Open CR2 Files

How to Open CR2 Files or Convert Canon CR2 for Other Image Browsers

CR2, standing for Canon RAW image file, is an image file format produced by Canon digital cameras. It is a kind of RAW file formats and is used to store uncompressed image data. When you take photo shots with Canon camera, you can find the photos decode in CR2 format.

How to open the CR2 files directly? When you want to view the photos in CR2 on your Windows or Mac, what are the best solutions? Is there a method to view, edit, manage or even convert the CR2 format with ease? Just find the desired answer from the article now.

Open CR2 Files

Part 1: What is Canon CR2 Photo Format?

RAW is a collection of uncompressed image formats including CR2. It is a file type used by some popular Canon digital cameras, such as EOS400D, EOS450D and more. To help you understand what Canon CR2 is, we will compare it with JPG below:

1. File extension. Canon CR2 files are ended with cr2, while JPG images are stored in jpg files. The former is far more than an image format, but stores a lot of raw data. The latter is a standard image format readable by any image programs on the market.

2. Quality. CR2 usually record 12 bits color or 36 bits per location. JPG stores exactly 8 bits per color or 12 bits per location. Even you zoom out a CR2 image file, it won’t become blurry.

3. Compression. CR2 is a RAW format. It means that the image files contain extensive data and information captured by camera processors. JPG is a compressed image format instead. That makes CR2 better for adjustment and editing.

4. File size. Since CR2 is uncompressed format and stores a lot of information, the file size is much larger than JPG.

Sometimes, you view the image stored in CR2 and JPG respectively, but the latter may look better. That is due to Canon CR2 files just store the original image data. But JPG will become sharper and higher in contrast while compression. Therefore, CR2 is not suitable to print from your camera.

CR2 Canon

Part 2: How to Open and Convert CR2 Files

Just as mentioned above, CR2 format has high photo quality and includes all the metadata. It is difficult to open CR2 files directly within the default image viewer. WidsMob Viewer Pro is a versatile CR2 viewer to browse Canon RAW photos in different modes. Moreover, it enables you to convert, rename and even resize the RAW files with a batch process.

Snapseed is a free NEF viewer app that allows users to open images with the .nef extension. You can also get many photo editing tools to touch up NEF and other RAW images.

1. Open CR2, JPEG, HEIC and even video files directly without extra codec.

2. View Canon CR2 files in various mode, like full screen, slideshow, etc.

3. Hardware acceleration to open CR2 files with 6x fast speed with ease.

4. Convert, rename and resize multiple CR2 files within a batch process.

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How to Open and Convert CR2 Files

Step 1: Launch the CR2 browser after installation. You can connect the SD card of Canon camera into the computer. Go to the “File” menu and choose the “Open” option to select and open the CR2 files. Just double click any photo to open all files within the SD card.

Step 2: When you access to the Library mode based on folders, you can drag the desired CR2 to the desktop, then transfer and manage the CR2 images between different folders. You can also migrate to slideshow mode or full screen mode from the user interface.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Step 3: In order to browse CR2 images in full screen, you can zoom out photos and view the detail, go to “View” > “Enter Full Screen” to switch between photos forward and backward icons. Click the “Bin” icon to remove the desired photos with ease.

Note: In addition to browse CR2 files, you can find crop, rotate and other tools from the Edit menu. It also enables you to add filters and effects according to your requirement.

Full Screen View

Step 4: Select the CR2 file you want to view the metadata of the CR2 photos. Click “View” > “Show Info” and you will get the Camera Model, ISO, Exposure Time, F Number, Focal Length, White Balance, Contrast, Lens and more other information.

Show Photo Detailed Information

Step 5: Of course, you can also select the favorite photos from the “Full Screen” to make a slideshow. Of course, you can also enter the slideshow mode directly from the “Library” mode. It enables you to view the CR2 files in an index sheet or automatically one by one.

View Slideshow Mode Viewer Pro

Step 6: Moreover, you can convert CR2 files within the CR2 browser. Go to the Edit menu on the top ribbon, select the “Batch Convert” option, and then choose Batch Convert to open the popup dialog. Expand the Format drop-down list and select JPEG, PNG, etc.

Batch Convert on Viewer

Step 7: Click the Folder icon and set the destination folder. Then move the Quality slider to the proper value. Finally, click the “Convert” button to start converting all CR2 files in the album. It only takes a few minutes to process hundreds of CR2 files. Plus, the output quality is pretty good.

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You can understand what Canon CR2 is and how to open CR2 image with original quality. Experts suggest that you should take photos in RAW formats, such as CR2. However, you may face problems when trying to open photos on your computer. That is why you need the WidsMob Viewer Pro, the best CR2 viewer, manager and converter. It offers extensive useful features for RAW image files.