Everything You Should Know about Wondershare PDF Editor

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Tina Clark

This review focuses on giving you complete details about Wondershare PDF Editor desktop software. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, is the most secure way to store, present and distribute your information. No one can edit your file unless they have a PDF editor, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro. Since Adobe Acrobat is too expensive, you may be looking for an alternative PDF editor. But is Wondershare PDF Editor the best choice? You can find the answer from this article.

Wondershare PDF Editor Review

Part 1: Wondershare PDF Editor Review

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According to the lab test and hundreds of users’ reports, Wondershare PDF Editor is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. It is a versatile PDF editing program and easy to use. You can find almost every feature that you need to do with PDF editing, such as:

  1. Create PDF documents from images, Word, and other files.
  2. Convert between PDF documents and other files.
  3. Edit text, photo, form, and other elements in PDF.
  4. Compress PDF documents for sharing quickly.
  5. Split one PDF into multiple files or merge several PDFs into one.
  6. Password protects your PDF files from spying by others.
  7. Add watermark, signature, and elements to PDF.
  8. Offer the OCR functionality too.

Plus, Wondershare PDF Editor is available to Windows and Mac OS X and provides a mobile app for iPhone. It comes two versions, Standard and Professional. The former costs $59.95 while the latter price is $129. Before your purchase the PDF editing software, there are things to consider.


  1. It contains some features for creating, converting, and edit PDFs.
  2. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, Wondershare PDF Editor is a one-time purchase with lifetime updates.
  3. The interface is well designed. And it is easy to find what you need.
  4. It supports over nine different languages.


  1. Some features are only available in the Pro version, like OCR, file optimizes, and more.
  2. The OCR technology has to be downloaded and installed separately.
  3. It cannot preserve hyperlinks while converting Word to PDF.
  4. The Pro version is somewhat expensive.

Part 2: Best Alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor

Although Wondershare PDF Editor is one of the best PDF editing software on the market. But it is not the only one. If you need a simple way to edit your PDF, WidsMob PDFEditor is the best option. Its key features including:

  • Edit PDF documents on your desktop with one click.
  • Create, convert, OCR recognizes PDF files with acceleration technology.
  • Edit existing text and images or add new text and photos.
  • Add password, signature, and comment on your PDF quickly.
  • Support almost all PDF documents include encrypted files.

In short, it is the best alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor to edit your PDF documents.

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How to Edit PDF Document with the Best Alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor

Step 1: Install the best alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor

To get a stable experience, you need to download the best alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor and install it on your hard disk. Then launch it. And you have three ways to import your PDF document. The easiest way is to double-click on the PDF file if you have set the application as the default PDF viewer. Alternatively, drag and drop the PDF file into the interface directly. Or click File -> Open to import your PDF.

Open Image File PDFEdit

Step 2: Edit your PDF file

The top menu bar displays the tools available in the PDF editor. You can browse your PDF and locate the page you want to edit.

Edit text or image: Click the Edit menu to open the Edit toolbox, select Add Text, click the blank area and type your text. The options under the Format section allow you to set the appearance of the text, such as font, size, color, and more. Add an image and choose Add Image on the toolbox, import the image on the pop-up dialog and add it to the proper position.


Edit pages: To split a PDF into two files, click the Pages menu on the menu bar and select Split PDF. In the pop-up dialog, set the page number and click OK to confirm it. If you want to extract several pages from a PDF, select Export Pages on Pages toolbox, set the page numbers, and click OK on the pop-up window. Plus, the Replace Pages tool permits you to replace several pages with new pages.

Edit an individual page: To remove an unwanted area from a page, locate it, and select Crop Page on the Pages toolbox. Set the options and hit OK on the pop-up window. Moreover, you can adjust the orientation of a page with the Rotate Page tool. To prevent others from using your PDF, click the Watermark tool on the Pages toolbox and add your logo to the file. Plus, you can add background to your PDF with the Background tool in the alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor.

Add password protection: Click the Protect menu in the menu bar and select Protection. On the pop-up dialog, enter your password and hit OK. Next time when you want to view or edit the PDF, you have to type the passcode.

Add comments: Choose the Comment menu and get various options related to Annotations and Drawing Markups. You can select the proper one and add it to your PDF.

Add digital signature: The Sign menu permits you to Place a Signature or adds Certify with Certificate to the document.

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Step 3: Save the final PDF file

Finally, save the final PDF file within the best alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor. To keep the original PDF file, save the final document as a new PDF.

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Now, you should learn what Wondershare PDF Editor is and whether it is worth opening your wallet. As an advanced PDF editor, it is more suitable for professionals. For most people, we suggest you try WidsMob PDFEditor, which is much easier to use.