Quick Way to Get Black and White Landscape Photography as a Pro

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Peter Wood

Why should you get black and white landscape photography? Many photographers take landscape photographs in color because colors can make an image look good. The mood, atmosphere, and other objects can be captured through colors. Different from color landscape photography, everything is captured in grey in different degrees. When you shoot a landscape image from color to B&W, you need to practice more to make the black and white landscape photography look good. Because you cannot use the strength of colors to create the drama scene, you can get tips and tricks for black and white landscape photos here.

Black and White Landscape

Part 1: Why You Use Black and White for Landscape Photography

Taking black and white photographs requires a higher level of compositional skills and more practice. Why do you shoot a photo in black and white? Here’re some main reasons for capturing the landscape in black and white photography.

  1. Embrace a new photography skill. Learn to take photos with light and shadow. Viewers will pay more attention to the tones and contrastinstead of colors only.
  2. You may rely on the strength of color too much to carry the whole image. Being a black and white photographer can train the ability of the composition.
  3. Color landscape photography is always captured in a good light condition. Well, black and white landscape photography emphasizes the composition instead of the light quality. Thus, you can take black and white landscape pictures in harder light easier than before.
  4. You can shoot in windy, cloudy, and other usable time via black and white long exposure photography. The texture and structure of the landscape are more important.

Part 2: How to Create Black and White Landscape Photography on Your Computer

How to turn your color landscape pictures into black and white? Is it necessary to buy a digital camera for black and white photos? If you prefer to take photos with your mobile phone, or you are a photographer at the entry level, there is no need to buy extra lenses and tools. You can run WidsMob Retoucher to turn common landscape photos into different types of black and white in clicks. Moreover, you can analog black and white films with customizable color rendition profiles, color modes, and film grains.

  1. Get black and white landscape photography with Kodak BW 400CN, Kodak Tri-X 400, Fuji Neopan Acros 100, etc.
  2. Add legendary film grain to give your black and white photography a unique feel.
  3. Adjust contrast, situation, brightness, temperature, tint, luminance, chrominance, sharpness, vignetting, fisheye, and other interesting photo effects.
  4. Fix blurry photos while preserving image detail.
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Step 1: Free download, install, and launch WidsMob Retoucher. Drag and drop photos into the main interface. Select which landscape photo you want to process, and then click the Next button to move on.

Import Photos Retoucher

Step 2: Click the Film Pack icon on the lower right corner. In the Color Rendition Profile drop-down list, you can select the Black and White Film option. Then select the certain profile from the down-arrow below.

Black and White Film Retoucher

Step 3: Click the B/A icon on the bottom to get the before and after window. Adjust the filters in the Color Modes section and the Film Grain section. You can analog dozens of film effects for retouching the black and white landscape pictures.

Before and After Photos Retoucher

Step 4: You can get more adjustments from the other 4 sections. At last, you can click the Share button or the Save button to save the black and white landscape photography. You can also set the output photo format like JPEG or TIFF.

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Part 3: 5+ Tips for Better Black and White Landscape Photography

Working in monochrome to get black and white landscape photos is not easy. If you are new to black and white photography, the following tips may help you get better B&W landscape photos.

Tip 1: Know if the objects suitable for black and white photography

Color is not as important as others in black and white photos. You need to set your camera style to monochrome to take pictures in black and white style. Well, an electronic viewfinder is helpful for black and white landscape pictures. You can view the scene in black and white through the camera.

Tip 2: Emphasize texture, shapes, patterns, and tonal contrast

You can find something special that is not noticeable before in black and white photography. Patterns and shapes are two popular tools to compose a black and white picture. You can use light and contrast to make black and white photography not look flat.

Tip 3: Set your camera in black and white mode

Set your camera in the black and white mode before shooting. Thus, you will not be distracted by colors. In addition, remember to shoot in RAW format. Otherwise, you may fail to capture all information through the camera sensor.

Tip 4: Use Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density filters are made of glass, which is used to block light before the camera sensor. As a result, you can control the shutter speed to create special black and white landscape artworks.

Tip 5: Use foreground

You can use some foreground elements to create great shapes and patterns manually. For instance, you can add a prominent object in the front of the picture to create the leading line effect in composition photography. Thus, viewers can find the main subject easily in black and white.


If you have never tried black and white landscape photography before, you can use WidsMob Retoucher to analog the film effects with ease. All you need to do is sit before the computer and import the landscape picture. Later, the program will show you how good your landscape photography is in different black and white profiles. This is the quick way to convert color photographs into monochrome. Of course, you can practice with the above black and white photography techniques to get the twofold result.

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