Christmas Photo Card

How to Make Christmas Photo Cards Online/ Mac/ Windows

It is sweet and meaningful to make unique photo Christmas cards and send them as gifts. You can use some funny images of daily life and decorate into photo Christmas cards online. Making online photo cards is simple and easy if you have local stores nearby as Walmart, Costco and so on. Moreover, no matter which computer operating system you use, you can always get photo Christmas cards free during processing.

Christmas Photo Card

Part 1. Where to Get Photo Christmas Cards Online

Creating photo Christmas photo cards online are very convenient. You can get all works down on your computer, and then decide to go to the store to pick up online photo Christmas cards or just wait at home for delivery. I collect top 3 photo Christmas cards online website for you to upload funny Christmas photos. You can read and choose which one you prefer.

1. Walmart Photo

Walmart Photo offers many ideas not only for photo Christmas cards Walmart but also other occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Father’s Day and so on. You are able to select hundreds of photo Christmas cards ideas on Walmart Photo. Moreover, you can choose photo Christmas cards Walmart type, corner type, color, designer and number of photos to form.

1. Click “Cards” on the top left corner and choose the photo Christmas cards template.

2. Choose “Create now” to start to make photo Christmas cards online.

3. Tap “Add photos” on the bottom to upload Christmas cards photos.

4. Design photo Christmas cards front and back, meanwhile, enter text, as you want.

5. You can tap “Preview” to have a look and then choose ”Add to Cart” to order.

You can choose three Christmas photo cards Walmart shipping types, by 1 hr. pickup, ship to home and ship to store. The same-day pick up service is free. You just need to go to the closest Walmart store to get Christmas cards after 1 hour.

Walmart Photo

2. Costco

Costco offers two photo Christmas card types, you need to choose whether to buy 25 or 50 first. After that, it is normal as other online Christmas photo card creating website to select occasions, card size, number of photos, card orientation and color theme. You can personalize funny photo Christmas cards or other stationary greeting cards on Costco.

1. Click “Greeting cards” and select the online photo Christmas card template.

2. Choose the photo Christmas card options of color and orientation.

3. Tap “Personalize” icon and then personalize your Christmas photo card.

4. Add the final product to the cart and place an order.

You can get two shipping methods to deliver photo Christmas cards Costco, by Warehouse pick-up for 5 to 7 business day or mail back in 5 to 10 business day. Or you can choose 2nd day or overnight if you are hurry. But be aware that the processing time is 3 to 5 days.

Costco Photo

3. Walgreens

You can create individual photo Christmas cards Walgreens or get by per set. In additional, Walgreens offers different coupons all the year, thus, do not forget to type the coupon code before you ordering photo Christmas card Walgreens.

1. Click “Cards” and then find the Christmas photo cards online template.

2. Choose from the category pane by number of photos, color, card type and so on.

3. Click “Create now” and upload images to personalize your own Christmas cards.

4. Decorate photo Christmas cards front and back.

5. Add to cart and take an order after finishing photo Christmas card online.

There are two deliver methods, which are same day pickup and deliver to you after processing. The more photo Christmas cards at Walgreens you order, the better discount you can get.

Walgreens Photo

Part 2. Simplytoimpress – Create Photo Christmas Cards on Mac

Simplytoimpress is a place dealing with images. You can use Simplytoimpress to create funny photos and personalize them into funny photo Christmas cards. Simplytoimpress offer you hundreds of templates from baby to business. In addition, you can get promo code to have free shipping experience. Moreover, the more you order, the higher discount you will enjoy.

1. Hover your mouse on “Holiday” and find “Christmas photo cards”.

2. Pick the Christmas photo card templates from shape, theme, color, style and so on.

3. Click “Personalize” after all details have been finished.

4. Upload images from your device or social media platform.

5. Decorate the Christmas photo cards front and back with texts or other ones.

6. Take an order to get this photo Christmas card on Mac.

It is also available to upload photo albums to Simplytoimpress. Simplytoimpress has a clean and user-friendly interface, with which you can design photo cards of Christmas easily.


Part 3. Minted – Make Photo Christmas Cards on Windows

Minted does also have user-friendly interface for customers. You can feel their special culture of servicing customers. People can get the largest space to custom their photo Christmas cards for free. If you do not have enough time to design funny Christmas cards, just take this task to Minted designers to get unique artworks. The basic charge starts from $100.

1. Hover on “Holiday” and choose “Christmas photo cards” on the third one.

2. Choose your requirements of photos on front, photo orientation, price and formats.

3. Click your photo Christmas card template, and select personal detail settings.

4. Personalize Christmas photo cards on Windows.

5. Place an order.

You can enjoy holiday discount during Christmas and New Year for making photo Christmas cards online. If you want to create other special gifts with images, Minted can also meet your requirements.