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[Tutorial] How to Fix A Pixelated Image on Windows, Mac OS or Mobile Phones

Take a great picture is never an easy task. When you get a pixelated image with the right time and angle, is there any method to rescue the image? Since digital images are consisted with pixels, the pixelated image is the result of poor quality, improper compressing or zoom-in too much. When there is lack of available pixel information in the image, it is impossible to get a neat image from a pixelated one.

It is easy to know the causes for an image pixelated, but how to fix this problem? The post is going to show you the easiest ways to fix a pixelated image on different gears. Just check out the detailed process to get rid of the problem now.

Pixelated Image

Part 1: Best Method to Fix Pixelated Images

How to turn a pixelated image into a neat one? It should be a professional skill for most of the photographers. For most of the pixelated images and JPEG artifacts are unconquerable for most of the photo re-touching programs. WidsMob Denoise provides simple solution to fix pixelated images with a certain degree with ease.

Smooth Pixelated Images

Just as mentioned, pixelated images are the result of improper compression and zoom in issues. The image has some special pixels that different from the nearby ones. In order to fix the issue, WidsMob Denoise provides solutions to fix both Luminance noise and Chrominance noise. When you adjust these parameters, you can smooth the pixelated image into a blurry image.

Low Light Compare

Enhance Image Quality

Once you adjust the noises of the pixelated image, it will blurry the image instead. In order to get a better quality or turn into a neat one, you should adjust the “Sharpness” to get a neat image. As for the portrait images, you can get the special algorithm to optimize the skin and other imperfections.

Enhance Quality

If you are satisfied with the result, you can save the files on computer, or share them to social media websites. Just need to adjust several parameters, you can turn the pixelated image into a neat one.

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Part 2: Fix A Pixelated Image Online via VectorMagic

VectorMagic is one of the few online photo editors to fix pixelated images. Just as the name of the program, it is a free online photo converter that is designed to convert pixel-based images into vector graphics, and smooth the pixelated area at the same time.

  • Connect your computer to Internet and access vectormagic.com in a browser.
  • Click on the “Pick Image To Upload” button to upload the pixelated picture in this online photo editor. The program only supports JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF bitmap images.
  • Adjust the “Detail level”, “Color” and even the “Advanced” settings to turn the pixelated image into a vectorized one.


Part 3: How to fix a pixelated image in Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional photo editor to fix pixelated images, sometimes too complicated for new users. It is true when process high quality pictures. But when it comes to correct the pixelated image, Photoshop is not as difficult as you thought. The benefit of Photoshop is to support extensive image formats.

  • Run the Photoshop on your computer and go to “File” > “Open” to load the pixelated picture into the photo editor.
  • Unfold the “View” menu on top ribbon and choose “Actual Pixels” to display the actual level of pixelation you have on the image.
  • Go to “Filter” > “Noise” and click on the “Despeckle” option. This filter is able to smooth the edge of pixel and you can use it multiple times on your image with the hotkey Ctrl + F.
  • Next, click the “Smart Blur” option in “Filter” > “Blur” menu. When the configure dialog pops up, adjust the radius parameter to approximately one and half pixels and input 14 pixels in threshold. Look at the result in Preview panel, if it works well, click on “OK” to confirm the changes.
  • Finally, you can fix the pixelated image into a neat one and save to the image in high quality.


Part 4: How to fix a pixelated image on mobile phone

Pixelated image is especially common on smartphones, partly because camera technology is still poor on many mobile devices. But there is no photo editing app-integrated feature of removing pixelation. According to testing, several photo-editing apps have the ability to enhance photo quality and reduce this problem, like Adobe Photoshop Express. Though it is not the mobile version of Photoshop, the sharpen feature is powerful and easy to use. Moreover, it is available to both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Install Photoshop Express on your mobile phone and start the app from home screen. Permit it to access your photo library when open it for the first time. Then import the pixelated image from your smartphone memory.
  • Tap on the “correct image” icon marked three horizontal lines with sliders on bottom area to open image-fixing screen.
  • The “Clarity” tool is able to soften or clarify the picture. The “Sharpen” tool is used to enhance details on your picture. And the “Reduce Noise” function could remove and decrease noise. And the “Band Aid” feature could remove blemishes on your picture. You can try to apply these functions to fix your pixelated image until you get a satisfactory result.
  • Finally, tap on the Share icon at top right corner of the screen and choose save to mobile phone memory or share to Facebook and other social networks.

Adobe Photoshop Express


In this tutorial, we have talked about how to fix a pixelated image on Windows, Mac, online or on smartphone. When you download a picture from website and discover it is not clear, it is possible that you get a pixelated image. And many photo editor apps do not support to export edited images in full resolution. That means your pictures will become poor quality or even pixelated after editing. Once there is limited pixel information available, it is difficult to make the picture clear. We shared several ways to help you get rid of this problem, for example fix a pixelated image in Photoshop, online or using Photoshop Express. But the easiest solution is to fix this problem with WidsMob Denoise.

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