Photo to Canvas

Convert Photo to Canvas – Best Method to DIY Canvas with Ease

If you get some stunning landscape, or favorite portrait for your children, you might want to convert photo to canvas. When you need to apply some stunning canvas painting or convert photo to collage canvas, you might use photo to canvas converter online. The article explains the 3 different methods to print canvas.

Photo to Canvas

Part 1: How to Convert Photo to Canvas Online

If you want to apply more effect to the original image or even make a photo collage for canvas, you might choose a photo to canvas online solution. Some online photo converter not only provides photo to canvas converter, but also convert photo to painting, sketch or other effects. What’s more, you can also order canvas prints in various textures. Just find more detail about what Canvas Pop can do for you.

Step 1: Before you order Canvas photo online from Canvas Pop, you can check whether there is any coupon code for the order first.

Step 2: Enter the email address for the order, which Canvas Pop is able to contact you if there is any query about the order.

Step 3: Upload the artwork from computer, Instagram or Facebook, you can also select the product, size, frame, edge, digital proof and advance option.

Step 4: Once you complete all the process to convert photo to Canvas, you can click the “ADD TO CART” to get the canvas print.

Canvas Pop

Besides Canvas Pop, you can also use other photo to canvas converters to get a desired canvas. One of the most frequently used methods is Walgreens photo, which provides an economic method and coupon codes. You can always get the desired canvas from various options.

Part 2: How to DIY Convert Photo to Canvas

1. Convert Photo to Canvas with Simple Materials

Instead of tossing down the cash for canvas print, some simple tool can help you convert photo to canvas. Just select the favorite photo and prepare the material. You can get ready for a picture project now.

What You Need:

  • A square canvas
  • Sandpaper
  • Mod Podge
  • Brushes (Foam brush and Paintbrush)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Square picture
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper

Canvas Tools

Step 1: For the photos taken in RAW or other format, you can convert photo to JPEG for printing first. And then resize the image using scissors according to the square canvas.


Step 2: When you trim the photo to a perfect square, you can position the print over the canvas to convert photo to canvas in the right position.

Step 3: Use the fine sandpaper to have a quick sanding the front of the canvas, and then you can adhere the photo to canvas firmly.

Canvas Frame

Step 5: If you add a layer of mod podge for the photo, just working both horizontally and vertically to make sure every detail when you convert photo to canvas.

Canvas Paint

Step 6: Place a piece of scrap paper under the canvas. You can also coat the sides with black acrylic paint to make the DIY canvas prints more professional.

Step 7: When the mod podge dries, you can hang the print canvas to the desired place or send to your friends as gift.

Place Canvas

2. Transfer Photo to Canvas with Tissue Paper

If you want to get handmade ink and wash painting by yourself, then you can choose to transfer photo to canvas with tissue paper. Firstly you need to use your inkjet printer to print the image, if you save images on your iPhone, transfer photos from iPhone to computer. Or you can also draw something you like on the tissue paper.

Materials Needed

1. A Tissue paper with images

2. Mod Podge photo transfer medium

3. A piece of blank canvas (You can also prepare a canvas frame)

4. Scissors, sponges and a foam brush

5. Regular Mod Podge and a bowl of water

Steps of Transferring Photo to Canvas

1. Squeeze out some Mod Podge photo transfer medium cover the paper.

2. Use the foam brush to brush all over the photo smoothly.

3. Put the photo face down on the blank canvas; make sure they are paired completely.

4. Be patient to smooth out all the bumps, it is the very important step of transferring photo to canvas.

5. Leave the photo for at least 24 hours alone. Do not peek or you will fail to transfer photo to canvas.

6. After waiting, soak the sponge on the water, wring it out.

7. Rub the photo slowly with your sponge to remove the extra paper. You may need to repeat for several times.

8. Wait for another few hours to dry the photo.

9. Brush the regular Mod Podge on the images and wait until the photo dry again.

The whole process of transferring photo to canvas may cost two days. However, it is very easy to operate and the materials are also easy to be bought.

Transfer Photo to Canvas with Tissue Paper

3. Transfer Photo to Canvas using Portraits

Sometimes you may fall in love with stars in posters or you want to turn portraits of your family members. As a result, you can choose another way to transfer photo to canvas. You are also able to use a laser printer to print images, thus you need to transfer photos to SD card and import to computer.

Materials Needed

1. A color printing photograph or portrait

2. Mod Podge Matte Finish and some Mode Podge

3. Blank canvases

4. Foam brushes, cutting boards, a utility knife

Steps of Transferring Photo to Canvas

1. Use your foam brush with Mod Podge to cover the canvas thickly.

2. Put the photo on the top of the covered surface.

3. Flat the photo with your hands to make sure no air bubbles exist.

4. Wait for a few hours to make the photo dry.

5. Cut off the more parts of the photo on the cutting board with the utility knife.

6. Brush Mod Podge Matte Finish on the top of the photo smoothly.

7. Cover another canvas on the image quickly but carefully to transfer photo to canvas.

8. Wait for a few minutes and peel the canvas off.

You can also paint the edges of your canvas to beautifier the artwork. The whole process cost less time than to transfer photo to canvas with tissue paper. You can repeat to do several times to DIY. In addition, remember to choose a photo transfer app if you need to import images between two devices.

Transfer Photo to Canvas using Portraits

Part 3: 3 Best Photo to Canvas Converters

When you need to transform photo into Canvas, you should apply some stunning effects as well. As for the case, you can choose the following 3 photo to canvas converters in order to get the desired result.

1. WidsMob FilmPack

Render emotional impact to digital photos to discover the magic of analog film. When you need to turn photo to canvas with a better appearance, WidsMob FilmPack is the best program.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. 4 different color rendition profiles, 28 types of camera profiles, 15 options for color modes, and 25 film-gain profiles.

2. Color rendering digital photos with Contrast, Saturation and Special color tones. Adjust the contrast will make the photographs more flexibility.

3. Reproduce classic films, such as Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji Velvia 50, Fuji Superia, Ilford HPS 800 and more.

4. Analog film grain is essential to give a vintage aspect for the digital images.

Black Filmpack

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

2. Coral Painter

Achieve painting perfection with the most realistic and professional digital art studio. There are hundreds of brushes to convert photo to stunning canvas, or diverse artists to ensure that meticulously emulate a traditional experience.

1. Colossal brush collection with more than 900 inspiring brushes to make photos with Canvas effects.

2. Versatile divine proportion, rule of thirds, rerspective guides, professional photo-painting tools, textures, gradients, selections and in-app.

3. Customize with brushes, palettes, papers, flow maps, colors, textures, patterns, gradients, nozzles, looks, weaves, images and more.

4. What is more important, you can find talented illustrators, find and photo artists who have excelled in their craft and risen to the top.

Corel Painter

3. Canvasjet

Canvasjet is another photo to Canvas converter that applies multiple photo effects. Just select the photos, upload them to the online website, customize the picture, design with the effects and filters. You can make Canvas for your wall, gift card and more.

1. 4 awesome products of photo canvas to design photograph with stunning effects, such as canvas print, wall display, photo mosaic and gift card.

2. Provide the easy order process and fast delivery, which only takes 5 minutes to custom the order with ease.

3. Multiple panorama photograph templates, collage frame, lovely map, gift card templates and more default canvas.

4. When you have your own idea for turning photo to Canvas, you can also contact Canvasjet to design the artwork for you.



DIY canvas print is an easy and economic method to convert photo to canvas. If you use the desired texture and convert photo to vector or other graphics beforehand, you can also convert photo to canvas as profession. While the online solutions provide multiple features and options, it can help you achieve the perfect canvas with ease. Some of them also have excellent design service, which can convert photo to stunning canvas beyond your imagination.

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