Fix Grainy Photos – Things You Should Know About

Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by Peter Wood

If you feel helpless for some photos in noise, it is time to learn more about how to fix grainy photos. The article explains the reasons that caused grainy images and solutions to clean up the problem. In this post, you can find ways to fix grainy photos for iPhone or DSLR cameras. It should help take images or make post-processing.

How to Fix Grainy Photos

Part 1: What makes the Grainy Photos

When you zoom in on photos taken by your iPhone, you can find some grainy noise. Even if you use some DSLR cameras, the image noise still exists. Here are some reasons that cause the grainy photos. Instead of cleaning up grainy images, you can pay special attention before taking the photos. Just keep in mind that prevention is much easier than correction.

1. High ISO

Usually higher the ISO, the higher is the amount of grain. But still, some tricks to deal with grainy photos in high ISO. You can slightly overexpose the image in your camera while shooting and reduce graininess drastically.

ISO Sensitivity

2. Low Light

If there is not enough light to take the photos, the photos are grainy. Just use some extra tools, such as the light barrier, to avoid grainy images. When the part is brighter, it is better in quality.

Low Light Compare

3. Slow Shutter Speed

The slow shutter speed is another reason for the grainy photos. You need to pay attention to the shutter speed or practice more for a better shutter speed. But some of the gorgeous images should use slow shutter speed to get the desired effect.

Shutter Speed

4. Environment

The environment might also cause grainy and noise for images, especially the hot ones. It affects the camera sensor to capture more grainy noise. The darkness, snow, and weather condition also affect the image grain and other noises.

Snow Compare

5. Camera or Smartphone

When comparing the result for the same stuff taken by smartphone and DSLR camera, you can find a higher amount of grain for the smartphone. The DSLR camera has a better and bigger responsive sensor.

Camera Compare

6. Post Processing

Excessive post-processing causes grainy photos, such as converting images to another format and adjustment overdone. As for the case, you can fix grainy photos by using noise reduction software.

Part 2: How to Fix Grainy Photos for Post Processing

Usually, a grainy photo can cause by one or several reasons. To remove grains from your photos, you have to download WidsMob Retoucher. Here are some excellent features you should know about noise reduction software.

1. Fix grainy photos, noise images, pixelated images, JPEG artifacts, and other imperfection photos.

2. Support fixing both landscape photos and the portrait images within a few clicks.

3. Preview the instant effects with Before/After mode to compare the original grainy photo and original one.

4. Deliver exceptional detail, outstanding image quality, and a distinctive natural look.

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Step 1: Download and install the latest version of WidsMob Retoucher. After that, you can launch the noise reduction software and click the Import button to load the images.

Step 2: Before you fix grainy photos, you can turn on the Before/After mode. Adjust the Chrominance parameter to fix grainy images related to the Chrominance noise.

Dark Noise

Step 3: Balance the Luminance and Sharpness to get the best result. If you adjust to a high level of Luminance, it might blur the photo. As for the case, Sharpness should be the choice to balance.

Tips: When there is any portrait in the photo, you can find the Soften Skin features at the bottom of the user interface.

Portrait Noise

Step 4: Save the retouched photos to your computer, or share the images to social media websites. Of course, you can make noise reduction in a batch process.

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To avoid grainy photos, you can prepare or keep some tips in mind. Due to the difficulty with grainy images, photo retouching should be an essential lesson you should know. If there is any grainy or fuzzy image, you can use some noise reduction software to fix grainy photos with ease.