Top 10+ Amazing Websites to Get Copyright Free Photos

Last Updated on December 8, 2021 by Peter Wood

Whether it is for commercial use or your personal daily use, a beautiful and appropriate photo is always in need. The Internet has built a fantastic world for people to get things for free, like songs, movies, and pictures. Most photographers will copyright photos with a watermark or even set a restriction for downloading. As a general rule, copyright-free images are hard to find. The article explains the top 10 websites you can obtain free photos without copyright restriction.

Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. The creator of work can charge for using their work. Likewise, the photo that belongs to intellectual property will protect by legal laws. It’s reasonable when users ensure them and remember the creator of their works.

Copyright-free means copyright-free work does not protect by copyright. While you might have to pay a fee to obtain a copy of the work, you will not be restricted unless you’ve agreed that it will be. For copyright-free images, you may use them any way you like except declaring you are the owner of the image (either online or offline), like putting in the personal photo gallery or marking a signature on it. In the following, we introduce you to five sites to find copyright free pictures.

How to Get Copyright Free Photos

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Top 1. Pikwizard: free business and meeting photography

Pikwizard has over 100,000 completely free images on the site. Over 20,000 of those are exclusive ones. Of course, you can also find a daily update with more photos to the free photo stock. It has many pictures of people, which tend to be rare in the other free stock photo sites. When you search for office or meeting, you'll see the quality of the pics on the site. All of which are free to use without attribution. Moreover, you can also get some default image categories for computer background, brick wall, wood texture, Christmas image, fantasy landscape, and others.


Top 2. Pixabay: get free photos for photography

Pixabay has more than 840,000 copyright-free photos with high quality. Besides the free images, you can access stunning pictures with a paid version. All copyright-free images are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty-free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. There are more than 20 categories of stock photos. When designing your website, you can find multiple resources here without a problem.

Pixabay Free HDR

Top 3. Copyright Free Photos: truly “Copyright-free” providers

Copyrightfreephotos declares itself as a truly Copyright-free provider. The website classifies 12 galleries for users to choose from, like Animals, Nature, Business, etc. You can select copyright-free photos from the different photo galleries according to your theme. The site states that users could download and use pictures for any use, even commercial ones. There’s no need for a user to attribute them. Be careful when you read sentences like the owner intends to grant a license, not give up copyright. Then you could not edit the work as you own it.


Top 4. MorgueFile: high-resolution copyright free photos

MorgueFile is another website that provides high-resolution copyright-free photos. And growing numbers of images contributed by many artists. There’s a search bar on the top of the webpage. Click on the pictures you like and see if it’s available under Creative Commons. If you are the first time downloading photos on Morgufile, you will see a pop-up that reminds you to accept the Terms and Conditions. Be special attention that you’re responsible for the content of any photos you use. For the people or property pictures, you need to get permission to use them.


Top 5. Pexels: high resolution photo database

Pexels become one of the most popular copyright free photos websites within two years. The website hand-pick from reliable sources which offer their photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, such as unsplash, gratisography and little visuals. If you have difficult to locate the desired photos without restriction of copyright, you can use the search engine to get copyright free photos from different sources with Pexels. Instead of all the free stock images of other free stock image website, Pexels includes part of the free images only.

Pexels Free HDR

Top 6. free stock photos and high-resolution images has a large selection of beautiful free stock photos and high-resolution images. There’s a search bar and membership setting in this copyright-free picture website. When you need any copyright-free pictures, you can search easily. When you search from Pexels and other search engines, you can find lots of free pictures from The convenient and user-friendly search feature makes it’s easier to approach the target images. All photos are released under the creative commons public domain.

Top 7. Unsplash: best free picture stock website

Unsplash has arguably become designers and photographers’ best free picture stock website. Once you access the website, you will see a waterfall of pictures released in the recent 10 days. You can access all the copyright-free photos under the creative commons public domain license. There is also a search bar on the right corner of the webpage. Fill it with the subject or artist’s name you want to search. It is one of the most frequently visited websites to get free stock photos with extremely high quality with easy process.

Unsplash Free HDR

Top 8. Life of Pix: interesting free stock website

Life of Pix is a free stock website. Every week 10 photographers will be elected by this website to be the Week Photographer. There is also a daily feature for different themes of photos. I like to visit the website to get some photographing and designing inspiration. And you can always find more outstanding images of the selected photographers from the link. Besides the copyright-free images provided by photographers and photo galleries, you can find lots of free videos for your website as well.

Life of Pix

Top 9. Super Famous Studio: Los Angeles-based studio of Dutch interaction designer

Superfamous is the Los Angeles-based studio of Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter. They provide credit for using their work for your purpose for free. Their special offer is giving commercial use users copyright right free pictures. And you can use the website of copyright-free photos to curate this collection of incredibly high-resolution images, perfect for use in website design or as desktop backgrounds. Most of the pictures they provide are high-resolution and have no copyright restrictions. You can use them freely on your website without a problem.

Super Famous Studio

Top 10. Jay Mantri: strong sense of personal style

Jay Mantri is a website that likes to post photos with a strong sense of personal style. Social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are all available for users to view the latest released photos each Thursday. What is severe is that pictures from Jay Mantri are all released under the Creative Commons CC0 license and are copyright-free. Jay Mantri offers this eponymous collection with stunning graphic files. When looking for some photographs, you can always access the desired photos from the site.

Jay Mantri

Top 11. Picjumbo: copyright free photos website

Picjumbo is another favorite copyright-free photos website of mine. After accessing the website, you can use navigation and high-resolution photos without restrictions and look for some stunning food photographs. There is a collection of food shots, so if you’re running a restaurant or nutrition-themed startup, you might find it worth your while to take a browse. The search engine helps you locate the required free stock images with ease. Of course, if you like the photos, you can also donate to the website.


Extra choice - Pinterest: get free photos from social network

Pinterest is a social network. Facebook and Twitter encourage sharing personal experiences and stories rather than creativity and professional content. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest places copyright responsibility on users. This social network offers a board and secret board for every user. And if an image pin on board, that means everyone could browse and get the image for free. So you can pin your pictures or get free photos on Pinterest without worrying about copyright issues.

With Pinterest, you can discover ideas about every theme, such as dinner, wall decoration, design, and more. Pinterest has a website and a mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. To get free photos on Pinterest, you have to sign up with an available email. Then you can get free pictures at any time on PCs or mobile phones


Extra choice - Burst: get free photos for ecommerce

Burst is a free stock picture site powered by Shopify. All the pictures on Burst provide under the Creative Commons Zero license. That means you can use the photos on Burst for any purpose without paying a penny. So, once Burst was released, it was among designers, developers, bloggers, and small business owners.

You can discover the picture based on categories, such as fitness, fashion, flowers, business, and more, or search by keywords. You can also subscribe to the top new free stock photos by email. When you find out your favorite picture, all you need to do is to get a free photo by clicking on the Download free photo button.

The most attractive feature of this image stock is the business idea. You can learn the most popular business idea through free images.


Extra choice - StyledStock: get free photos from feminine

Once you access the StyledStock website, you will discover that it is different from other image databases. All photos displayed StyledStock take from a female perspective. If you create a poster for fashions targeting female customers, StyledStock is the best place to get free pictures for your design.

StyledStock also offers various filters to help you discover photos. You can search pictures by category, color, or keywords.

Once you find the picture you need, click on the photo to go to the download page. StyledStock will show you some information about the photo, like resolution. And you can get the image for free without a registry.


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In a word, a Photo Viewer can simplify the photo viewing operations.

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Wrapping Up

Since copyright issues become a pain, it is a choice to find copyright-free photos. Thankfully, there’s been a growing number of websites with beautiful stock photography popping up all over the web. Best of all, they’re free. The first four copyright-free photo websites are big and professional photos stocks, while the last few websites give more choices for you to get different copyright-free photos.