What You Can Get from FastRawViewer and 5 Image Viewer Alternatives

Last Updated on November 29, 2021 by Peter Wood

If you want to view the RAW histogram, RAW statistics, and RAW data, you can use FastRawViewer as your RAW viewer software. FastRawViewer can cull RAW images based on the quality of RAW itself. Thus, photographers can open RAW files with the original RAW quality.

Many photo viewers can open RAW in JPEG previews rendered by the built-in RAW converter automatically. They can adjust the RAW file in brightness, white balance, tone curve, and more. If you want to get the original RAW view, FastRawViewer can be your good choice. It is a RAW viewer that guarantees what you see is what you get. Just continue reading to get more details about FastRawViewer.

FastRawViewer Review

Part 1: FastRawViewer Review

FastRawViewer is a fast RAW image viewer for Windows and Mac users. You can open RAW files on the fly instead of displaying embedded JPEGs. Thus, you can read RAW files with the original quality on Windows and Mac without delay.

Thanks to the RAW-based tools, you can know RAW image data and apply changes to RAW files. FastRawViewer offers RAW histogram, RAW statistics, shadow boost, highlight inspection, focus peaking, and more. You can rate, label, sort, and filter RAW images using FastRawViewer software without RAW conversion directly.

Here’s the brief instruction on FastRawViewer features.

1. Display the RAW data instead of a preview.

2. Integrate photo viewing and editing tools into the RAW workflow seamlessly.

3. Open RAW photos captured by 1114 digital cameras and mobile devices.

4. Support almost every single RAW format, JPEG, PNG and TIFF format.

5. Fast speed of browsing RAW shots in bulk.

6. The recorded image processing in XMP files can recognize by Adobe Lr/ACR.

7. FastRawViewer works with Windows 7/8/10 in 32/64 bits and Mac OS X 10.9 or above.


You can download FastRawViewer Windows or Mac from its official site directly. To get the FastRawViewer license key, you need to purchase $19.99. Before buying FastRawViewer, you can get the FastRawViewer coupon code from couponbirds.com, greenpromocode.com, and many other sites. You can search for the FastRawViewer promo code to get a discount first.

Part 2: Top 5 FastRawViewer Alternatives

FastRawViewer is good to use. However, FastRawViewer cannot replace other RAW viewers. If you want more about RAW viewing, you can try the following FastRawViewer Mac or Windows alternatives.

Top 1: WidsMob Viewer Pro

Though you can check all RAW data in the right pane of the FastRawViewer window, FastRawViewer’s interface is complicated and outdated. To browse hundreds of RAW images effortlessly, you can choose WidsMob Viewer Pro. Thanks to the support of RAW format cameras, you can open 50+ RAW formats on Mac. Once you connect the camcorder to your computer, you can view and manage all files with the program.

Compared with FastRawViewer, you can open RAW images and videos in MP4, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, etc. The folder-based browsing and managing features are also good to use. You can check the details of the FastRawViewer Mac alternative below.

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1. View recorded or downloaded RAW files on Mac without quality loss.

2. 5x faster speed to open photos and videos.

3. Get the folder-based RAW image viewing experience.

4. Extract EXIF metadata information from RAW files.

5. Preview, manage and edit RAW files.

6. Clean, safe, and intuitive interface.

View Photos Viewer Pro
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Top 2: FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is also a fast FastRawViewer free alternative to view RAW photos on Windows. You can open, manage, convert and edit RAW files quickly. If you want to open images and get the basic photo editing features, you can replace FastRawViewer with FastStone Image Viewer.


1. Cull hundreds of RAW images in thumbnail, full screen, or slideshow mode on Windows.

2. Rotate, resize, add text and adjust color within the FastRawViewer Windows alternative.

3. Download FastRawViewer portable to run the program independently.


1. Lack FastStone Image Viewer for Mac version.

FastStone Image Viewer

Top 3: Phiewer

Phiewer allows users to view images, videos, and even audio based on folders. Most RAW camera image formats are supported. Thus, you can browse RAW photos in one Windows with this FastRawViewer alternative to get detailed information.


1. Browse RAW images on Windows and Mac captured by most camcorders.

2. Open media folders with transition effects and background music.

3. Apply viewing effects while playing media files.


1. It takes a long time to open hundreds of RAW images at the same time.

2. Phiewer flashes between slides.


Top 4: IrfanView

IrfanView is more than a simple image viewer. You can get many multimedia management and editing tools. Thus, you can organize, convert and edit RAW images while browsing. Of course, the FastRawViewer alternative focuses more on RAW photo viewing.


1. View multiple images in a slideshow.

2. Convert images to other formats in a batch or individually.

3. Use IrfanView plugins to explore more features.


1. IrfanView has an old design.

2. IrfanView menu is intimidating and obtrusive.


Top 5: Maverick Photo Viewer

Maverick Photo Viewer is a lightweight photo viewer for Windows. You can use the FastRawViewer alternative freeware to browse RAW photos on Windows with customizable keyboard shortcuts. It is also supported to use Windows shell integration, auto image resizing, and other displaying features.


1. Open RAW on Windows in original size or fit to screen.

2. Check the file information of RAW on PC.

3. Set hotkey combinations to view, rotate, delete or save photos.


1. Support only 36 image formats.

2. Lack the recent update.

Maverick Photo Viewer

Whether to use FastRawViewer as your photo viewer depends on your demand. If you want to see the RAW information, you can use FastRawViewer to display what you can see in the digital camera. Moreover, you can get quick FastRawViewer tutorial videos from many YouTube channels. If you want to open images in other formats, you can also try the recommended FastRawViewer alternatives to get a better experience. Therefore, you can quickly view and manage all stored media files on your computer.

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