and click the uploading icon to upload the images.

Furthermore, it has the ability for 3rd party developers to leverage Photo Gallery’s API to add other services like CVS photo, Snapfish, and other photo printers for printing right from your desktop.

As such a functional and free photo tool, Windows Live Photo Gallery helps you import photos from your camera, organize them into the corresponding album and edit them to make them look best. However, things are probably happening that sometimes Windows Live Photo Gallery is not working in Windows 10. So if you also encounter such a problem, take it easy. You can fix that with the correct method.

Part 2. Ways to Fix Windows Live Photo Gallery not Working in Windows 11/10

Although Windows Photo Gallery is a photo tool for PC, Windows Live Photo Gallery users can also run into dozens of bumps and issues. And recently, many users affected by the error of the Windows Live Photo Gallery grayed out. Users who encounter this error will see that Windows Photo Gallery doesn’t start up, even if they try so many times to launch it.

If you are bothered by that issue and receive an error message stating that Photo Gallery has Stopped working, you should check the problem that caused this error.

Deal with the Computer Issues

If the issue is with your computer or a laptop, you should use the Reimage Plus Software. This tool can repair most computer errors by scanning the repositories and replacing corrupt and missing files. You can download Reimage Plus > click on Start Scan > tap on Repair All to fix all issues.

Otherwise, you can try the other slightly different way.

Fix Windows Live Photo Gallery Problem by Installing All Available Windows Updates

If your computer is good, you can download and install Windows Photo Gallery of the newest version in Windows 10. The method to install Windows Photo Gallery is simple.

1. Firstly, you need to go to Windows Essential download page and download Windows Essentials.

2. Run the wlsetup-web and select Choose the programs you want to install page and download Windows Essentials.

3. Check on Photo Gallery and Movie Maker and click the Install button to start the installation.

At this point, you should wait for the applications to install. Later you can start Windows Live Photo Gallery by double-clicking its shortcut.

Part 3. Best Windows and Mac Live Photo Gallery Alternative for Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

If you want to manage your photos on Mac like on Windows with Windows Live Photo Gallery like photo gallery? You can turn to WidsMob Viewer for help. It is a powerful photo browser with fantastic photo viewing features. Once you open a picture with WidsMob Viewer, you can catch other pictures directly.

Win Download Mac Download

Want to know what can this Windows Live Photo Gallery alternative Mac software do for you? Just read and check:

  • Add one image to WidsMob Viewer to preview all photos stored on Windows and Mac.
  • Browse pictures with different viewing modes based on the advanced algorithm.
  • Support RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and other photo formats.
  • Offer multiple photo effects, parameters, and batch processing.
Library Mode Viewer Win Download Mac Download

Part 4. Best Windows Live Photo Gallery Alternative for Windows 11/10

If you are looking for a Windows photo viewer, you can consider ACDSee 18. It can organize photos, provide editing functions, view photos super-fast, offer multiple photo viewing modes, support various photo formats, and have other features. It should be the ideal photo viewer as well as photo editor for both home and enterprise users.

Check out the main features of ACDSee 18 now:

  • Sorts out all photos on Windows 10 according to their name, size, the date took and other metadata. Meanwhile, create albums automatically.
  • The PicaView mode gives you a quick peek at your photos.
  • Uses Smart Indexer to keep your photos fresh.
  • Supports over 60 image formats, including BMP, GIF, JPED, TIFF, and different RAW formats.

When you use the ACDSee 18 to access critical information, accelerate your workflow, and perfect photos, you will be amazed by the results and the time you save. In short, if you no longer want Windows Live Photo Gallery as your default photo viewer in Windows 10, ACDSee 18 can be an option for you.


Now that you get the main features of Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can take good advantage of it. Meanwhile, if you have any other queries about the Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 11/10, you can share your comments in the article with us.

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