WidsMob Retoucher User Guide

WidsMob Retoucher is an all-in-one photo editor that provides complete photo-editing filters. It offers 5 different parts with simplified tools, with which you can retouch and perfect your photos easily and professionally. No layers, no masks, no complicated tools, Retoucher aims to show you the easiest photo-editing experience. Thus, you can get the best photo effect using Retoucher within few minutes.

It is the photo editor app that enables users to analog film effects and retouch portraits mainly. Compares with those expensive digital cameras, using Retoucher program to edit and analog photo effects is obviously the better choice. You can turn previous photographs to Retoucher with various film packs like black and white film, color positive film and etc. Just read this article and get a step-by-step guide to edit photos with Retoucher.

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Getting Started: Basic Editing Tips for WidsMob Retoucher

Here you can learn how to manage photos with basic functions of the one-stop photo editor. It covers steps to add, edit, view, remove, print and change a photo. And other parts of photo-editing guide will not mention them carefully again. So you should read those basic operations about Retoucher in advance. Please download and install WidsMob Retoucher first.

Section 1: How to Import a Photo/Photos

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Retoucher

Step 2: Get 3 methods to add your photo

Import Photo on Retoucher

  • Hit “Open” to add an image from your photo library.
  • Drag and drop target photos to the main interface of Retoucher.
  • Click “File” and select “Open” from its drop-down menu.

Open Photo on Retoucher

Section 2: How to Edit a Photo

Step 1: Choose “Edit” menu on the top

Step 2: Customize the photo with short key functions

  • Undo/Redo: You can undo or redo the last several changes without limitations.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste: Manage selected photos with Retoucher easily.
  • Delete/Select all: Remove the unwanted photo or choose all imports.

Edit Photo on Retoucher

Section 3: How to View a Photo

Step 1: Click “View” and extend its list

Step 2: Resize photos without losing quality

  • Actual Size/Fit in: Help you adjust image size smartly.
  • Zoom in/Zoom out: Increase or decrease your photo slightly.
  • Before/After: Compare your original image with the modified artwork in the same interface.
  • Enter Full Screen: Maximize the photo to fit your computer’s screen. You can press “esc” on the keyboard to exit.
  • B/A: Move the B/A slider below to enlarge your photo and view details. Moreover, you can move two fingers to magnify that image as well.

View Photo on Retoucher

Section 4: How to Save a Photo

Step 1: Choose “File” list

Step 2: Select “Save as” button

Step 3: Set output settings and hit “Save”

You can rename, add tags and set a destination folder to save the photo. Moreover, Retoucher allows users to output images with JPEG or TIFF formats. And you are able to adjust output image quality from least to best state with an adjustable slider.

Save Photo on Retoucher

Part 1: How to Adjust Photo Effects with Basic Photo Editing Tools

Click a pen icon in the right panel to enter the “Adjustment” interface. There are 5 different sliders, with which you can balance and adjust photo effects handily. To be more specific, when you add a new photo to Retoucher, you can see that those sliders start in the middle. Therefore, you can move the slider to the right side or left side to get gorgeous photo effects freely.

Step 1: Import a photo to Retoucher

Choose Other Photo on Retoucher

Step 2: Move sliders to customize photo effects

There are “Saturation”, “Contrast”, “Brightness”, “Temperature” and “Tint” sliders. Move those sliders to balance your best photo effect. In addition, you can choose “Before/After” from the “View” list to get a more obvious comparison.

Adjust Photo Effect on Retoucher

Step 3: Undo or redo changes if necessary

Hit “Restore” if you want to erase all previous settings and return to the original state. Otherwise, you can select “Undo” or “Redo” from the “Edit” drop-down menu.

Retoucher allows users to view every small change the moment you move the slider. So if you have no idea what photo effect to use, you can move those sliders as you like. Maybe you can happen to get the perfect adjustment.

Part 2: How to Retouch Portraits to Get Smooth and White Skin

Want to get clear and smooth skin like a baby? Well, Retoucher can help you get out of a bumpy face with acnes and freckles by one click. Moreover, you can get smoother and brighter body without using any white lightning cream instantly. Get ready to be charming now? Just come and follow steps below.

Step 1: Add a selfie or portrait to Retoucher

Step 2: Smooth and lighten your face

Click the second icon to enter “Portrait” part. Move “Skin Smoothing” and “Skin Whitening” sliders carefully. You can drag the slider slightly per time to watch its effect.

Retouch Portrait on Retoucher

Step 3: Resize the image

You can magnify this picture to get full details. No matter how large you expand the photo, there will not appear any blurry pixel.

As a result, you can retouch portraits for family reunion using Retouch photo editor as well. Furthermore, you are able to retouch all people and add some soft light with ease.

Part 3: How to Reduce Noise to Fix Blurry Photos

Retoucher is also your best noise reduction software. You can remove noise and get a neat digital photo quickly. And it is good at reducing high ISO noise, grain, artifacts in images from digital cameras.

Step 1: Upload a photo and locate “De-noise” mode

Step 2: Denoise and get a clear picture

Remove noise from the photo by using “Luminance”, “Chrominance” and “Sharpness” sliders. If you want to check up every detail, select “Enter Full Screen” or “Zoom in” from “View” menu to see its denoise photo effect.

Reduce Noise on Retoucher

After that, you can output a clear photo without noise directly. In addition, it is also available to turn to other photo-editing parts to retouch photos with Retoucher.

Part 4: How to Access Lomo Effect without Using a Lomography Camera

There is no need to buy a Lomo instant camera to shoot Lomography pictures. WidsMob Retoucher is your best Lomo camera that can satisfy all your demands especially for beginners. In another word, you can create any Lomo photo effect using Retoucher with ease. It does not take a very long time, but you can perfect Lomo effects similar with a professional Lomography photographer.

Step 1: Set your Lomo color

Hit “Color Filter” in the “Lomo” menu. You can drop the color you want with various provided filters. Move “Opacity” slider to adjust the Lomography photo effect as well.

Color Filter on Retoucher

Step 2: Vignette the Lomo photograph

Choose “Vignetting” button to reduce the brightness and saturation of the image with its slider.

Step 3: Apply fish eye to have fun

The more you drag the “FishEye” slider, the rounder your face is. Just as you look through the goldfish bowl, the fish goldfish looks kind of funny. It is just what you look like from the side of goldfish.

LOMO Effect on Retoucher

Therefore, you are able to change the color of your portrait by one click. Retoucher offers 5 different color filters for you to manage with. Sounds quite easy to use, right?

Part 5: How to Analog Film Camera Effects with Ease

Retoucher offers comprehensive film pack filters that you can analog film effect with wide choices. Most popular film grain types are concluded. Thus, it is easy to create an analog film to make your digital photos look like film without too much effort. So how to get the analog photography by this analog camera app quickly?

Section 1: Choose Color Rendition Profile

Step 1: Choose a film type you want

You can get “Color Positive Film”, “Color Negative Film”, “Black and White Film” and “Cross Proceed film”. Otherwise you can keep the original state if you want.

Step 2: Select a color rendition profile

Later, you can select the related digital camera below. In another word, since you have set the film type before, you can choose from following popular digital cameras and analog any film photography directly. Different color rendition profiles require different digital cameras. Retoucher has listed Fuji Superia/Astia/Provia/Velvia/Neopan, Kodak Ektachrome/Portra/Tri-X/T-Max, Ilford and many other choices.

Step 3: Select “Before/After” under “View” drop-down list to compare

Color Rendition on Retoucher

Section 2: Select Color Modes

Step 1: Set “Contrast” mode

You can choose from “High Contrast”, “Medium High Contrast”, “Medium Low Contrast” and “Low Contrast”. Wait few seconds and then you can analog the film effect perfectly.

Step 2: Choose “Saturation” mode

It is similar with the above “Contrast” choices. Retoucher offers “High Saturation”, “Medium High Saturation”, “Medium Low Saturation” and “Low Saturation”.

Step 3: Point special color mode

The “Special” option under “Color Modes” list allows users to access special color effects. There are “Black and White”, “Toning Sepia”, “Toning Gold” and other 4 Toning film packs.

Color Modes on Retoucher

Section 3: Add High Quality Film Grain

Step 1: Choose a film grain type

Retoucher provides dozens of film grains including Kodak, Fuji and Ilford. You can choose the specific camera to analog film gain.

Step 2: Adjust the intensity and size of the selected film gain

There are two sliders below named “Intensity” and “Size”. You can move and see its film grain effect immediately. Use “B/A” slider in the lower right corner under your picture to enlarge and watch detail information.

Film Grain on Retoucher

Step 3: Remove wrong operations

If you want to go back to the change you have made before, choose “View” menu and then select “Before/After”, or you can click “Enter Full Screen” as well. Hit “Restore” to erase all previous editing tasks if necessary.

All in all, you can enjoy 5 different photo editors by Retoucher with well-designed interface, as well as easy-to-use filters. Everything has simplified with only sliders and selections left. Thus, there is no need to open Adobe Photoshop to achieve the certain photo effect for hours. WidsMob Retoucher is your best photo editor that can process retouch and analog most popular photo effects with easy operations. Hope you can get target the photo effect and have fun with Retoucher. If you are confused with above steps or have any advice, feel free to contact us.

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