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Digital photos are popular on social media and other platforms. According to a recent survey, hundreds of millions of pictures are distributing through the internet every day. More importantly, digital photos provide a lot of possibilities. It is much easier to edit digital pictures than ever before, such as modify color. ColorStrokes is a photo editor project concentrating on photo color changing. With it, you have all the colors and tones under the hand and change any of them as you wish.

Macphun ColorStrokes Review

Part 1: A Brief Review of ColorStrokes

Monochrome Backgrounds

Want to convert color photos to monochrome and only reveal the color of specific portions? ColorStrokes analyzes different colors with layers, like gray, blue, and more. So you can determine whether to display each color or not or add a specific effect to a chosen layer. The main features of ColorStrokes include:

  1. Enhance pictures by adjusting the color, contrast, exposure, etc.
  2. Change color precisely by customized brushes.
  3. Import photos from the Mac Photos app or other apps.
  4. Offer special photo effects.
  5. Print photos via Airprint.
  6. Share images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more.
  7. Compatible with Mac and iOS.

Unbiased Review of ColorStrokes


  1. It is easy to use than other photo editor apps.
  2. You can import photos from Facebook friends as well.
  3. It supports a lot of ways to share photos directly.
  4. It offers a full-color palette to add a new color to images.
  5. ColorStrokes can selectively enhance background and foreground.


  1. It is not freeware. And you have to pay $2.99 to buy a license.
  2. It cannot handle multiple photos in a batch.
  3. If you want to compare with the original photo, it cannot meet your need.
  4. It lacks advanced photo editing functionalities.
  5. There is no support for PCs.

Part 2: 5 Best ColorStrokes Alternatives

1. Best ColorStrokes Alternative for Windows 10/8/7 and macOS: WidsMob Retoucher

WidsMob Retoucher is the best ColorStrokes alternative you can find. You can adjust color opacity, apply color rendition profile, change the color mode, and do other changes with simple selections and sliders. What’s more, you can monitor every small change with a real-time preview window instantly.

Key Features of the Best ColorStrokes Alternative

  1. Colorize photos with various editing modes and presets.
  2. Reduce image noise, minimize image grain, JPEG artifacts, and other imperfections while preserving details.
  3. Retouch portrait with skin smoothing and skin whitening sliders.
  4. Adjust photo effects with saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, and tint.
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Easy Steps to Change Color and Apply Various Color Profiles

Step 1. Free download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your computer. Launch it and click Import to add photos to WidsMob Retoucher.

Add Photo to WidsMob Retoucher

Step 2. Choose Next on the lower right corner to move on. There are five different photo-editing sections in the right panel. If you want to access the color channel editor, you can choose the second icon from right to left at the bottom.

Enter the Photo Coloring Page to WidsMob Retoucher

Step 3. Find Color Filter on the top of the program. Later, you can click the white rectangular icon beside. A new window pops up with five photo color editing sections. Just choose the one you like to colorize your photo. What’s more, you can adjust the color opacity by percentage freely.

Colorize Your Photo with WidsMob Retoucher

Step 4. Choose the Film Pack icon. You can see three sections named Color Rendition Profile, Color Modes and Film Grain. Get a real-time preview window while editing. Well, you can zoom in on the picture to view the detailed information with the B/A slider at the bottom.

Apply Photo Editing Effects with WidsMob Retoucher

Step 5. After all, customizations, choose Save in the lower right corner. Set JPEG or TIFF as the output photo format. Furthermore, you can move the quality slider below to adjust the output photo quality from the least to the best. Finally, choose Save to finish the process.

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2. ColorStrokes Alternative for Mac: Luminar

Luminar for Mac

Luminar is the best alternative to ColorStrokes for Mac users. As a popular photo editor, Luminar include a wide range of features, but color editing is its main functionality. Moreover, it is available to both Windows 10.8/7 and Mac OS X.


  1. Offer the color splash effect to leave specific colors.
  2. Fix and correct photos automatically.
  3. Include a lot of photo effects.
  4. Adjust colors with a customized brush.
  5. Update frequently.


  1. It is pricy and costs at least $69.00.
  2. It lacks face recognition or keyword tagging.
  3. Some users reported stability issues.

3. ColorStrokes Alternative for PC: Fotor Color Splash Studio

Fotor Color Splash Studio

Sometimes ColorStrokes is too simple and lacks some key features. If you need an all-in-one solution to modify photo colors, Fotor Color Splash Studio is a good option for PC users. Plus, Fotor can simplify the procedure.


  1. Offer both a desktop version and an online app.
  2. Compatible with Windows 10 and earlier.
  3. Lightweight and take little space.
  4. Include photo editing tools.


  1. This ColorStrokes alternative requires payment.
  2. The online version needs a good internet connection.

4. ColorStrokes Alternative for iPhone: Photo Splash

Photo Splash Photo Editor

As its name indicated, Photo Splash is an app to help you make good photos by selective colorization effects. Moreover, this alternative to ColorStrokes is free to use among iPhone and iPad users. Plus, the developer keeps introducing new templates into the app.


  1. View and edit photos with gestures.
  2. Zoom in and out pictures by pinching with fingers.
  3. Support both gray to color and color to gray.
  4. Share photo splash to Facebook, email, and more.
  5. Free to download from App Store.


  1. The quality of the output photos is bad.
  2. Some features require payment.

5. ColorStrokes Alternative for Android: PALETTA


ColorStrokes is a paid app, though the price is affordable. If you have a limited budget, the PALETTA app is a good alternative. It allows you to exchange free features by viewing ads. Everyone who has a phone running Android 5.0 can download the app from Google Play Store for free.


  1. Detect different colors by AI.
  2. Change the photo color on a specific photo area easily.
  3. Erase photo colors by touching.
  4. Compare with the original picture.
  5. Offer a pro version to remove ads.


  1. You have to pay for ad removal.
  2. The ads are annoying since they will stop editing.

Part 3: FAQs about ColorStrokes

1Where to get the ColorStrokes app?
Though ColorStrokes is for Mac computers, it is not available in Mac App Store. The only way to purchase and download the app is the developer’s website, https://skylum.com/colorstrokes. Moreover, it does not have a free trial, so you have to open your wallet before getting the app.
2How to use ColorStrokes on PCs?
As we stated in the article above, ColorStrokes is the photo editor for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Therefore, you cannot use it on your PC directly. Fortunately, you still have the method to do color splash with the alternatives to ColorStrokes. Fotor Color Splash Studio, for example, can modify the colors of portions.
3What photo formats ColorStrokes supports?
ColorStrokes can only open the photos in popular image formats, such as RAW, TIFF, PNG, and JPEG. If you cannot open your pictures in the photo editor app, you have to convert them to a compatible format using the extra app. Moreover, the app can only edit one photo per time.


Based on the review above, you should understand what ColorStrokes is, what it can do, and whether it is worth using. If you want to do a color splash on a photo simply, it can meet your need. For more advanced photo editing features, you’d better use an alternative solution. Therefore, we also recommended the best alternatives to ColorStrokes for PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. We hope that our review is helpful to you. If you have more questions, please feel free to leave a message below this post. And we will reply to it quickly.

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